Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – Review and Giveaway

The Puzzle that Made ChristmasTo me jigsaws and Christmas go together, just the idea of one makes me think of the afternoon after you have finished stuffing your tum and the Queens Speech has been watched it’s time to sit, relax and have some good old together time be it playing games, watching TV or just sitting down and trying to put together a jigsaw.

Wentworth Wooden puzzles have been producing puzzles since 1994, and offer jigsaws that range from 30 pieces to 1,500 meaning they cater for both beginners and more experienced puzzlers. They are one of only a handful of brands that still produce whimsy piece jigsaws, which offer like in the picture above pieces of specially shaped pieces cut into the puzzle. Each puzzle is beautifully crafted with them being distributed to 35 countries around the world from their factory on the edge of the Cotswold’s.

I was sent the beautiful Puzzle that Made Christmas to have a look at – available in 40 pieces for £5.95 or 280 pieces for £29.95 it is made up of whimsy pieces in the shape of snowmen and Santa which piece together around a plethora of different shapes and is edged by an uneven wave helping just add to that level of difficulty. It is a follow on from last year’s offering of The Puzzle that Ruined Christmas which saw people puzzling over not just the jigsaw but also putting together the mini Christmas trees that made it up.

The one thing that kept being so obvious to me from the moment I received the Puzzle the Made Christmas was the work that had been put into it – this really isn’t your everyday puzzle from a beautifully presented box, to the cotton bag the pieces are kept safe in and you cannot help but paw over every piece that has been laser cut perfectly into wood.

I have to admit I am yet to finish the Puzzle that Made Christmas but I am determined to have it done by Christmas and can’t wait to show it off to other in my family who love a good puzzle as I am sure they will be impressed. Wentworth really make puzzles that are an enjoyment to both put together and look at – made with materials I’m sure will last for years and be able to be used over and over.

If you want to get your hands on a Puzzle that Made Christmas for yourself – then make sure you pop over to the website and grab yourself one before it’s too late – or for one of you lucky people I have one to give away!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let me know:
What Wentworth Wooden Puzzle do you love?

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  1. megan hughes


  2. Dawn Wilkinson

    Delivering a Christmas Parcel


    The Jungle Crew

  4. karen howden

    My daughter would love this

  5. abigail edkins

    I like the Christmas Dinner

  6. ron


  7. Emily Shepperson

    Perplexing Pudding

  8. Emma Lewis

    I love jigsaws! The Zodiac puzzle in the Art Nouveau section is gorgeous.

  9. Kathy Lane

    I love the Hummingbird Garden.

  10. Rebecca Gransden

    Baffling Baubles

  11. laura jones

    moored for the winter

  12. Hayley

    I like the Perplexing Pudding

  13. Lisa Sands

    Love the childrens Personalised Puzzles – Fab Xmas present idea! xx

  14. Mickie Bull

    Moored for the Winter

  15. gig

    Hummingbird Garden.

  16. Rachel Ray

    The Lady of Shalott – but so many of them are so beautiful. Wish I hadn’t visited the website now!

  17. Maya Russell

    I like the Trafalgar Square Sundown puzzle.

  18. Kay panayi

    Delivering a Christmas parcel

  19. lowri earith

    the wentsnail

  20. melanie stirling


  21. Keri Jones

    The Leopard and Cub so we could put it in a frame after it was put together 🙂

  22. frances hopkins

    The jungle crew

  23. Karen K

    The Perplexing Pudding looks fab for Christmas!

  24. Jill Webb

    Butterfly Meadow

  25. Martina Pichova

    I love the Yuletide.

  26. Angela Sandhu


  27. Paul Wilson

    Reindeer Rhapsody

  28. Suzanne Cooke

    the Perplexing Pudding looks good fun

  29. Alyson Chapman

    I adore “Glow’d with Tints of Evening Sun” (3528) My Mum had this picture as a Christmas Card when I was young and she always kept it – she used to say it was to nice to send to anyone!

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  31. Lisa

    Love the Butterfly Meadow!

  32. katrina day-reilly

    Christmas Dinner

  33. Hazel Christopher

    I love the Blackberry Pickers puzzle.

  34. shirley evans


  35. Jacqueline Roberts

    That looks so hard to do yikes

  36. kim neville

    the jungle crew

  37. chalie qualter

    moored for christmas

  38. Rachel Craig

    Leopard and cub jigsaw puzzle.

  39. Spencer Broadley

    London from the Eye – I’m a masochist I think for choosing an Extra Difficult puzzle !!!!!!

