4 Secrets To The Perfect Smile


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Everyone has a perfect smile in them. We don’t always let it out for fear of looking silly or inappropriate. However, a full and happy smile is one of the most beautiful aspects of our bodies. We can spot a fake smile easily, so making it seem natural is your most important challenge. Have you ever looked back at photos of yourself and wondered why your smile looks so awkward?

There’s an easy way to remedy that. You can have a photogenic smile every time with a few tricks and tips. The secret is to always make it natural and remember that there is more to smiling than the mouth. Your eyes play a huge part in a smile and all the muscles in your face must work together. Keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy is also vital. Let’s look at everything you need for that perfect smile.

Good oral hygiene

Visiting the dentist can be a pain, but it is worth it to make the most of your smile. You need to feel confident in your teeth to produce the biggest, widest grin. You also don’t want to scare people away with bad breath! Brush at least twice a day and use floss and mouthwash. Take care of your gums as well. Healthy looking gums should be nice and pink. Sore, red gums will draw attention when you smile. Make dental hygiene part of your beauty regime.

Smile with the eyes

This one is important for photos. In most photos a smile is forced and your eyes are the giveaway. Your mouth can say ‘happy’, but your eyes say ‘this is awkward’. It’s your eyes that show the true happiness. You can practice this one by putting a piece of paper over your mouth. Look in the mirror and practice smiling. See which muscles you need to use to get the eyes just right. Keep practicing until it comes naturally.

Consider surgery

Many are reluctant to smile because of deformed or missing teeth. That’s completely understandable. Try to remember that the real beauty comes from a genuine, happy smile. However, there are surgical solutions. If you have a missing tooth or a large gap, it can be filled. It’s worth considering dental implants in Turkey with Longevita. They are becoming more and more popular and can drastically improve your smile.

Be Happy

You can learn as many tricks as you like and practice in the bathroom mirror forever. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for a genuine happy grin. If there is true happiness inside you, it will show in your smile. It will shine through your eyes and it all looks real. When posing for a photo, try and remember something that made you really happy. Think about the last time you laughed uncontrollably. It will soon bring those feelings back and the smile will stretch across your face. Try to lead a positive and happy life and it will come naturally.

Don’t be self conscious about a big smile or imperfect teeth. It is not the smile itself that is beautiful, but the genuine happiness behind it. Stay clean, smile with your eyes and think happy thoughts. You’ll soon be rid of awkward family photos.


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  1. Laura Corrall

    If you start with number 1 then hopefully you wont even need to think about number 3. 🙂

  2. Stacey Rowe

    Great tips – I do my best.

  3. Paul Wilson

    Usually I hate having my photo taken, so I’ll bear this in mind the next time.

  4. yasmine choudhry

    great tips
    i drink lot of tea so you get stains from it

  5. Karl Borowy

    tips for free

  6. Charlotte Shield

    my little boy just lost his 2 front teeth just in time for school photos…. typical!! good job hes gorgeous <3

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