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Troole – Keep on top of those Deals

troole logo So I’ve spoken about voucher code sites a lot of late and today I wanted to look at a slightly different type of money saving site:


Troole is different because instead of finding 100’s of voucher codes you find 100’s of deals, this site mainly relies on user posted submissions and to help get people in the spirit of sharing they run a monthly leader board which rewards the months top 3 contributors with some good old vouchers – take this month (March 2013) for example where the top 3 submitters will be walking away with between £50 and £100 worth of Amazon Vouchers.

What types of deals can be found?

At the moment Troole is a vault of over 10,000 deals and 250 vouchers, helping you save anything from a few pounds off that must see movie to a bargain price for that laptop you have been drooling over. If you’re not sure on exactly what you want and don’t fancy sifting through 100’s of pages the search feature allows you to look via wide topic areas such as looking up all deals on clothing, blu rays or electronics to a more specific search such as magic wand (yes there is a plethora of Harry Potter related wands listed) to Ice Age, Zombieland and socks.

What else can you do on Troole?

As well as listing the latest deals and vouchers, Troole has a merchants section where you can leave reviews, check out all the vouchers and deals from a specific retailer – again this area is completely searchable so if you want to look up what a certain store has to offer the power is just at your fingertips. Or perhaps your more of a talker? Then check in with all the chatter over at Troole’s discussion area.

So how did I find out about Troole?

You know I don’t actually remember now how I came across the site – I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago but I know for a fact I have used it in the not too distant past. The reason I like it is because they do value their contributors and while I’m not one for managing to find deals to start with I am thankful for those who are – so it’s nice to see them being rewarded.

I think over time it would be nice to see the discussion area a bit more active perhaps a way to disable expired deals from showing up or deals over a certain age might be nice, but otherwise for me at least it consists of a neatly laid out dash board.

Have you used Troole, if not does it sound like something that might be helpful for you?


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