Win a Ragdale Experience Day

Exterior Hall with guests 2We all need some time to put our feet up enjoy our surroundings and have some ‘me’ time and what better way to do that, then to take in the beautiful surroundings of Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire while being pampered?

A multi-award winning Health Hydro and Thermal Spa, Ragdale Hall is this year celebrating its 40th Birthday and as one of the UK’s top spa retreats, they have all manner of packages from day packages to weekend getaways and more, all offering something different to help you relax and unwind in the best way possible for you.
Atrium March 13So why am I’m telling you all these tempting facts about Ragdale Hall? Well I have an amazing competition for you today – the chance to win:

A Ragdale Experience Day for two people at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa (worth £168 – valid Monday to Friday)

TripAdvisor – Awarded Certificate of Excellence 2012 & 2013, Candis Magazine – Best Spa 2013, (Spa Traveller Awards 2012 – Best UK Spa Retreat for solo spa travellers, Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice 2012 – Listed in Top 25 Relaxation/Spa Hotels in UK, Mumsnet Best Spa in the UK 2012 – Great for a girls day out.

You and a friend could spend a relaxing day (valid Monday – Friday) at Ragdale Hall on a Ragdale Experience Day to include:

  • Light lunch in the Verandah Bar.
  • Plus use of all of Ragdale’s facilities including the multi-million pound Thermal Spa featuring candle pool, Indoor/outdoor waterfall and a series of heat and water experiences
  • Two further pools, including whirlpool bath and cascade
  • Gym
  • Exercise classes and outdoor facilities.

             NB 10.30am arrival – 6.30pm departure

For further information contact Ragdale Hall on 01664 434831 or visit their website on

To enter for a chance to win let me know:
What you would most look forward to taking part in should you win a day at Ragdale Hall?

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  1. Rach Clark

    Just what we need, what a fab prize! x

  2. Eileen Teo

    away from kids!

  3. Kirsty Harrington

    Exercise Classes, followed by a relaxing time in the candle pool xXx

  4. Rachel

    Great prize hun x

  5. Anne Wallwin

    the pool – it would be nice to have a swim without 2 kids wanting a tow!

  6. sadia

    this is good!

  7. gordon

    Just what we need

  8. Gary Topley

    Spending time in the pool and looking at the waterfall. x

  9. Linda Tweed

    That pool in the picture – wow.

  10. Kate Marsden

    I’d love to relax and have people pamper me

  11. D

    This would be an amazing getaway for me and my Mom! I’d love to treat her to it!

  12. Fiona Collins

    Looks gorgeous

  13. Mary

    I would love to take my daughter for her birthday



  15. Jen Rogers

    Just to be warm this year!

  16. Hussy London Housewife

    I would love to check the candle pool out

  17. Bryony Sayburn

    Relaxing in the pool xxx

  18. Kathy Cakebread

    spending time in the pool


    I’d love this – for a REST! 🙂

  20. LynneH

    I’d like to experience the indoor/outdoor waterfall

  21. Michelle Sykes

    Relaxing – wow

  22. Linda Hobbis

    Just some me time away from my kids (5 and 3). You don’t get much time to preen with little ones about!

  23. Kelly Wells

    The pool!

  24. Susan

    spa pool

  25. Karis

    Spa facilities!

  26. Jo Heath

    The thermal spa sounds AMAZING I know my mum would absolutely love it!!

  27. Lyn Bosomworth

    this would be a great prizee

  28. Alison Bruce

    I would participate in some exercise classes but I would also pay and have some relaxing massage.

  29. chris cook

    just what the wife needs she had a rough few month ty

  30. Helen C

    The swimming pool…. and the food!!

  31. Helena

    I would take advantage of a maximum of Spa care…
    tahnk you for the giveaway!

  32. Claire D

    Just to get away and relax

  33. sam swain

    relaxing in the pool

  34. Holly

    I’d love to Zumba if they had a class on the day I went.

  35. jenny hayes

    The colourflow cave sounds amazing, but the cave shower also sounds incredible!

  36. Louise Asekokhai

    Thermal Spa featuring candle pool, lush!

