Valentines Competition from My 1st Years

ValentinesWe are just 2 weeks away from Valentines! But never fear there are still amazing goodies to get your hands on to help you get your loved one the perfect gift from all over the internet and high street.
Today I’m looking at some goodies from My 1st Years who specialise in baby products the heart of their collection revolves around ‘1st’ – shoes, outfits, toys those special items to remember and cherish, they do however offer a range of clothing and accessories to fit all through that 1st year including a number of personalisable items.
So why am I talking about a website aimed at children’s 1st? Well of course they know that the older members of a family deserve a treat as well and have come up with an amazing range of Valentines gifts. Some of which you can see in the picture above.

1. Personalised Diamante Heart Keyring – £15
With up to 3 lines and 15 characters per line of personalisation available, this keyring can help you show your other half just what they mean to you.

2. (Name) Heart (Name) Teddy – £20
Give your other half something to hug when you’re not around with this sweet teddy, you can choose from multiple colours for the wording and have up to 10 characters for each name, perfect.

3. Wicker Heart – £15
A decoration you can keep up all year – this wicker heart can be personalised with up to 3 lines of text, it’s all ready to hang so all you need to do is knock a nail into the wall.

4. Valentines Sweet Jar – £9
Does your sweet heart have a sweet tooth? Then maybe this jar of delights will be right up their street. With the choice to personalise the label, the sweets inside might vary, but look out for those love hearts.

5. Love Grows Card – Pink – £3
Give your Valentine a card that no one else will have, with one you can personalise yourself. Let the words flow and tell them just how you feel.

6. Two Hearts Keyring – £20
Hold half a heart each with this set of keyrings, each side can be personalised with up to 11 characters of text – now do you hold the one with your name or your other half’s?

Still not sure what to get your loved one – or fancy treating yourself?
Well look no further! My 1st Years are offering one of you lucky people the chance to win a Valentines Sweet Jar.

All you need to do to enter is pop over to My 1st Years, grab me the URL of your favourite item then pop it down in the comment section. (Simple right!)

As normal once you have completed the one mandatory entry a round of optional extras will open, you do not have to complete any of these, they are just if you would like some extra chances.

Please remember to check the full TandC at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK only, any entries left that do not answer the given question or have obviously not taken the time to follow the rules will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question you will open a round of optional extras you do not have to enter any of these, all entrants’ names and emails maybe used by the sponsoring company to send offers and newsletters.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Queen of the Ads: Beautyland


  1. Andrea MacLeod   •  

    Has to be the Roses my husband sent lash year!

  2. Tracey Peach   •  

    My Favourite Valentines Gift My First Years Sell Is The Valentines Sweet Jar xxx

  3. Wendy Lam   •  

    I love personalised gifts as it makes all the difference to what everyone has and you can really treasure it knowing thought has gone into it which is why I think this personalised crystal block is my favourite. I’ve seen light stand being sold for these things to make it look really pretty in the dark by illuminating the words


    Definately my favourite –

  5. Sarah P   •  

    This is my favourite –

  6. claire griffiths   •  

    my fave is the teddy so cute :)

  7.   •  

    love this its so cute!

    • Emma Ellison   •  

      But I’d like this for valentines

  8.   •  

    sweetie jar

  9. Kellie   •  

    I love the Valentines Sweet Jar at

  10. Sarah Nichols   •  

    Aww such a fab comp and all the prizes are so adorable and soo rare :) . My favourite thing is a tough choice between the i love daddy balloons or the valentines romper W ill keep everything crossed xx

    • Sarah Nichols   •  

      Sorry here’s the second link again as didnt work

  11. Sharon Griffin   •  

    the handbag shaped compact is very sweet

  12. Julie Picton   •  

    (Name) Loves Daddy Tee

  13. C Parkin   •  

    this is cute!

  14. Zoe G   •  

    I like the Glass Jewellery Box, it is a lovely keepsake

  15. Alison Joyce   •  

    I like the heart stitch apron

  16.   •  

    The Valentines Sweet Jar

  17. Tracy Hanley   •  

    Valentines Sweet Jar

  18. Kieran   •  

    Love Machine Chocolate Bar

  19. Isabel O'Brien   •  

    My favourite is the Love Machine chocolate it has a cute robot on it.

