5 ways to reduce your grocery spending

Hi, I’m Emma and I blog over at From Aldi To Harrods. Like most families, apart from a mortgage or rent, groceries is our biggest spent every month. It is something I am actively trying to work on reducing, as well as reducing the amount of food that gets thrown away. Here are 5 things you could do to help to reduce your grocery budget.

1 – Meal Plan
Meal planning is one of the easiest ways to dramatically cut down your grocery spend. Start off by checking what you already have in your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Then use these to help you come up with meals for the following week. You might be surprised by the meals you can make from ingredients you already have, or you only need to buy one or two items to complete the meal. You can then use your meal plan to create your shopping list.

If you don’t want to commit to knowing exactly what you want to eat for dinner next Tuesday then you could just come up with 7 meals for the coming week and then pick and choose which of those meals to have. Meal planning doesn’t have to be boring or rigid!

2 – Take a list
Along with never going shopping when you’re hungry (or even thirsty), taking a list with you will help to keep your grocery spending in check. Instead of scouring the aisles for items you might need and buying items you already have at home, you can head straight for the items you know you need, resisting temptation along the way. It will also help you to remember everything you need to buy, so you don’t have to resort to a more expensive convenience store later in the week.

5 ways to reduce your grocery spending

3 – Use cashback apps
CheckoutSmart and Clicksnap are two great apps that give you cashback on your normal grocery shopping – and you can even get some items for free. Simply check the app before you go shopping and if you purchase an item with an offer in the app then upload your shopping receipt to get money back.

4 – Buy yellow labelled food
Throughout the day, supermarkets will reduce the price of food that has a short shelf life – often going out of date that day or the following day. Lots of these items can be frozen or stored properly meaning that they will last a bit longer. I have had some great success getting items for as little as 10p. Do check what you are buying though – 10p mouldy fruit is not a bargain!

5 – Try shopping in Lidl or Aldi
Back in the day, I remember when Aldi was impossible to shop at. The store was full of German branded food and the selection of fresh produce was appalling. Now there are plenty of brand names as well as their own brand items available for sale, with fresh fruit and vegetables too! Did you know that Aldi only sell 100% British meat and dairy? Give it a try, you might be shocked at how much you can save.

These 5 tips will help you to save money on your weekly groceries. If you have any other tips then please feel free to share them!

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  1. LisaLDN

    Love these tips! As a student I’m always in need of ways to save some money, and I will definitely remember these 🙂

  2. Heather Lawrence

    I need to pin this for my hubby. When we go shopping together it can be a nightmare! He just randomly puts stuff into our cart and we have no rhyme or reason to it. I menu plan so I know what I need, how much I need and what we are going to do with it@

  3. Michelle Jenkins

    I have fund shopping once a month for tins and cupboard foods is much easier and I get better deals buying in bulk then I do my fresh shopping daily and only buy what I need, this way I through less food out. I also use discount store for my toiletries and holsehold cleaning products they have the same branded products at a fraction of the price.

  4. Alli

    I always make sure I don’t go grocery shopping when I’m hungry or when my 20-something-year-old son is visiting. Hunger and/or son = a cart full of junk. Great tips!!

  5. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These are great tips for keeping a budget when grocery shopping. I always keep a list with me. It helps me stay on track!

  6. Terry

    Oh man! Reducing my grocery spending is something I should be doing…. but I don’t. We plan at breakfast what we will be having at dinner. Then we run out to the store and buy it. Not good, but that is how I do it.

  7. Catherine S

    Thanks for the great tips. I am all about saving as much money as I can. I love to shop at Aldis.

  8. Traveling Blogger

    These are great tips! I am always shocked at my total when I grocery shop. I need to cut back for sure.

  9. Liz Mays

    We could probably benefit from some meal planning. We tend to do a lot of our grocery shopping at the last minute.

  10. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Great tips! I’m a huge fan of meal plans and lists – they help so much!

  11. Fiona JK42

    Good tips – if only we could implement them in our house! My husband is the main culprit when it comes to impulse buys. The rest of us keep a shopping list running through the week, but hubby forgets to add items to it, so they are not purchased. He will go into the supermarket to buy that one item, and come out with something we don’t need, such as swordfish steaks when he went for shaving foam. He also likes to buy a “bargain” that is not, like 10 small blackened avocados for £1 from which I managed to salvage approximately 1 normal avocados-worth of edible flesh.

  12. Kim Carberry

    Great tips! Since I started meal planning I have saved so much money….I only buy what we need and at the end of the week there is less waste too x

  13. Michelle F

    Those are all great tips. I always try to make a list and stick to it. Meal planning is also so helpful.

  14. helen newton

    Great tips and advice 🙂

  15. Paula Schuck

    These are fantastic tips! Aldi has gotten GINORMOUS! I remember when it was the “off” store. Now it’s become quite popular.

  16. Pam

    I used to be a huge meal planner. I got out of the habit but I am slowly trying to get back into it.

  17. Wendy

    Great advise! I never go without a list. I just need to stop going when I’m hungry and adding to the list!

