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3 for 2 at Boots – Top Picks

3 for 2 Picks at Boots Soap & Glory It's a Calendar, Girls! Read more at Sanctuary Ultimate Indulgence No7 Star Beauty Collection WoodWick Clothesline Fresh Candle Large

I remember back in my teens as soon as the Boots Christmas catalogue came out I would sit circling all the different items I wanted that year. While I don't pick up their catalogue anymore (less waste and all that) I do love surfing through the items they have instore and online and I have to say they have some wonderful gift ideas this year.

Of course, one of the great things about Christmas gifts from Boots is a lot are available on their 3 for 2 promotion and here are my top 3 + one for good luck, 3 for 2 picks from Boots.

Soap & Glory It's a Calendar, Girls! – £40

I am kicking off with my one for luck item, as this is something you're going to want to have ready for December 1st. It is, of course, the Soap & Glory It's a Calendar, Girls!* advent calendar. Filled with 24 Soap & Glory favourites you never know what you mind find behind each door.

Sanctuary Ultimate Indulgence – £25

For anyone who loves Sanctuary their Ultimate Indulgence* set is a must. Containing a mix of their handwash, body butter, body wash and foaming bath soak it really is the perfect pamper pack for anyone who loves some time out.

No7 Star Beauty Collection – £80

If you are wanting to splash out on a present then the No7 Star Beauty Collection* is for you. Containing 11 different items from their Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser to the Exceptional Definition Mascara in Black, any recipient is bound to find something they love.'

WoodWick Clothesline Fresh Candle Large – £25.99

It isn't much of a secret that I love candles and there is something about the crackling of a WoodWick candle, come winter, that is so cosy. Boots have a number of different styles and scents in their 3 for 2 but I particularly like this sound of Clothesline Fresh* myself.

So there you have my favourite picks from the Christmas 3 for 2 offer at Boots, however what about you, can you see anything you would like?

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  1. carla carthy

    i love boots so dose my teen daughter she loves the make up 🙂

  2. Ren Taylor

    Boots have some great gifts x

  3. Ana De- Jesus

    Boots always has great offers this time of year and I love candles as well! I like its calming blue colour as well it looks very tranquil xx

  4. candy

    I must be way behind the times never heard of boots. Love the candle and the skin care ultimate indulgence looks like something I would really enjoy.

  5. Amber Myers

    We lived in England for 3 years and I always enjoyed going into Boots. I think I’d love that advent calendar! It sounds like I’d get a fabulous item each day. I’ve also been loving those No 7 products!

  6. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    A soap advent calendar has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of. I’m a huge fan of No.7 products.

  7. Jeanette

    I’ve never heard of the store, but it looks like you had a lot of things to offer. With Christmas coming up it will be fun to shop online and see what they have!

  8. Tomi C

    I’ve never heard of Boots but I am so loving these choices you’ve highlighted. I love candles and the WoodWick Clothesline Fresh Candle sounds interesting.

  9. Catherine Chicotka

    I have no idea what Boots is but I love your selections! I’m a sucker for candles and beauty products!

  10. Kirsty

    There are so many lovely products in the Sanctuary range – I’d certainly be happy with one of their gift selections. I haven’t really looked at many of the other gifts yet, but I am a big fan of the 3 for 2, and your reference to the Boots Christmas catalogue reminded me that I used to spend ages going through it as a younger teenager too!

  11. Cristina Leau

    Its the first time I hear about Boots. They don’t have a shop where I live. That candle looks amazing.

  12. corinne & kirsty

    I love Boots and when they do promotions! They have such a massive range of products. I usually go there for Nyx products!

  13. Jess

    Omg I’m SO disappointed by the S&G calander. I bloody love the brand but lipgloss… really? So many amazing products and it feels like they’ve just picked the dreggs and thrown in the mascara to make it look better.

    Definitely eyeing up that Sanctuary box for my mum though! Thanks for the heads up.

  14. Gisele

    These look like wonderful products. I’m in the United States so I haven’t heard of this company.

  15. Sandra Bald

    This is such a great offer, particularly with Christmas coming up.
    Ideal gifts from Boots for Teenage girls & their friends.

  16. Anosa

    Sarah you’ve just given me an idea of where I can go grab a present for my parents for their birthdays. I love Boots and there 3 for 2 offers

  17. Jenn

    We are in-love with WoodWick candles. They really add a nice cozy feel to our house in the evening.

  18. Angie

    Those all look like fabulous finds! Too bad we don’t have them here where I am.

  19. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I have heard of this brand but not some of those products. The Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of those and it sounds pretty intriguing.

  20. Kieran

    Never to early to start the xmas shopping !!!

  21. Heidi

    As far as I know, we don’t have Boots in the US, but those look like really fun products. I may have to check out that catalog! It’s always fun to see what’s available in different places.

