Win £50 to spend at Experience Days.

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We all love being able to try something new and Experience Days is one of the leading UK websites that allows you to do this.
There really is something for everyone from Spa Days, to driving days or perhaps you would rather have a flying day? Day’s out, Climbing days or ideas for celebration days.
Experience Days
Experience Day’s go down a storm in my family my Dad’s one for driving days, while my Mum’s sampled the fun of making her own perfume each one loved it and came home with memories they will remember forever and in my Mum’s case a perfume to keep her happy for a long while. But maybe you cannot choose which one would suit your lucky receiver you can always buy the present of a voucher and let them choose what they would really want.
Experience Days
But then again why buy for a present when you could treat yourself to the day of your life. I would love to go on the Husky ride, to ride away on a sleigh oh what bliss?
So how about if the lovely people at Experience Day’s help you out?
They are giving one of you lucky people a £50 Voucher to spend on anything you want. All you need to do is hope on over to their website and let me know what you would spend your voucher on in a blog comment. Then record your entry via the rafflecopter app!
This competition ends on the 6th May and is open to UK Residents. Please have a read through of the full T&C on the bottom of the app.

Good Luck.


  1. Tracy K Nixon   •  

    Something thrilling! I need a thrill in my life!!! Sphereing down a hillside looks fab!!!

  2. K Mayers   •  

    Now, this would really come in handy. So many things to try… but we don’t have any really nice pictures of us since we were married (a looong time ago!) and so I think I’d use it for that, then add something to get extra shots for the kids to keep. Would love to try rock climbing or something otherwise;)

  3. K Mayers   •  

    Sorry, can’t figure out the rafflecopter thing hun, have tried – I must be too dull!

  4. KJ Mayers   •  

    Now, this would really come in handy. So many things to try… but we don’t have any really nice pictures of us since we were married (a looong time ago!) and so I think I’d use it for that, then add something to get extra shots for the kids to keep. Would love to try rock climbing or something otherwise;)(forgot to log in below so could you delete that one please Sarah? – and the rafflecopter wasn’t showing up for some reason at the time but has now, maybe because I wasn’t logged in)

  5. Kathleen hooper   •  

    I would take my mum out for a champagne afternoon tea

  6. Kellie Faggle McIntyre   •  

    I would spend the voucher on white water rafting! I would have to go make up free, or alternatively invest in some waterproof stuff so not to scare the other participants!!

  7. kellyjo walters   •  

    the husky ride sounds awesome.. Id treat my hubby to a real English tea

  8. Paula burnside   •  

    I fancy the chocolate making workshop….Yum, Yum

  9. Zoe G   •  

    I would put it towards a pamper spa day

  10. Gemma   •  

    The husky ride would be for me!

  11. Alice Boardman   •  

    I like the look of the Thames River lunch – something of a treat :)

  12. Ally Bruce   •  

    I would have to spend it on pampering myself

  13. Laura Evans   •  

    I would spend it on an indoor sky diving day! The reason why?? For years i was desperate to try sky diving but the older i’ve got, the more of a wus i have become!! particularily since i had my son 2 years ago and i don’t feel like risking my life ( thus cutting my time with him short) by throwing myself out of a perfectly good plane! haha :)

  14. Angie   •  

    So much to choose from

  15. Milly   •  

    I’d spend mine on a spa day, I need to relax!

  16. Megan Bayford   •  

    a pamper day

  17. Elizabeth Smith   •  

    indoor skydiving – sounds fabulous

  18. Hilda Hazel Wright   •  

    It would be really hard to choose!  I’d love to experience so many things.  I’d love to go up in a helicopter or hot air balloon…but if I won I’d find it hard to resist a spa day for two with my boyfriend!

  19. Claire Louise Jones   •  

    I would love a pamper day :)

  20. olivia kirby   •  

    skiing lessons :-)

  21. Ashleigh Allan   •  

    i would spend it on a spa day!

  22. Claire D   •  

    Would really love afternoon tea

  23. Tiddles120561   •  

    A spa day for my daughter and I

  24. Dan   •  

    The Segway. I’ve always wanted to “drive” a Segway.

  25. Jenny Eaves   •  

    Zorbing looks like great, I think I would choose that! :) x

  26. Clairew137   •  

    Spa day please.

  27. Jeff Wolf   •  

    Helicopter Flying

  28. angela sandhu   •  

    afternoon tea with my sister

  29. KevinHoney   •  

    A drive in a Ferrari!

