Win £75 Worth of Amazon Vouchers – with Pretty in Pink

The lovely Sara from Pretty in Pink is spending September raising awareness about PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) by reviewing something teal on her blog every day,as well as sharing some of her experiences with living with the disorder. Through this she is hoping to raise some money for Verity a PCOS charity as September marks the awareness month for PCOS.

I am really excited to be helping her promote her month of teal and today alongside she has launched a competition where she is giving away a total of £75 worth of Amazon vouchers.
So please if you can take 3 things from this post today.

1. Follow Sara, her story and her teal reviews over at Pretty in Pink.
2. If you can give a little something to Verity (Sara will herself be adding £1 for every £10 raised) then pop over to her just giving page.
3. Enter the giveaway and keep your fingers crossed!

Good luck to you all!
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  1. Jane Willis   •  

    My Amazon wish list keeps on growing so I’d buy something from it – probably cook books or craft items

  2. Hayley Todd   •  

    It’s my little girl’s birthday coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I would buy her some Monster High dolls as part of her present x

  3. debbie godbolt   •  

    hi i would put it towards christmas presents for my kids :)

  4. Maya Russell   •  

    I’d spend the voucher on an insect zapper for my mum.

  5. Mia   •  

    If I was lucky enough to win, then I’d love to purchase some films and books and maybe so make up. There are just so many opportunities with Amazon. This giveaway is so sweet, such a good cause behind it! x
    Mia would love you to check out…Glamorous Wishlist ♥My Profile

  6. Megan Ellison   •  

    I would put it towards a new pair of frye boots!

  7. Terri Grothe   •  

    I have a big list on amazon that i want to buy
    Terri Grothe would love you to check out…Weekend RecapMy Profile

  8. Susan Ocock   •  

    Books etc for Christmas presents

  9. Sue Harrison   •  

    I’d love to buy the rest of the Jack Reacher series of books by Lee Child for my kindle. I’m up to novel 7 and there are 10 more to go.

  10. Trillina Palemi   •  

    to do a gift :)

  11. Marta K   •  

    Is this open to international followers?
    Thank you!

  12. Jayne Sullivan   •  

    I would put the money towards a Kindle Fire HD. A nice little Christmas gift for myself.

  13. Nikki Hayes   •  

    I’d keep it to put towards Christmas presents, money is tight this year ;o)

  14. Alice Beerland   •  

    Makeup, makeup and makeup!!!

  15. Lj Baker   •  

    Books for uni :-)

  16. anthony harrington   •  

    some baby items for our arrival due next week

  17. Karen Barrett   •  

    New bedding

  18. Angela Wilcox   •  

    I’d use it towards some Christmas presents. I also have a few books on my wishlist :)

  19. Hazel Rea   •  

    Would have to be on Christmas presents.

  20. Mary-Ann Pollard   •  

    possible a new winter coat …. or a kettle cant really decide!

  21. Gail Price   •  

    I have a huge family so if I was lucky enough to win I would be putting towards Christmas!

  22.   •  

    Thanks would love a new book from amazon

  23. Anna   •  

    I would put it towards Christmas shopping

  24. Anne Wallwin   •  

    some nice new winter boots

  25. donna clinton   •  

    Christmas presents for my kids

  26. cathyj   •  

    something for my daughters birthday

  27. Karen R   •  

    I’d get some books and maybe a computer game for the kids and hubby :),

  28. Mickie Bull   •  

    Camping Equipment

  29. Valerie Thorpe   •  

    I would put it towards a kindle

  30. Sarah Fawcett   •  

    Definitely the new Omar Allibhoy cookbook Tapas Revolution

  31. Ellen Stafford   •  

    I would buy some books for myself and niece. Love reading.

  32. Claire Butler   •  

    Christmas presents probably for my son

  33. Vicky-Louise Robinson   •  

    I would spend it on gifts for my kids for Christmas

  34. Jayne B   •  

    Family Xmas pressies

  35. Donna Towner   •  

    I would buy presents for christmas D:

  36. TracyJo (@tjsi1963)   •  

    I would put it towards a new printer, for my son, for his birthday.

  37. Rennene Hartland   •  

    I would put it towards Christmas presents

  38. yasmine choudhry   •  

    a great prize
    i would spend it on beauty products they have some Amazing deals
    thank you

  39. michelle bennett   •  

    It would go away for xmas to buy a treat for my kids x

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