  18. Rachel Craig

    Wasn’t aware of cashback apps.

  19. Seattle Travel Blogger

    Thank you for the help with this shopping gig!
    Food shopping is the all-important life task.

  20. ricci

    YES on the lists!! If I forget my list or go just to “pick up a few things” I wind up with the most random stuff!!!

  21. Amber NElson

    I am so not organized when it comes to grocery shopping. These are great tips.

  22. Rosey

    Spur of the moment shopping is not your friend if you’re trying to save. I know this and yet… I def. need to take a list, that might help a lot.

  23. OurFamilyWorld

    These are awesome tips. I like buying the yellow labelled foods.

  24. Chris Hoov

    Such an amazing advice, we always do a grocery list and that is every weekend.

  25. Janet Goodlad

    Some great tips

  26. ashley

    These are such great tips! We have a baby one the way so we’re trying to save as much money as possible whenever we can.

  27. April Decheine

    Sounds like wonderful tips, with just my mom being away my grocery bill has cut down so much because she eats a lot of frozen dinners.

  28. Cassie

    There are so many great tips here! I definitely meal plan to try to cut costs and the husband and I love our local Aldis.

  29. Jeanine

    We spend SO much on groceries. It’s actually kind of depressing. I will have to see if I can figure out how to reduce our bills but I’m just not sure its entirely possible with a family of 8!

  30. Mimi Green

    Great tips, I’ve always shopped by a list because my memory will fail me. I have recently started meal planning and that has been a big deal. I also use store apps for additional discounts.

  31. Amy Jo McLellan

    Good guest post! I’m always looking for new ways to save

  32. Ann Bacciaglia

    I need to start meal planning. These are great tips for saving money. I will have keep a list of what we need to.

  33. Darrell

    Great tips. I ALWAYS take a list and don’t budge from it. I also make a meal plan, so know exactly what I need. But I will try the other 3 tips. Thanks

  34. Jeanette Davenport

    Great money saving tips 🙂 I all ready buy reduced price food to lower my shopping bill x

  35. Corinne Henson

    Didn’t think of using cash back sites,will give that a go ? Thanks

  36. nuala r

    Great tips I think using your corner shop is useful for me as I then only by the milk my husband tips to stop me spending and a another one I heard was don’t shop hungry. Shame I don’t listen to them as much as I shop

  37. sarah evans

    great tips im a fan of meal planning myself

  38. Becster

    Great tips! I love doing meal plans now and do my shop online based on what I’m planning. I’m a Tesco girl but I wouldn’t mind trying Aldi/Lidl except they don’t do online shopping! :/

  39. Laura

    Aldi and Lidl are great. I tend to go there for certain items then finish the rest at Morrisons.

  40. Natalie Gillham

    Great advice thankyou. I mainly shop at Lidl’s as I have found I get a lot more food for my money and it’s usually better quality as well, I also head for the reduced section of supermarkets first and often get some great reductions and freeze whatever I don’t use that day x

  41. Toughcookiemommy

    Meal planning is a great way to save money on groceries. It can be so expensive to feed a family of four on a weekly basis.

  42. Lisa Rios

    I agree, Grocery is one that has become too expensive for my family as well & I am sure better planning could do wonders right away. These are some great tips to note. I do use cashback apps, but would love to try out shopping at Lidl or Aldi to see how it can make a difference.

  43. Clara

    Saving money on the grocery bill is always something I’m interested in – thank you!

  44. Bites for Babies

    None of these work for me, especially making a list, lol! I go to the grocery EVERY time with a list and ALWAYS end up buying 5-10 additional items! I just can’t do it!!! 😉

  45. aaronica @ the crunchy mommy

    this is exactly what i do to make our grocery trips more economically sensible.

  46. Veronica

    In my house, the only way is to give my son away. Lol. He is 14, taller than I am and eats like the world is about to end. I cannot keep the fridge and pantry stocked enough

  47. Tori Gabriel

    Oohh, those apps sound good. I’ll have a look at downloading them. I found switching to Lidl has really helped us and their food is amazing. In fact, I prefer some of it to Tesco!

  48. Annabel Greaves

    Thanks for the tips xx

  49. Ruby Warwick

    Some pretty good tips!

  50. Wendy

    This is my kind of post, as I’m always looking for ways to save money and love a bargain! 🙂 I hit the reduced every evening (bonus of living near a supermarket!) and get some great hauls.
    The other night I got bread rolls, goats cheese, tub of hummus and a steak pie all for the grand total of 70p. 😀

  51. Life as Mum

    These are great tips! I really need to take them on board as out food shop is so expensive

  52. Michelle Sykes

    Useful tips

  53. Elizabeth

    These are some great tips – many of which I employ myself. Great post!

  54. Shelley

    It’s so much better to have a list while grocery shopping. Otherwise it feels like an out-of-body experience. Like being stuck in a vast field of food and trying to eat your way out of it. Sort of overwhelming.

  55. Georgina Ingham | Culinary Travels

    Some great ideas. I wish I had the patience/willpower to meal plan but I’m just too spontaneous.

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