  22. Rachel Lavern

    I have never heard of Boots–perhaps it is not in all areas. And, yikes, I am not even going to begin start thinking of Christmas shopping this early.

  23. Nellwyn

    The Soap & Glory advent calendar sounds like a fun way to count down until the holidays! I hope its available in Canada as well!

  24. The Jedi Wife

    Ahhh! The Soap & Glory advent calendar looks like such a great pick! It’s the perfect little present for yourself!

  25. hannah

    There are some great items. I always get really excited for the Boots Christmas catalog

  26. Pam Wattenbarger

    Oh, I want that Soap and Glory advent calendar. I really like Soap and Glory products. Their body butter is awesome.

  27. dawn

    I have used that soap and glory stuff — the handsoap — and it smells awesome! i love how fresh and beautiful the scent is. 🙂

  28. Pat

    i miss Boots! They also have in Thailand where im originally from but since moving to Canada, no more Boots! although some of the shops here carry Soap and Glory which i love!

  29. Claudia Krusch

    These are great gift ideas. I would love to spoil myself with the candle. I love fresh scents.

  30. Cheryl

    I spent a few months during college in London and I lived at Boots! It’s so nice to see that some of their products have made it to the US 🙂

  31. Marysa

    I haven’t heard of Boots before, but these all sound like great goodies. Lots of fun gift ideas too!

  32. Emily

    These all seem like amazing products! I would like to try the sanctuary gift box, I need a little relaxing and me time.

  33. sarah

    These are such a great lists to choose from. That candle would be perfect in my room.

  34. Super Busy Mum

    What a great list – and I also need that candle in my life!!

  35. Elizabeth

    Boots have always got such a fab range of affordable gift ideas. Great picks these!

  36. Akamatra

    Those are great choices! I never heard of Boots but I will be checking to see if the ship internationally. I need some online shopping time.

  37. Rhian Westbury

    I was so excited when I popped into boots the other day and saw a load of their Christmas products out, I really love the candle range which they have in store x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is always great to get to look through isn’t it – we only have a little one here but next time I’m nearer a big one I’ll have to check it out.

  38. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Boots certainly have great products and have a wide range of things you can select. I love the candle though something about it’s blue color and maybe they have vanilla scented ones there.


    I always try and get people really thoughtful presents, but inevitably I always end up in Boots 3-for-2 for those tricky relatives I don’t know that well! Great picks- I have had some really nice things from Sanctuary before 🙂

  40. The London Mum

    Boots do great deals and these are some great picks

  41. Linh

    Boots is so generous during this period of the year! Their Christmas gifts are some of the best to be honest. Anyways, thanks for your interesting post!

  42. Lynne Harper

    love it when Boots have offers on, means I can get in and stock up on gifts ha especially Christmas ones 🙂 x

  43. Amanda

    I have never heard of this company before but it looks like they have some great goodies. I love candles and the one you selected in your feature is right up my alley!

  44. David Elliott

    The Advent Calendar sounds pretty cool. I am curious as to whether my daughter would like it. The one I would like the most was the candle.

  45. Angela Milnes

    I don’t how how I haven’t checked out boots before. They have the best stuff!

  46. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    The Boots 3 for 2 is great for picking up gifts, they always have such a huge range too…even better when there’s plenty of Soap & Glory included 🙂

  47. Jen

    My five year old still has a treasured Boots catalogue from about three years ago that he still to this day reads, and gets excited about. But as you can imagine it is more toys than gifts and beauty products. But I do remember doing what you said you used to do, and playing massive hints to my parents by leaving it lying around with big circles and stars on the pages.

    The Boots gift section always reminds me of Christmas, and I think it is fab when they do the 3 for 2 offer; can work out with some great bargains. I also like the different ranges to suit most likes. Ideal for my teenage girls.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      They do have some great kids toys in there don’t they, I think they might do smaller ones with different items now? Though I’m not sure – it has been ages since I got my hands on one.

  48. Hannah Marie

    Boots has a great and best list of products. I like your picks, gives me an idea for Christmas gift.

  49. Afshan Nasim

    I do love Boots for Christmas gifts, they have such variety that you can get something for everyone. Like your choices.

  50. Anne Yedlin

    I’ve never even heard of the Boots Catalog before. It looks like they have some fabulous stuff though! I’ll be looking into what they have available!

  51. five little doves

    I love the 3 for 2 event, we do all of our Christmas gift shopping at Boots, they have some gorgeous gift sets year after year!

  52. Emman Damian

    This is such a nice list. I’m particularly interested on that fresh candles. It will be a nice present for my mom.

  53. Laura Corrall

    I love Boots. Stocking up all those boots points for Christmas presents, and with most on 3 for 2 it saves a fair bit too. I love the colour of the woodwick candle!

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