  37. Rebecca Hawkins

    The amazing lunch

  38. Rishona Taylor

    The thermal spa- would make SUCH a nice change from having to wait for my hot water to heat up for a bath then eventually getting to sit in my bath to find my daughters rubber duck up my bottom!! haha

  39. Jo Jones

    The whole experience – bliss to enjoy

  40. Kate

    The candle pool – that would soothe anyone’s stresses away…. Bliss!

  41. Leigh

    OMG what an amazing prize. I would love to win. I would most look forward the Thermal Spa. It sounds amazing.

  42. claire woods

    heat and water experiences

  43. Kristen Bradley

    Everything! Just being pampered for the day and putting my feet up would be a real treat

  44. Sophie Hanson

    Most look forward to…. being able to walk around a hotel/spa and be the customer instead of staff for the first time ever!!

  45. Anne-Marie Taylor

    Spending time in the Thermal Spa.

  46. Diane Brown

    the candle pool


    A lovely massage



  49. suzanne

    I would like a massage to get those knots out of my back and shoulders

  50. Louise Smith

    Spa treatments

  51. Steven

    I love my 4 kids to bits, but a day away relaxing with some much needed “us” time would be amazing!

  52. Debbie anne hume

    The pool…sounds lovely and a nice facial. xxx

  53. Angela Dunne

    Time in the Candle Pool

  54. Sandra Omara

    Relaxing in the Thermal Spa, would be heaven! I so need to de-stress.

  55. alison herbert

    Would love to visit again was wonderful, so peaceful and quiet!!! Food fab.

  56. Helen Porter

    i would look forward to everything as im a complete spa day virgin! so i have everything crossed!!

  57. Manisha

    I would look forward to taking my mother on a well-deserved break; the thermal spas and pools sound ideal for this. We’d be keen to take yoga or other such relaxing classes.

  58. Katie Morgan

    I would just like to see what Ragdale Hall is like and experience the luxury of a pampering day because I grew up near there but have never been.

  59. jemma Taylor

    Relaxing in the different pools and spending some quality time with my mum.

  60. cate howes

    Relaxing in the candle pool

  61. Nikki & Shaun Williams

    Would like to visit the gym while

  62. amelia avossa

    Too Experience the OUTDOOR WATERFALL!!! a dream amazing! x

  63. Ceri Sell

    The Thermal Pool with Candle Pool 🙂

  64. Allan Smith

    General relaxation

  65. Sharon

    Total relaxation and bliss

  66. nicola calrkson

    relaxing the pool

  67. Claire Holmes

    Spending time in the candle pool and in the waterfall would be so relaxing!

  68. Emma

    Oh my goodness, this isn’t far frome, I would love to take my OH there, he is stressing about money atm so this would be amazing!!!! x

  69. Rachel McMillan

    relaxing and being child free

  70. Deb Alexander

    I have entered this FAB comp!!

  71. Deb Alexander

    I have commented!!

  72. Wendy Tolhurst

    I would love to make use of the thermal spa to help me and my daughter relax before she sets off to begin life at university in September

  73. caroline kelly

    I would look forward to taking my bestie minus our toddlers!

  74. michele omalley

    Massage for me

  75. anna

    i would look forward to just being in a relaxing environment and having a bit of a rest!!



  77. georgina davies

    i would really like a massage

  78. Charlene

    Thermal Pool!!!

  79. Amy Ripley

    The Thermal pool!

  80. Rebecca Inman

    Just relaxing by the pool, stack of magazines and chilling


    Spending time in the pool

  82. Emily Clark

    Turning into a prune in the sauna!

  83. Sarah Ballantyne

    I’d love to try a Shell Shocked Massage (Full body massage using warm, smooth tiger clam shells). It sounds crazy but my friend recently tried a hot stone massage and said it was fantastic.

  84. Gabrielle

    The outdoor waterfall

  85. Jodie B

    the hot and cold experiences, ive tried something like this before and it was fun and good for the skin as well

  86. Hannah Moody

    Ooh the whirlpool bath sounds fab 🙂

  87. Ged

    This sounds great! Perfect for unwinding and relaxing a bit. 🙂

  88. Sandra Stitchell

    What a great place, I would enjoy it all. A great place for a relaxing break.

