3 Ways to Futureproof your Health Through Diet with Micaela from Life in Lilac

3 Ways to Futureproof your Health Through Diet

Today I am handing my blog over to the fantastic Micaela from Life in Lilac, who is going to be talking all about diet and how what you eat now, can help your future health.

This year I decided to radically my diet having had enough of being unhappy with myself and the path my health was taking. I changed from a long term vegetarian that ate cheese, eggs and processed foods to a whole foods plant based diet. The WFPB diet excludes all animal products and focuses on whole plant foods with as little processing as possible involved in their preparation.

Now, why did I do this? I have always been interested in nutrition and when I was introduced to a weight loss program called Bright Line Eating in October of last year it rekindled my passion. Since then I have given up flour, sugar and all animals products, I have lost 13kg (28 lbs) in weight and feel more vibrant and happy than ever. It has even spurred me on to study for a Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Loss.

So, how did I do this? There are some simple steps you can take if you are tired of being lethargic, bloated, overweight and unhappy with yourself and I’m here to tell you how. Here are my 3 top tips for future proofing your health through diet.

Eat less sugar

Simply put the human body was not designed to consume large amounts of sugar. Today we are facing an onslaught of processed foods and snacks which are ridiculously high in sugar which ends up messing with our health.

Diabetes UK estimates the current number of people diagnosed with diabetes, a disease influenced greatly by consistently high levels of blood sugar, in the UK to be 3.5 million. Sadly I have personal experience with diabetes as both my mother and my late maternal grandfather developed type II diabetes and I am trying hard to avoid doing the same.

To avoid diabetes and to boost weight loss one thing is key: eat less sugar! The UK Government recommends that no more than 5% of our daily calories come from sugary carbohydrates. Try and avoid sugary snacks, puddings, adding sugar to hot drinks and processed foods like ready meals which tend to have high levels of sugar.

It is best to avoid smoothies and juices where possible and instead enjoy whole fruit, the fiber in the whole fruit will slow down the release of the natural sugars and will ensure no sudden rise and fall of blood sugar levels. It’s this rollercoaster of high and low blood sugar which leads to insulin resistance, one stop away on the road to diabetes. Keep in mind that the body reacts in the same way to sweeteners as it does to sugar!

3 Ways to Futureproof your Health Through Diet with Micaela from Life in Lilac

Eat more fruit and vegetables

We’ve all been told at one point in our lives or another that we should eat our greens and there is a reason behind this! Starchy food like fruit and vegetables are a really important part of a healthy diet and should make up just over a third of the food we eat.

Don’t just stick to 5 a day! Researchers from Imperial College London have shown that consuming more vegetables may prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, while another study found that if everyone ate 10 portions of fruit and veg a day we could prevent nearly 8 million premature deaths worldwide.

The vitamins found naturally in vegetables are essential for health. They act as regulators in the body, aid in the energy release from food we eat and some have antioxidant properties. Vitamin supplements simply don’t cut it when it comes to replicating all the nutrients and benefits which come with whole foods, so rather than popping a pill every morning why not try adding whole fruits and grains to breakfasts, a side salad with lunch and snack on nuts.

Fresh, frozen or canned, fruit and vegetables can easily be incorporated into meals to boost nutrition. It’s important to choose healthy cooking methods and to watch the fats you add when you’re cooking as this will add more calories. Roasting, steaming and boiling are among the best ways to cook vegetables to retain their goodness.

Eat less animal products

For someone who has animal products at every meal I can understand how reducing or even removing these products from the diet can be a daunting idea. However, there has been lots of research which shows consuming meat, dairy and eggs increases the risk of death from heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

Now, you don’t have to give up animal products all together from the off. I was vegetarian for a long time before I quit dairy and eggs, in fact I left it so long because I didn’t think I could do it but a little research and testing in the kitchen has paid off and it can for you too!

I recommend trying to reduce your consumption slowly and try lots of protein alternatives, (don’t panic you can get plenty of protein from plants, afterall where do you think the animals get it?), lots of them are cheap, quick and simple to prepare. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Lentils
  • Tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Beans and peas (all types)
  • Quinoa
  • Seeds and nuts (all types)

Example WFPB Menu

Breakfast: Porridge made with coconut milk, with peanut butter, cinnamon and blueberries.