  30. Natalie Holland   •  

    I’d like to meet my best friend, (we don’t live close by so it’s rare) to meet for a luxury afternoon tea somewhere!! :)

  31. Nancy Bradford   •  

    I’d love to spend it on afternoon tea or a spa treatment.

  32. Lauraannewhite   •  

    i’d love to go canoeing tried it once when i was a kid and it was fun

  33. emmacella   •  

    Sphereing down a hillside

  34. Laura Carroll   •  

    I would go for one of the posh afternoon teas at a nice hotel! Yay for tiny cakes :-)

  35. Emma J Lowe   •  

    i would put it towards an indoor skydiving experience, but if i chickened out of that, it would be for some kind of pampering

  36. MANDYLETCH2468   •  

    I would treat my hubby to a Husky sleigh ride as he is always saying he would love to do that ! I didn’t know you could do it in this country :)

  37. Rachael Simmons   •  

    I would put it towards a spa day for my fiance and I, because he’s doing his police training at the mo, and is very tired from constant exams and early starts (4am!) He loves to get pampered but never has the chance :D

  38. Rachael Simmons   •  

    Hi, I can’t seem to get the Rafflecopter to work, please can my entry still be included? Thankyou!! :D

  39. amy gonzalez   •  

    spa treat!

  40. melissa hall   •  

    A pamper day I think!

  41. Ness   •  

    I’d love to do a helicopter ride.

  42. Jo O   •  

    Shark Diving!! (yes I know many of my friends think I’m nuts!) I am a qualified PADi diver, but haven’t yet dived with sharks!

  43. Lisa sheehy   •  

    It’s got to be the recording studio experience for me, a chance to indulge my inner diva! Comes in with 1p to spare too!!

  44. Martina   •  

    I would love to try indoor skydiving.

  45. Rachel   •  

    I would purchase the 30min flying lesson :) Would be nice to fly.

  46. Emmysmummy   •  

    I think a theatre trip :)

  47. Emmysmummy   •  

    I think a theatre trip :)

  48. Emmysmummy   •  

    I think a theatre trip :)

  49. ChelseaMamma   •  

    Indoor skydiving – my hubby and boys did it but I couldnt as was pregnant! Looks great fun!

  50. Anthony Elvy   •  

    Indoor Skydiving!

  51. HALA2   •  

    would love this

  52. Juliethomas55lw   •  

    No contest I’d take the lazy route and go for a pamper day – always fancied treating myself to this touch of luxury so I would definitely choose a spa/pamper experience

  53. Debs jeav   •  

    Pamper day treat

  54. Christine   •  

    I`d go for a cookery day need all the help I can get.

  55. Christine Reid   •  

    Have followed on twitter @chrismse1

  56. Christine   •  

    have followed via google

  57. Solange   •  

    Champagne afternoon tea

  58. Alice Beaumont   •  

    Mmmmmm chocolate experience for me!

  59. Sarah Parkes   •  

    Oooof would love a cheeky chocolate workshop or afternoon tea :)

  60. Jane Townson   •  

    The  Discover Rock Climbing, sounds great fun to me.

  61. Kim Carberry   •  

    Chocolate Workshop — YUM!!

  62. clair   •  

    definately something pampering

  63. katrina walsh   •  

    A choccy workshop! What a dream!

  64. Emma Howard   •  

    I’d love one of the afternoon tea experiences

  65. Vicky Morris   •  

    I would probably put it towards a day out stunt driving for my boyfriend. =)

  66. Tina Holmes   •  

    A spa treat for me hehe

  67. Jacqui   •  

    I’d send my husband and son on a Lads/Dads day out doing something thrilling/scary/exciting – I’ll enjoy the calm at home!

  68. CDPhilip   •  

    I would do the Atlantic Adventure Shark Special – Adult

  69. Laura Pritchard   •  

    The Helicopter Buzz flight!  I love flying.

  70. Susan Ellams   •  

    Probably a segway rally, I’ve always wanted to have a go of one.

  71. Fran Light   •  

    I’d spend my experience day voucher on the archery experience for two because it is something that hubby and I have always wanted to have a go at :-)

  72. Heather Shaw   •  

    I would like to do something pampering-ish. A spa day or a champagne tea maybe?

  73. Hayley Fountain   •  

    maybe a spa day x

  74. Lynsey Buchanan   •  

    Make up lesson as now im getting older need a few tips on hiding the signs

  75. wendy stanger   •  

    would have to be some pampering

  76. jackie curran   •  

    I would buy theatre tickets. 