  89. Solange

    The pool

  90. laura jane

    I’d love to spend a day away from everything just relaxing



  92. Caroljs

    The whirlpool sounds lovely

  93. hannah staveley

    A nice massage not had one in years .x

  94. Pippa Whybourne

    I so need this… amazing prize


    Oh the candle pool sounds like heaven 🙂

  96. Sarah

    Complete and utter relaxation!

  97. Rosemary

    I would love to be pampered in such lovely surroundings 😉

  98. Katie Matthews

    I would most look forward to being pampered 😉 xx

  99. Jessica L

    The Candle Pool looks amazing – would love to relax in there – what a treat.

  100. Angela Webster

    I would look forward to the Thermal Spa, the pools sound fantastic !

  101. karen hutchinson

    pampering treatments

  102. Agata Pokutycka

    Having a “me” time”

  103. Janice Papworth

    I’d love the Thermal spa as I’m quite a water baby!

  104. Charlotte Clark

    The spa and pool!

  105. kim sellwood

    after being diag with ms this year i would just like to be pampered

  106. diane dilly

    Relaxing in the candle pool would be a dream.

  107. Lee B

    Having a nice relaxing swim

  108. LYNN DIBB

    Love Ragdale so relaxing

  109. Zoe Stephenson

    This would be lovely to share with my mum. whenever I see her she’s always taking care of everyone and it would be great to enjoy a totally relaxing day together.

  110. Jenni

    Ooo I love the sound of the candle pool! I’d most look forward to spending some relaxing time with my best friend having a break from wedding chaos lol


    i would love the spa

  112. Maria Smith (@mariaAsmith)

    A whole day to myself…pure indulgence! A relaxing massage would be top of my list.

  113. W. Howard

    The Thermal Spa – to relax.

  114. Heather

    Spending the day relaxing instead of running around after my two little monkeys


    I’d love to relax in the Candle Pool most of all.

  116. Emma Ferguson

    I’d look forward yo a toddler free weekend with my mum who deserves the chance to be pampered.

  117. Jacqui S

    Spending some quiet, uncluttered time with a girlfriend while lying on the couches outside

  118. Michelle Ferguson

    I’d love to try the candle pool


    Plain and simply just relaxing without having to talk to anyone!!

  120. Rebecca Allen

    lounging in the thermal spa – some chill out time for me and my husband

  121. Fiona Harris

    Some time In that lovely pool then lay back and relax 😉

  122. Helen Moulden

    Having some relaxing time in a candle pool!

  123. lisa anderson

    I’d love to have a massage

  124. jessica agyin

    def the candle pool

  125. Hannah Ellis

    Simply relaxing, especially in the candle pool!

  126. clare d

    all sounds amazing but the candle pool looks fab!

  127. maggie fawcett

    the exercise classes !

  128. Alice Beaumont

    I’d love a relaxing spa day!


    just to relax

  130. clair downham

    definately be the pool


    Being a working mum, i would treasure some time to think of just me!

  132. Jessica

    I love aromatherapy. Warmth, steam and heat are all the essential elements for relaxation, for me. I love the idea of the volcanic salt bath and the rose sauna. All the detox benefits, with none of the effort or foul tasting drinks! Just perfect. 🙂

  133. leam scullion

    Would love to check out the thermal pool

  134. Kirsty

    Prize looks amazing, could do with a relaxing spa trip 🙂

  135. julie baxter

    the thermal spa

  136. Cheryll H

    I love their ‘thinking room’ – it’s the first room in the thermal spa, it’s just so peaceful – would look forward to trying that again 🙂

  137. Louise Bennett

    Definitely the chance to chillax and catch up with a very dear friend who has been going through a tough time – bliss and heaven all rolled up into one

  138. Chloe Shipman

    Outdoor heated pools – bliss! Even more so if it’s raining.

  139. Chris Reid

    Swimming in that lovelyspa pool would be bliss

  140. TC

    A wonderful soothing massage.