  20. Debbie Skinner   •  

    I heart my daddy mug – so sweet

  21. amanda davis   •  

    glass jewellry box

  22. J Holden   •  

    A heart balloons tall latte mug would be my choice as I’ve just broken a favourite coffee cup. This would be a good replacement.

  23.   •  

    My little one would love this

  24. ANNA SMILOWSKA   •  

    Wicker heart is beautiful. Would match every decor.

  25. ANNA SMILOWSKA   •  

    Wicker heart is beautiful.

  26. Anne-Marie Taylor   •  

    Ooh a lovely sweet jar!!!

  27. jennifer Toal   •  

    Sweet jar

  28. Caroline Hooper   •  

    The valentines sweet jar is cute

  29. Nicole   •  

    Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug

  30. lesley hamilton   •  

    The Engraved Stainless Steel Hip Flask & Funnel, fab item

  31. Haley Redshaw   •  

    Wicker heart is my favourite

  32. sarah rees   •  

    definitely the teddy :)

  33. Rachel Sanders   •  

    My husband loves his coffee so it would have to be this :

  34. Karen Richards   •  

    Love this personalised bracelet

  35. Fiona Matters   •  

    I like the Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug

  36. Anne Graham   •  

    I like the Love Machine blue mug as you can personalise it.

  37. Vivian   •  

    I love the personalized keyring :D Fingers crossed xx

  38.   •  

    The sweet jar

  39.   •  

    the teddy

  40. claire ingleby   •  

    my engagment ring xx

  41. Rebecca beesley   •  

    I adore the wicker heart

  42. lorraine dunne   •  

    I love the teddy so adorable

  43. laura stewart   •  

    i like this one

  44. Katie K   •  

    I really like the Valentine’s mug –

  45. laura banks   •  

    i like this

  46. Laura Pritchard   •  

    I like the ‘Loves Daddy’ t-shirt.

  47. Lisa Dunne   •  

    fab prize entered

  48. Hollie Adlam   •  

    My favourite valentines gift from My 1st Years is the Crystal Block with Red Heart design it is absolutely gorgeous!

  49. Jodie C   •  

    Two Hearts Keyring

  50.   •  

    I love the wicker heart

  51. Evelyn Orton   •  

    My fave: :)

  52. Eva lorraine Appleby-Gill   •  


  53. Dil Price   •  

    I love the “I Heart My” mug… I think that would be a real winner of a gift this year for my other half to have an “I Heart My Daddy” mug from little one :) Such lovely sentiments and gifts on the website :) x

  54. Patricia Bond   •  

    I love the wicker heart it looks fab

  55. Barrie Phillips   •  

    Two Hearts Keyring

  56. Louise   •  

    Yum looks great!

  57. Laura   •  

    The Glass Jewellery Box

  58. Paul Wilson   •  

    The Valentine Sweet Jar

  59. Miss Tracy Hanson   •  

    Valentines’ Sweet Jar. Boyfriend has a sweet tooth, so that would be great for him. Good luck to everyone :) :D x

  60. Solange   •  

    I like the Glass Jewellery Box

  61. nicola t   •  

    i love the slate heart, perfect for my kitchen

  62. Tina Holmes   •  

    The sweetie jar – yummy

  63. Rachael Lines   •  

    I love the balloon sets, the I love daddy ones are fab, however I think the children would get more joy from them ;)

  64. Helen Stratton   •  

    The Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug

  65. Rachael Barnard   •  

    Engraved slate heart decoration

  66. Amy Ripley   •  

    I love this – mmmmmm!!

  67.   •  

    This is so unique

  68. taylor willbourne   •  

    my favourite is te teddy:)

  69.   •  

    I love this and would love to be given this

  70. julie baxter   •  

    i love the Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug

  71. Kristian   •  

    These look good -

  72. Linda   •  

    I love the Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug

    • Linda   •  


  73. sarah lambert   •  

    I love the Glass Jewellery Box :)

  74. cathy henatyszen   •  

    I like the jewelry box

  75. jennifer thorpe   •  

    The I love my daddy mug

  76. andy   •  


  77. elizabeth   •  

    love the jewellery box

  78. RUTH DAVIES   •  

    love Machine Chocolate

  79. Emma J Lowe   •  

    I am liking the

  80. vanessa crowley   •  

    my fav is

  81. Joanne Benham   •  

    I like

  82. maureen moss   •  


    Luxury baby blue robe

  83. shelagh milne   •  

    the slate heart

  84. Isabelle Smith   •  

    the teddy <3

  85. Mel Briscoe   •  

    I really like this

  86. Steph Jones   •  

    Balloons – keep that little ones happy!