  77. Jackie Turner   •  

    My wonderful hubby, just because he’s so fab.

  78. Danielle Vedmore   •  

    Would love to do a bungee jump – but I dont know I would have the courage to! xoxo

  79. Tracy Gladman   •  

    A family day out

  80. Jaycee Daniel   •  

    I’d treat my husband & sons to a Segway rally, they’d love it!  Plus they’d have the opportunity  to have fun doing a “male” thing. nowI’m going to get loads of sexist remarks but as an ex-biker I’m definately not but can’t see my girls wanting to go do that.

  81. Caz   •  

    I’d spend it on a nice relaxing spa day…

  82. Sarah Davies   •  

    The chocolate workshop sounds fun and yummy, so I’d go for that.

  83. jane wright   •  

    oh wow, just about anything to take my mind off day to day stuff, really need to relax and unwind!

  84. Sheila Reeves   •  

    I’d take a trip to the zoo – once it stops raining!

  85. Joanna Smith   •  

    Definitely something pampering like a spa day!

  86. Amanda Karen G. Goldston   •  

    I would go on a hot air balloon trip because it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time

  87. kate lancaster   •  

    has to be the champagne afternoon tea :-)

  88. Siobhan Marie   •  

    i would spend it on dinner out with my daughter love spending quality time together <3

  89. Ali johnson   •  

    Chocolate workshop :)

  90. Isobelle forde   •  

    Id use the voucher towards a bungee jump, always wanted to try one!

  91. Nathalie Taylor   •  

    Something nice and relaxing

  92. Chris   •  

    I will paint a picture of a rainbow, to make this rain, have a bucket of happiness at each end of it.

  93. Jane brown   •  

    I would spend it on a pampering session.  Just lost 2 stone so think I could do with a treat for the new bod!

  94. Katarzyna Szewczyk   •  

    It would be so nice to win!I need to recharge my batteries :)))

  95. helenahaddock   •  

    a nice relaxing spa day

  96. Kathy Cakebread   •  

    something realyl fun that i dont do every day… going on a sleigh ride does sound good! or indoor sky diving!

  97. Lynn Savage   •  

    I would love to spend this on an afternoon tea, love my food

  98. Hannah Ellis   •  

    I would definitely spend the voucher on an amazing 4×4 driving experience. The fact I cant drive is an issue so it would really be for my lovely boyfriend or dad :D 

  99. Emma Jackson   •  

    I’d treat my husband to a day at the races ^_^

  100. Lorraine polley   •  

    afternoon cream tea for 2

  101. Jo Young   •  

    A nice relaxing spa treatment

  102. robynl   •  

     I could do with a make up lesson, I’ve been wearing the same make up for 10 years now, time for a change.

  103. Emily   •  

    I’d want to share it with my lovely other half so would probably go for a Marriot afternoon tea for two!

  104. haddockv   •  

    a pamper session

  105. Lisa B   •  

    champagne afternoon tea!!

  106. Jan b   •  

    Segway! Looks fab

  107. Vicky Morton1   •  

    A pamper voucher!

  108. Nat Arnold   •  

    I would go paintballing fun and would burn some calories 

  109. Cheryll H   •  

    I’d probably take my girls on a day trip to Whipsnade :) @pipersky1 

  110. essexgirlSE   •  

    a spa.  Oh, how my daughter and I need a spa.  Duff colleagues are getting us down.

  111. Kate Mo Edwards   •  

    this would be fab i have always wanted to have a go at gorge walking random i know lol!

  112. Sheila M   •  

    A nice spa day to relax

  113. Antonia Rookley   •  

    A spa day would be amazing!

  114. Gwyn   •  

    spa treatments xx

  115. Helen-Marie   •  

    id love to try a spa day could really do with some relaxing time x

  116. Abibojo   •  

    Oooh definitely sphereing! Something me and my dad always wanted to do!

  117. Alison M   •  

    I think quad biking, it would be fun!

  118. Mandy Carter   •  

    I would use it on an experience that i would never try otherwise 

  119. K Grieve   •  

    Kids Deluxe Makeover Photoshoot

  120. Charlotte Jones   •  

    I would treat my mum to an afternoon tea :)

  121. Stan Theman   •  

    A animal experience

  122. Judith   •  

    A pamper day :)

  123. Kat   •  

    There are so many fantastic things to do but I think I would chose
    Chocolate Workshop!!! Always wanted to learn how to make chocolates.