  141. Cassandra

    Swimming to relax, not to exercise.

  142. sue taylor

    The Thermal Spa with inside/outside waterfall sounds like Nirvana.. just the place to ease my aching back and shoulders and let the cares of the world slip away…I would spend the day floating my cares away in a state of pronounced bliss and contentment..

  143. raj sandhu

    Thermal Spa featuring candle pool sounds amazing

  144. Helen Yendall

    I would look forward to it ALL – I’d take my mum and we’d have a totally chilled out day. Perfect

  145. Mummy of Two

    A day away from my children to spend some quality girly time with my mum

  146. jessica newman

    I would just love a chance to swim and do some exercise classes and not have to worry about looking after anyone else as i really need a break

  147. jasmin holland

    The Thermal Spa would just be sheer ecstasy I wouldn’t want to leave 🙂

  148. kim neville

    Heat and water experiences would be lovely

  149. Annie Costa

    The candle pool sounds divine and something I’d most look forward to experiencing!

  150. Dawn Walsh

    leaving the kids at home to relax in a pool! heavenly


    I’ve had 18months of carrying a very heavy, but absolutely gorgeous baby boy around so I’d enjoy anything that involved me lying down, quietly and preferably being massaged!


    I’ve always wanted to go to Ragdale. It is local to me and the pictures of the pool look amazing. I’ve just become a first time mum to twins so I would love to be pampered!!

  153. paul sullivan

    thrmal spar and relaxation

  154. Kelly Dutton

    I would like to try the Colourflow Cave

  155. amanda

    multi-million pound Thermal Spa featuring candle pool

  156. Pamela

    I would look forward to, and love, the whole thing … but essentially I would look forward to sharing a day with my husband who looks after me so well, just chilling and relaxing with him, eating healthy food, and enabling him to be pampered as a way of saying thank you to him for always being there for me.


    their yoqua class does me a world of good. (I think that’s what it’s called)

  158. stacey kirkbride

    the thermal spa sounds amazing!

  159. Carolyn Benjamin

    Fluffy bathrobe and gorgeous treatments..

  160. Tina Lawton

    Just good old fashioned relaxing!

  161. nichola crowe

    I have never been so not quite sure what to expect by a quite day away from the kiddies sounds good enough for me 🙂

  162. Claire Toplis

    I would love a facial

  163. Naomi

    What an amazing prize!! ….I would probably have a mini heart attack if i won this, so i would definitely need the break just to recover haha, This Place is what dreams are made of!!

  164. Rachel

    I’d most look forward to having some time to myself. I have a baby and run a business (I only stopped work for 2 days) so I need some time off!

  165. Carol Rowley

    Back massage, pedicure, manicure and a facial. Bliss……

  166. Claire Lacey

    The peace and tranquility

  167. Jo Maxted

    the waterfall xx

  168. Emma

    Just chill in the pool with my bestie!

  169. Susan Ocock

    Exercise classes followed by chilling out in the candle pool and, of course, lunch!

  170. Pam Francis Gregory

    Relaxing away from the hustle of everyday life


    Sitting by the lake

  172. Lorna F

    I would enjoy the pools, they sound heavenly.

  173. Suzie O'Brien

    Just being pampered!

  174. Barbara

    The candle pool sounds awesome

  175. sheila oneill

    I would take my mom for the day and we would make the most of just relaxing in the candle pool and waterfalls and having some nice lunch 🙂

  176. Helen Grayson

    The pool – I love feeling weightless and take the pressure off my legs – I do a lot of standing in my job so it would be lovely 🙂

  177. jenna rothen

    relaxing in the pool away from everything

  178. Frances Fox

    I would look forward to any of the deep tissue massages. I can almost feel them now.

  179. Diane Wareing

    A perfect opportunity to spend time with my daughter. 🙂

  180. Paula Maher

    the candle pool. that just sounds divine!

  181. Ann Skamarauskas

    unwinding in the Thermal Spa

  182. sue willshee

    I’d love to say I was most looking forward to using the gym *ahem* but I’d be fibbing 🙂 I’d most enjoy the treatments. They do a fab range of massages so I’d love to try the hot stones!

