Thick Eggs this Easter from Hotel Chocolat

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As is well known by my followers I LOVE Hotel Chocolat, so when I was asked to try on of there egg’s I jumped (and almost hit my head on the ceiling) at the chance. After a long family conflab we decided we had to give the You Crack Me Up a try. 
The story behind Hotel Chocolat’s Easter eggs is that when they opened they were advised to make their eggs look as big as possible while using the least chocolate possible, so they decided to throw the ‘rule book’ out the window and came up with a thick egg, and nestled inside an extra surprise of more chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg
This gorgeous egg is cast in 40% milk chocolate and filled with 12 cheery chocolates including smiling face pralines, chicks and bunnies.
Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

The Thick Easter Egg is in most parts around twice as thick as a normal egg while the edges as you can see from the picture above it is really extra thick. 

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg
There is two of each small chocolate included and each one is listed on the menu included in the box. So you don’t have to play chocolate Russian roulette with each bite.
Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat’s Thick Easter Egg range is available in 5 different types meaning there is something to tempt everyone all comes with small chocolates inside the two sides of the egg. There is something about chocolate from Hotel Chocolat that just makes it that naughty treat you have to have.
This egg was shared between the four of us (me, Ash and the parent creatures), and each one of us found it gorgeously smooth and creamy and melt in your mouth chocolate experience that can only be delivered in such a way by Hotel Chocolat. 
These eggs retail at £26 each. But as is normal with Hotel Chocolat there range this Easter contains something for ever pocket with prices starting at £5 and going on up to £70.
Are you a Hotel Chocolat fan? What Egg are you hoping the Easter bunny leaves you this year?
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  1. Maya Russell

    Definitely the nicest Easter egg! A bit pricy but looks so nice.

  2. Alice Beaumont

    I absolutely adore Hotel Chocolat just hoping the easter bunny remembers – you’re never too old for chocolate for breakfast

  3. Ashleigh

    this looks amazing!

  4. Laura Carroll

    This looks incredible, I would just die of happiness if I got one of these! You are very impressive to have shared it between 4 though, I think I’d have kept most of it for myself! Would have allowed husband a bite 🙂

  5. Sarah Bailey

    I’m more lucky to get some in this place LOL. I have to snaffle a bit away for myself. xx

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