Lunch: Big salad with mixed leaves, fresh herbs, olives, carrot, tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber, peppers and cabbage served with hummus and baked tofu marinated in soy sauce.

Dinner: Chili made with bulgar wheat, onion, carrot, peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes, kidney beans, black beans, garlic, chilli powder, cumin and coriander.

Recommended Further Reading

  • Bright Line Eating – Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D.
  • The China Study – T. Colin Campbell Ph.D.
  • How not to Die – Dr Michael Greger and Gene Stone


Micaela is a lady based in Kent, she is a digital marketer by day and lifestyle blogger by night. Micaela is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge about nutrition and helping people improve their health.

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3 Ways to Futureproof your Health Through Diet with Micaela from Life in Lilac

This article has 19 comments

  1. stressedmum12

    I found this really interesting, although if I am honest with myself I know that reducing these things do help with weight loss, but I tend to block these things. I am very hot and top of my daughters diet and tend to let mine slip. Thank you for the reminder and push I need to start thinking of myself again x

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Its has proven benefits
    I CERTAINLY notice the difference

  3. Bee Nai

    I occasionally switch out meat in my meals for something like beans or veggies and to be honest, I never miss it! I do enjoy a good steak but I am all about balance

  4. dearmummyblog

    Great tips from Micaela! My mummy is addicted to sugar at the moment and needs to kick the habit x She’ll be looking into ways of weaning herself out x

  5. Cassandra Mayers

    Sounds a great diet. I always think im being healthy with a smoothy but actually the sugar in them is terrible and your much better eating actual fruit than drinking it.

  6. AnnMarie John

    These are definitely tried and tested suggestions. It’s good to eat more fruits and veggies, it’s what I’ve been doing and the benefits have been paying off.

  7. Yeah Lifestyle

    One of my resolutions this year is to eat more healthily. So this post from Micaela really is what I need to put me in check.

  8. bskye7

    isn’t it amazing how our diet can influence our mood as well as our overall health? I am not a vegetarian or vegan or meat eater or anything specific, but try to eat as ethically and balanced a diet as possible. hardly ever have meat or animal bi-products, and it makes me feel so good. this month I’ve been reducing sugar as well and it’s amazing how clear my skin has been

  9. Joanna Davis

    Last year I have actually tried to eat all natural, avoiding anything processed and with added sugar. I felt great but it was very difficult to keep it up and also going out with my friends or having dinner parties. Since then I eat healthy at home and try to cook everything from scratch but I also do go out, so I create a balance.

  10. candicenikeia

    I really need to work on not eat so many sweets! It will help everything including my skin! Your post was very encouraging so I am going to try my best!

  11. Laura Dove

    Eating less sugar is the big one for me. I just can’t seem to kick the habit no matter how hard I try!

  12. myrabevlife

    Like Laura said, Sugar is a huge one for me, I think I consume way more than a normal person should and it is one that will take me for ever to reduce/cut out.

  13. Bethany

    I love this post, since my deterioration in health, I need a way elsewhere to restore it, so wh at I eat should compliment me, less sugar and more fruit and veg is a great one 🙏🏼

  14. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Yes,I agree that most snacks or food today are high in sugar. I admire you for your discipline in your diet.

  15. Ashleigh

    I am trying to cut out as much meat as possible at the moment!

  16. countryheartdeb

    Ive cut out lots lately but I think sugar has been the biggest miss for me.

  17. A S,Edinburgh

    Definitely a path worth at least considering. I try to minimise animal products in my diet, and I find that’s a good way forward if committing to eating one particular way doesn’t work for you.

    I also highly recommend kicking your sugar habit if you have one. I never thought I’d be able to, and it took a long time for my energy levels to recover to what they were while I was eating a lot of sugar, but now they have I’m so much better off, even just at managing not to binge.

  18. Kayleigh Watkins

    This is very interseting, I would love to lose 28lbs but love on sugary tea, and am not a big fan of plant based foods, but I suppose with the right flavourings it could change the taste and could be quite tasty xxx

  19. Robert Price

    This I need to do

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