  183. amanda walsh

    a fab massage

  184. kirsten

    Ragdale hall, to preen and pamper!
    Nothing can beat a spa retreat,
    A massage for starters and facial for afters,
    And then maybe a seaweed wrapper!

  185. catherine

    It all looks amazing but I would love the chance to relax, chat and enjoy lunch with my friend in peace and quiet- we have five children between us and as such finishing a conversation is a rare treat!

  186. Vicky11

    Thermal spar

  187. W. Howard

    Spending time in the pool and having a massage

  188. Christine Clarke

    relaxing in the thermal pool

  189. Polly

    I would be looking forward to a full body massage! I’ve never had the chance to have one, but they do look oh so relaxing!

  190. Karen

    relaxing in the spa

  191. Janice Street

    I look forward to enjoying a relaxing massage to de-stress both me and my daughter

  192. Jenni

    Wow, what an amazing place this would be to go to. The setting looks heavenly.

  193. Betina Lay

    A relaxing day,
    not a cent to pay.
    a swim, some pampering and then….
    massage my stress away!

  194. Helen booth

    Just a lovely relaxing day with hubby without the kids!

  195. Natalia

    total relax


    I’d love to be able to swim in peace. I sometimes swim at my local poo but it’s full f kids ad old ladies.

  197. Melissa Peakman

    I’d love a day away from work, chilling and relaxing!

  198. Adam Truman

    Would love to relax in such opulence

  199. kathleen hooper

    I would most look forward trying the outdoor waterfall

  200. Lindsey Philpot

    I would most look forward to taking part in some swimming with no kids 🙂

  201. nicola barter

    would love the candle pool

  202. Hannah griffiths

    Being made redundant after 16years on Friday. This is just what I need before I start a new chapter in my life.

  203. Karen Whittaker

    The thermal spa sounds great


    A dip in the Candle pool with my wonderful husband sounds lovely

  205. Caroline Clarke

    I would look forward to the thermal spa and the swimming pool and the exercise classes! I want to visit Ragdale Hall so badly!

  206. Michaela

    candle pool def 🙂 would love to win this I have always wanted to go

  207. Kelly Tobin

    Just having a bit of ‘me’ time!

  208. c tindale

    the candle pool!!!!

  209. Kevin Smith

    I’m intrigued by the candle pool! Sounds very relaxing.

  210. Claire Appleton

    I would most look forward to relaxing in the Thermal Spa featuring candle pool 🙂

  211. Hannah

    Well a relazing day out would be such a treat, but I would love to use the thermal spa!

  212. Rosemary Drummond

    Love everything about ragdale hall

  213. Shelley Jones

    The candle pool looks amazing and so relaxing!xx

  214. ally

    a massage would be bliss – as would relaxing in the pool without the children to keep an eye on 🙂

  215. liz denial

    I’d love a deep tissue massage

  216. James Holyland

    Anything that involves peace & quiet

  217. Rebecca Nisbet

    Getting away from everyday routine and be looked after rather than doing the looking after

  218. Valerie B

    The thermal spa sounds wonderful – love to try that

  219. Maddy

    I’d most look forward to peace & quiet with no demands being made on me!

  220. Daniel Stacey

    Relaxing in the pool

  221. trevor linvell

    A relaxing few days with my girlfriend

  222. Susanna Callaghan

    I want to relax in the pool, that’s my favourite

  223. audrey j

    great prize, just what i need to relax during my pregnancy!

  224. Laura Silver

    Wow, that looks amazing. Id be spending most of my time in exercise classes or massage..

  225. Rachael Donovan

    chilling out in the candle pool and whirlpool x

  226. Ann Calland

    Everything,lol but mainly the lovely whirlpool.

  227. Simon Grundy

    The candle pool xx

  228. jo farnsworth

    I’d take my mum, we could both do with some relaxing time!

  229. Naomi Buchan

    Relaxing in the Candle Pool

  230. Lucy Scott

    Wow! What wouldn’t I like- but probably a hot water experience appeals the most!