  124. frodoald   •  

    My son would love a Junior Driving experience – at 14 he already thinks he is a better driver than me!

  125. Sheri Darby   •  

    afternoon champagne tea please

  126. Rach   •  

    I’d go for a spa day.

  127. jackie rushton   •  

    Zorbing would be fun!

  128. Rachel Blackburn   •  

    I’d like to do something fun like go on a Segway Rally with my husband. That sounds awesome!

  129. Karen A Barrett   •  

    I would love a pamper day

  130. coppelia100   •  

    I would love to try something totally different to anything I would normally do! I really like the look of the Powerboat Taster Experience! 

  131. StacieM   •  

    I would treat my hubby to one of the driving experience days, he’s always dreamed of driving a super car and I don’t see us affording one ever unless we win the lottery ( I can hope :P)

  132. Katy Spence   •  

    Afternoon tea for the hubby and me!

  133. Clair D'Alby   •  

    Oh, I’d have to get my hubby themilitary vehicle driving experience! He’s had a hard time supporting me lately and rather deserves it.

  134. Maria Knight   •  

    I would put it towards the 30min Airplane flying lesson for my fiance Dean. He was recently made redundant and needs a little boost, a little treat. All his hard earned cash goes on my and our little boy and he is so devoted and hard-working that this redundancy has given him a real knock of confidence. A thrill like flying would put a well deserved grin on his chops :)

  135. lottiegirl   •  

    Love a driving day – throwing a Merc around a skid pan!

  136. Vickypinkpigxx   •  

    A champagne afternoon tea :-)

  137. stacijane   •  

    can you spend it on something extreme for the husband, don’t worry if not i’m sure i’ll be quite able to spend it on myself !!!!!! lol

  138. hannahlw85   •  

    I’d love to have a god at a Microlite Flight, keep seeing them above the village i live in on sunny days and really want to give it a go.

  139. Christina Michael   •  

    Champagne tea sounds good or a facial or or or or or

  140. Diana Cotter   •  

    Tea with my mum

  141. Kinseyemma   •  

    it would have to be a spa day

  142. SUE ROBINSON   •  

    I would spend it on a spa day for me and my eldest daughter

  143. Emma   •  

    I would pick the Ignite Your Inner Goddess for my sisters 40th birthday which is coming up in a couple of weeks 

  144. Sarah   •  

    I would just love a relaxing spa day!  It’s been very hectic recently and a day of pampering would be just awesome!

  145. Sarah Parker   •  

    pamper day :)

  146. Sian E Hallewell   •  

    Just looked and lots to choose from, think I would have to take my granddaughter on Young People’s Half Day Falconry

  147. robertfox24   •  

    It would have to be a spa day, the thought of a relaxing day with peace and quiet sounds fantastic!

  148. Jackieurry   •  

    Adriving experience, just to prove women can do it x

  149. Cupcake-cutiepie   •  

    wow, so many to choose from!

  150. Angela M   •  

    I like the sound of the Chocolate Workshop

  151. karen dixon   •  

    a nice spa treatment

  152. Caz   •  

    Spa day for my mum would be great

  153. Rachelghostheart   •  

    spa daydefinately spa time for me

  154. Ncparker1   •  

    I would spend it on a spa day, it is just what i need at the moment xx

  155. Netfilby   •  

    oooh, I need to be spoilt and have some well deserved ‘me’ time!

  156. Rochelle Lear   •  

    champagne afternoon tea

  157. Joanna Sawka   •  

    a spa day

  158. Acc   •  

    Husky rides would be superb!

  159. Sharon Bell   •  

    Oooo my soo much to choose from would it be a pamper day, a thrill in the Lamborghini or perhaps paragliding?  I’d choose one of them 3 i thinks! :o) x

  160. Hazel Christopher   •  

    I would use it to treat my mum as it’s her birthday on the 9th of this month :)

  161. Mandy Bramwell Wan   •  

    I would either use it on a pamper day for me or use it for a track day for my man for fathers day

  162. frodoald   •  

    My son would love a Junior Driving experience – at 14 he already thinks he is a better driver than me!

  163. essexgirlSE   •  

    a spa.  Oh, how my daughter and I need a spa.  Duff colleagues are getting us down.

  164. Claire Louise Jones   •  

    I would love a pamper day :)

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