These Shoes Were Made For ME! TUK Kitty

So I have a secret I like things that are different in my teens I was the one with the huge jeans that looked like they were inside out and hadn’t been finished properly and had loads of loose threads, bright red hair, lots of chains (I’m sure you get the picture) and just every now and then it pops back up and yells cooooiieeeee I’m here (a bit like my mother when she REALLY wants to embarrass you from the other side of the busy high street). Now that story might have nothing to do with this post but at least you now know for future reference.. But then maybe it does I guess it all depends on what image you have of me in your head and if you would have ever seen me in these shoes. 
These are my gorgeous new(ish) T.U.K. Kitty shoes (£63 at Spartoo) I brought these last month, and they are so comfy the back has extra padding for support, plus the thick strap and sole all help with comfort. This design is well known as being T.U.K.’s original Kitty Mary Jane now joined by other fantastic designs (I have already picked out my next pair). And as much as high heels look great you can’t beat a comfy pair of flat shoes and they have both the look and the comfort.
Shoe Stats:
Upper: Leather
Lining: Synthetic
Insole: Synthetic
Sole: Rubber
Heel Height: 3cm
My feet differ between a 6 and 7 and in these a 7 was just right, even with my wider than normal feet. 
Just a side note on the company it’s self I have used Spartoo a few times, and have always found them to be good, free delivery is available via Yodel with a 6 day delivery period quicker options are available via UPS at an extra charge. I’ve not had any problems with them but have conversed with their customer services about a matter before I brought these shoes (I had a technology fail nothing that was their fault) and found them to be so nice and very helpful even if I must have sounded just a wee bit silly. Returns are available within a 30 day period with spartoo paying postage.
What do you think of my new Kitty shoes? Would you wear them? 
*Sponsored Post BUT I brought the shoes pre-sponsorship with my own money, the views reflect my interactions with the as a normal paying customer and it is with that knowledge of having used this company before that made me want to collaborate with them.

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  1. Ashleigh

    they look lovely and comfy!

  2. Alice Beaumont

    They’re adorable! x

  3. robertfox24

    I think they look great!

  4. Maya Russell

    I think my daughter would like to wear them, a little ‘young’ for me!

  5. Natalie Holland

    awesome sarah – I was exactly the same as you…the big jeans, chains AND bright red hair…or pink… :).  I also have a goth phase.  Actually, I still dye my hair bright red often and don’t feel right without black eye liner…so, I haven’t really grown out of it and am 30 next month :). xx

  6. Sarah Bailey

    You never really need to grow up anyway ;). I don’t think I could ever let it completely go these days, I guess I just don’t fit into a stereotype I am just me. You stay red girl!! <3

  7. Sarah Bailey

    Aww your never too old!! Your as young as you feel. x

  8. paula

    Love them look so cute and comfy too !!

  9. Laura Carroll

    So much better than heels lol! Who wants sore feet all day? and these are super cute 🙂

  10. Amanda letch

    I love them 🙂 I am fifty one and i would wear them . When you get to my age you don’t care what people think lol !

  11. Sarah Bailey

    They really are 🙂 X

  12. Debs jeav

    They do look comfy

  13. Patricia Edwards

    These look comfy and great for walking

  14. Sarah Bailey

    So true! Give me those over high heel pain any day! x

  15. Sarah Bailey

    That’s the best way to think! Who cares what anyone else thinks you be who you want to – makes you much happier:) xx

  16. Samantha_ripley

    omg i lurrrrve these :>

  17. Maya Russell

    Looks like a pair of eyes on each shoe! But they are nice.

  18. Sarah Bailey

    There is a pair of eyes on each one as it’s cat faces 🙂 

  19. Jaycee Daniel

    I love them! It’s not a company I’ve heard of I have to admit, but those shoes look ideal for me, I spend hours on my feet walking miles & comfy shoes are a must!! I’m just off to look at their websitew & hopefully they have something similar in all black – I know boring as hell but its part of the uniform, just glad they don’t supply them as I be they would be feet killers!
    But I’ve learned by my mistakes about heels, even kitten ones, do me know faviurs after a 12 hour shift. Gone are the days when I can run around in six in heels all day, I barely last an hour in them now LOL

  20. Sarah Bailey

    Eeekkk hope you found something suitable! Theres some lovely bear ones as well as the cat ones, I really want to get the spotty, green ones with the bow at some point <3.

    I’ve never been able to manage to high heels though I used to wear the platform type ones when I was at school. Longggg ago. xx

  21. Debs jeav

    cool shoes

  22. Piperanddaisy

    Ah, we know we are getting old when we start using the ‘c’ word in relation to shoes 🙂 I remember a time when I would have gone out for a night in skinny stilettoes or huge clumpy platforms. Now though the main requirement in new shoes is definitely comfort.
    These do look very nice but as I’m veggie they wouldn;t do for me because they’re leather. 

  23. Sarah Bailey

    It’s scary isn’t it – I walk around in trainers most of the time as they are the big C. 

    I have to admit I think that would be the one thing I would find hard about being a veggie is not buying leather shoes – I am totally guilty of forgetting about it when comes to shoes. xx

  24. Hazel Christopher

    I love TUK shoes, I have a gorgeous pair of boots by them with small skulls and bows on – these look sooo comfy! x

  25. Sarah Bailey

    Ohh would love to see a photo if you have one? They sound fab!! (shoeaholic here 😉 ) xx

  26. Jane Mse English

    Wow love them! Shame I have to wear plain black for work!

  27. Sarah Bailey

    They are mainly black does that count? lol x

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