    I love the idea of relaxing in the candle pool

  232. hayley pemberton

    io would look forward to just relaxing and maybe having a massage

  233. Linda Guest

    A romantic swim in the pool with my hubby of 35 years. 🙂

  234. Helen

    There is no better way to spend the day…..pampering and luxury! Bliss

  235. Jenny Barker

    just would look forward to a day off ;0)

  236. Rennene Hartland

    Has to be the Thermal Spa featuring candle pool, Indoor/outdoor waterfall and a series of heat and water experiences sounds like absolute bliss

  237. keelyann chauntry

    I would love to swim and relax with a break away from reality x

  238. Emily Nelson

    Im on a diet, and have never joined a gym as i never have time, So i think the exercise classes would be for me! And the light lunch sounds lovely after a work out!

  239. Jill Fairbank

    Rest and relaxation with my mum

  240. Sammy Fairman

    I would look forward to some ‘me’ time – as a busy Mum of 3 kiddies who also works from home, I don’t get much time for myself, so this would be bliss!

  241. Kirsty Norton

    I would love a dip in the candle pool!

  242. Sheri Darby

    The wonderful environment

  243. mrs sharron page

    I’d like to experience the indoor/outdoor waterfall

  244. mrs sharron page

    to have a chill out time with my husband for our anniversary in august

  245. Emma Nicol

    The thermal spa sounds lovely and of course the lunch 🙂

  246. Teresa Sheldon

    It all sounds wonderful especially relaxing in the candle pool

  247. donna large

    thermal spa

  248. Kim sly

    The Candle Pool looks bliss… Would be nice to have some relaxation time x

  249. Isabelle Smith

    Thermal spa xx

  250. SHARON A

    no TV, no radio, no shouts of Mum! just utter calm and pampering Heaven!

  251. Nancy Bradford

    The thermal spa looks amazing.

  252. Cheryll H

    I love the Thought Room 🙂 It’s amazing 🙂 I’d look forward to that the most x

  253. laura large

    Deffo the candle pool

  254. Debbie Preston

    I would look forward to taking part in some of the classes and then relaxing in the thermal spa – the whole day would be fab x

  255. Kelly brooks

    The thermal spa!

  256. Angie Hoggett

    the candle pool

  257. Joy Dehany

    to be honest, it would just be the whole thing, not being at home and staring at the same walls. I need a break and a massage would do me perfectly.

  258. Diana

    Candle pool 🙂

  259. Scott Caldon

    to be pampered and looked after for a change. Also to just relax and unwind

  260. Michaela

    candle pool!

  261. Laura Hadland

    I’d love to mess about in the indoor/outdoor waterfall with my husband, it sounds like fun! Especially on a lovely summer’s day. I bet the exercise classes are awesome too – I love step, aerobics and zumba each week so it would be cool to mix it up and try a different class!

  262. Kerry Pool

    I would look forward to some peace and quiet, rare with my life! And would love a massage, I have so many knots!

  263. Pete

    Being away from phones, laptops, TV etc

  264. sam bailey

    I suffer from psoriasis and constantly in pain so it would be nice to lay back and feel some release as i received a nice massage.

  265. kate hand

    After a year of teaching a little break would be more then welcome lol

  266. victoria r

    just relax for a change!


    As much as I love being a mummy this would be amazing id look forward to some much needed me time

  268. phillippa lee

    Deeply relaxing after a swim in the pool

  269. Rachel

    Would be a great treat for my mom. Some girly time is just what we need.

  270. jenny

    Ooo anywhere hot and bubbly. Nice and relaxing Mmm

  271. Donna Gilligan

    I’d treat myself to a massage

  272. vivian allman

    would love the relaxation and food

  273. Sarah Fawcett

    Lunch lol 😉

  274. Silvia

    Swimming in their beautiful pool

  275. Matthew Pont

    My wife would love this.

  276. scarlett brannan


  277. Rachael Walton

    Spending time with my mum

  278. Lynne McEvoy

    I think i’d be looking forward to the whole experience. It would be lovely to just relax and be pampered for a change.