  87. Ellen Stafford   •  

    I love the Script Engraved Slate Heart Decoration –

  88. Brian McDaid   •  

    I like the The Valentines Sweet Jar best.

  89. Becky Downey   •  
  90. Katherine Coldicott   •  

    Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug

  91. sharon johnson   •  

    its got to be the sweetie jar xx

  92. Stephen Catt   •  

    Yum Yum

  93. Hayley Kinnaird   •  

    I love the Heart Balloon Tall Latte Mug it is so sweet


  94. francis lee   •  

    it has to be the The Valentines Sweet Jar

  95. Angie Hoggett   •  

    I love the teddy bear

  96. Lucy Carter   •  

    I love this:

  97. Ruth Dunkin   •  

    Heart Teddy is v cute!

  98. Ali Roberts   •  

    The slate heart decoration is gorgeous!

  99.   •  

    The Valentines sweet jar

  100. Victoria   •  

    Gotta be the Valentines Sweet Jar! I want to win it!!! :D

  101.   •  

    A bunch of flowers delivered to wear i work,a lovely surprise.

  102. Zoe Coen   •  

    Two Hearts Keyring

  103. lynsey kirkwood   •  

    just think this is so cute

  104. J.Gallant   •  

    Two Hearts Keyring

  105. Christina Jarrett   •  

    Aw! It would have to be the teddy bear! :) I love soft toys!! :D xx

  106. ROS Thompson   •  

    Valentines Romper Suit

  107. Pam Gregory   •  

    I Love Mummy Balloon Bouquet

  108. Lisa Wilkinson   •  

    I really like this Valentines Romper Suit:

  109. Gemma Clark   •  

    this is my fave :)

  110. natalee gosiewski   •  

    I love 2 thimgs find it hard to have a fav as they r all so great but my 2 fav are sweet jar and 2 hearts keyring

  111. Sam Hardy   •  

    My favourite item is the Fairy ‘My First Curl’ Trinket Box –

  112. Charlotte Hood   •  

    The teddy is so cute!

  113. Matt Baker   •  

    The wooden Stegosaurus is great!

  114.   •  

    I love the teddy

  115. LORAINE DAY   •  

    Personalised Diamante Heart Keyring

  116. Sue McCarthy   •  

    Love Birds Card

  117. Liz   •  

    Loving the sweet jar… Yummy!

  118. ClairejB   •  

    This slate heart decoration:

  119.   •  

    Wicker Heart –
    It’s beautiful,

  120. amanda durley   •  

    YAY sweets

  121. kiran parry   •  

    The sweet jar

  122. Rachel Blackburn   •  

    the heart stitch apron is very cute –

  123. Michelle Inwood   •  

    Diamante heart key-ring

  124. Sam R   •  

    i love the 2 hearts keyring

  125. miriam krutska   •  

    i love this

  126. Helen Aiken   •  

    I really love the look of the Wicker Heart.

  127. liss cope   •  

    what a lovely giveaway hun! thank you <3

  128. Janey   •  

    I like the tall latte mug:

  129. victoria thurgood   •  

    Valentines Rompersuit

  130. katie thomas   •  

    I love the script engraved slate x

  131. Stacey Guilliatt   •  

    Love this

  132. Micky Ricketts   •  

    I just love this bracelet

  133. Phillip Ross   •  

    an amazing prize i love it

  134. Phillip Ross   •  

    love grows card is amazing Love Grows Card

  135. Danielle Graves   •  

    The valentines romper for my wee man Jacob

  136. Wendy Tolhurst   •  

    I love the “Love Machine” mug

  137. Emily Fraser   •  

    Love the Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug! :)

  138. Joanne Crosby   •  

    Heart Balloons Tall Latte Mug is my favourite

  139. Jackie Rushton   •  

    Glass jewellery box

  140. Emily Jane Ann Nelson   •  

    I Just adore the Engraved Slate heart! I love thing’s like this

  141. Lani Nash   •  

    I love this mug, its cute!!

  142. Danielle Woodman   •  

    I love this love machine mug, its great

  143. siobhan marie   •  

    the sweetie jar

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