5 Gift-Giving Tips When You’re on a Budget
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5 Gift-Giving Tips When You’re on a Budget

When the birthday of your partner or friend rolls around, you also want to spoil them and make sure they have a birthday to remember.

Alas, your bank balance doesn’t always play ball. If the birthday comes at a financially heavy time of year, or just before payday, then you might find yourself scrambling to come up with something good when you don’t have a week’s salary to drop.

But fear not, because there’s more to giving a gift than spending a lot of money!

Below, we take a look at five tips to ensure you’re happy with what you give, they’re happy with what they receive, and your bank balance is happy with that has taken place.

5 Gift-Giving Tips When You’re on a Budget

Throw a Party at Home

It’s a birthday, let’s party!

There’s nothing better than getting dressed up and spending the evening with the closest people around you.

However, if you’re going out to dinner, and then to a pub, and then to a club, well wow, you’re going to do some damage to your bank account.

But there’s always the cheaper, more fun option: throw that party at home. Is there a better gift than taking the time to organise an event for your loved one?

They’ll be over the moon, if only because there’ll be no taxi required.

Give an Experience

When it comes to giving a gift that doesn’t break the bank, experiences are your friend.

They never need to know how much you’ve spent, for starters, and you can spread the cost over a few payments.

Indeed, you don’t even need to have paid the cash by the time the birthday rolls around: you can simply give a “We’re Going To Do [X]” message in a card.


To get the best deal on experiences, take a look at Buyagift discount codes; they’ll make the gift even cheaper. People generally prefer experiences to physical items anyway, so this might be the preferred option even if you are flush with cash.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Who says your gift-giving always has to bring something new to the party?

If you've got a wealth of memories with your friends or partner, then make the core aspect of your gift.

There’s nothing like a DIY gift made up of your favourite joint photos, quotes, memories, and so on. The gift will be a walk down memory lane, how nice.

A Romantic Meal On The Town

Got a partner who loves food? Then this year, give them the gift of taste.

If you live in an urban area, then there’ll be no shortage of delicious meals at affordable prices. Alternatively, you can make the meal yourself – though you’ll have to push the boat out and whip up something that’s restaurant worthy.

Your standard Tuesday night meal will not cut it this time.

5 Gift-Giving Tips When You’re on a Budget

It’s The Thought that Counts

Finally, keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts!

If it comes from the heart and is personal to them, they’ll love it. If they don’t, it’s their problem!

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5 Gift-Giving Tips When You’re on a Budget

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