  279. Petra Hora

    I would take my husband as we haven’t been anywhere since our baby was born (6 months ago).

  280. Lisa irwin

    I would most look forward to spending a day in a swimsuit and dressing gown, flitting between lounging on a chair with a good book and then swimming/relaxing in the pool feeling the water flow over me before heading off for a facial and massage-absolute BLISS!!

  281. Angela Sandhu

    Just some peace and quiet and time to myself

  282. nicola spry

    Ohh that pool looks so inviting i think i could just stay in it all day until my fingers and toes wrinkle up.

  283. Lynda Pace Avery

    I’m looking forward to the total Ragdale Hall experience, the candle pool,the thought zone, the colourflow cave the scented room and the treatments – Wow! It’s impossible to say what one thing I would like to take part in when it is all so fabulous, I’m just looking forward to savouring every tiny bit of the experience.

  284. Jeremy Andrews

    I would like to try the Thermal Spa.

  285. Larley Haylar

    The peace and quiet!

  286. Rachel B

    having a lovely relaxing day!

  287. sandra bald

    Relaxing by the pool reading by book, chilling out:)

  288. Alison Barker

    Swimming Pool

  289. michael wilkinson

    Not having to go to work!

  290. LORNA WIL

    Fab! What I need !

  291. Eleanor Powell

    a really nice massage

  292. Clare

    The Thermal Spa – it sounds amazing!

  293. Hannah Whitling

    Would love to make use of the Thermal spa, sounds wonderful!!

  294. Tracey McPartland

    Thermal Spa

  295. Nicola Lynch

    Definitely the Thermal Spa!

  296. Jessica Sjoholm

    The Thermal Spa, it sounds amazing!

  297. David Conway

    Be a great gift for the wife who is pregnant and needs some relaxing time.

  298. claire davis

    experience the indoor outdoor waterfall!

  299. Jessica Edmunds

    Time to relax and exercise, I don’t have the time or the money to do either anymore so would be fab! x

  300. Michelle Shaw

    What a fabulous prize, I would look forward to the candle pool the most, it sounds divine!

  301. Sarah Parker

    relaxing in the pool 🙂

  302. Clare Parker

    Relaxing by the pool with a nice glass of wine xx

  303. kelly

    using the candle pool 🙂


    The candle pool sounds lovely.

  305. alison c

    The thermal spa sounds wonderful but just a day out to step back and relax would be absolute bliss!

  306. hannah massingham

    Would love to try the Thermal Spa – floating round in my dressing gown sounds good too though!

  307. Alex Cuckson

    Checking out the silent rooms – I hear that they are blissful!

  308. Wendy Guy

    Relaxing in the Thermal Spa

  309. Payal Sanchaniya

    The relaxing atmosphere

  310. joanne holton

    simple peace no children relax!!!

  311. Michelle Weston

    The water cascade sounds amazing! i would love to go in that!

  312. theresa

    Time away from the family to indulge myself



  314. wendy jamieson-price

    some new experiences like tai chi and pilates

  315. Leanne mckenna

    My mum deserves a well earned break so I would take her with me 🙂

  316. Charlotte Hood

    Would love to do some exercise classes… need my bikini body back!

  317. Lynn

    Thermal Spa featuring candle pool and Indoor/outdoor waterfall sound very inviting 🙂

  318. Kim W

    Wow, looks superb. I’d love a neck and shoulder massage as I have ME and fibromyalgia. What a fabulous place to relax.

  319. sarah louise gray

    ooh – the thermal spa for me. x

  320. vicky M

    Peace and quiet!


    simply chilling out by the pool

  322. Dee

    Chilling out for the day with my friend. x

  323. Denise Gunn

    a back massage. I’ve had chronic back pain for 36 years and a relaxing massage would be pure heaven.

  324. dawn Thompson

    Just having a day to relax would be amazing as Iv spent the last 4 weeks revising for exams!

  325. Jane Adamsj

    a thermal spa

  326. Malaysian Hair

    Thanks you for this extremely brilliant blog! We really appreciate your blog post.

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