  40. John Taggart

    Delivering a Christmas Parcel

  41. Pamela

    Perplexing pudding



  43. KATHY D

    Blackberry Pickers

  44. Julie Ward

    The Wentworm

  45. Claire D

    Hummingbird Garden

  46. Paula Barker

    Perplexing Pudding

  47. clair downham

    Elephant Savanna

  48. victoria thurgood

    Perplexing Pudding

  49. Kathy Cakebread

    delivering christmas parcels

  50. Tammy Tudor

    Christmas dinner

  51. Liz

    The Feast of the Rose Garland

  52. Elizabeth Smith

    Raining Cats and Dogs

  53. Susan Sargent

    The Jungle Crew

  54. Laura Coe

    Christmas Dinner

  55. sarah rees

    the jungle crew

  56. Lynn Heath

    I like the reef life puzzle, my son loves doing jigsaw puzzles

  57. leanne williams

    Delivering a Christmas Parcel

  58. Lucy Robinson

    Christmas dinner. X

  59. gemma clark

    I love Who’s Next on the list!

  60. Amy

    The Perplexing Puzzle looks brilliant!

  61. christine shelley

    Kitchen cupboard

  62. Zoe Roxby

    the You are here one

  63. becca staples

    Love the kids farmyard christmas puzzle x

  64. Penny Ford

    Christmas Dinner. I love this puzzle

  65. Barbara Edwards

    Perplexing Pudding

  66. suan watts

    Christmas dinner

  67. Laura Pritchard

    The Feast of the Rose Garland

  68. Emma Howard

    Perplexing Pudding!

  69. Lorraine S

    Perplexing Pudding

  70. Anne Woodthorpe

    Perplexing pudding

  71. Jayne T

    The Alpine Christmas is lovely. 🙂

  72. hannah

    I love the Reindeer Rhapsody

  73. Pauline Burroughs

    Garden Party Item Code: 641406

  74. Darlene Ovenstone

    The Hummingbird Garden one looks good 🙂

  75. lucy rose

    Has to be David the Dinosaur…The children love it…

  76. Eleanor Jones

    David the dinosaur

  77. Lucy Carter

    I love the Noahs ark


    Christmas Dinner looks great!

  79. katie Kathurima

    The Jungle Crew

  80. Robby Price


  81. Stacy Freeland

    I love the (635413) New York City at Night

  82. Sheila Reeves

    I love Christmas Appeal – not sure if I’d get frustrated by all the snow though, but a beautiful scene

  83. amanda davis

    Winter Visitors II.

  84. Susan Lewis

    The Reindeer Rhapsody is a beautiful Christmas puzzle.

  85. monika s

    Autumn Reflections – i love hedgehogs- have few in my garden

  86. Emma Thackery

    Noahs Ark

  87. Zoe Wilkinson

    The Hummingbird Garden

  88. Keith

    Titanic ‘Poster’ please as i love sailling to new york

  89. Pam Gregory

    Perplexing Pudding

  90. shelagh milne

    Barn Owls

  91. Phyllis Ellett


  92. Sarah Parkin

    Alice in Wonderland

  93. claire davey

    White Tigers of Bengal

  94. Denise C

    Moored for the Winter

  95. karen hutchinson

    perplexing pudding

  96. katherine b

    I love Trafalgar Square Sundown

  97. Allan Fullarton


  98. Vera Bahounkova

    David the Dinosaur

  99. Natalie Gillham

    I like the ‘Christmas Dinner’ puzzle 🙂

  100. Rachel Gilbey

    Elephant Savanna

  101. Vicki G

    Christmas Dinner

  102. Becky Shorting

    This one is stunning!

    Winter Fairies
    Item Code: 522807

  103. Catherine Williams

    Hummingbird Garden is my favourite

  104. ANNA


  105. Lisa Fletcher

    Christmas Dinner

  106. Angela Williams

    swan vista

  107. Nancy Townsend

    Ribblesdale – Yorkshire Dales

  108. Jennifer Rhymer

    I like Perplexing Pudding


    Noahs ark

  110. Sheri Darby

    The Christmas Dinner

  111. Katie Walker

    I like the Yuletide one

  112. Patricia Owen

    Perplexing Pudding – like the shape and colours

  113. julie baxter

    loving the look of the personalised puzzles would make a great gift for someone 🙂

  114. Helen Thurston

    London from the Eye

  115. Erica field

    Baffling baubles

  116. Jill fairbank

    Lots of fab puzzles but would go for perplexing pudding

  117. nicola white

    i like the jungle crew x

  118. Jodie W

    Christmas dinner puzzle

  119. paul vellins

    perplexing pudding lol

  120. george brown

    Delivering a Christmas Parcel

  121. Max Bull

    The Jungle Crew puzzle!

  122. Janine Atkin

    i love Confusion at the Edge

  123. lisa tebbutt

    christmas dinner

  124. aaron

    would love to win

  125. Kirsty Fox

    I love the Barn Owls

  126. Colin Gault

    The Feast of the Rose Garland

  127. champaklal lad

    World map

  128. Wendy Guy

    Delivering a Christmas Parcel

  129. jodie harvey

    Moon Dance is beautiful x

  130. karen dixon

    The Jungle Crew

  131. Susan Pringle

    Butterfly Meadow

  132. Natalie Crossan

    The Jungle Crew 🙂

  133. katie skeoch

    Christmas Dinner

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