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The New Face of Business Security: Modern Video-Enhanced Intelligence Platforms

The world of video surveillance has changed over the last 10 years with the rapid growth in technology.  There now exist opportunities for businesses to greatly improve profitability through security and analytics.  There is more information available through comprehensive video-enhanced surveillance systems than was ever thought possible. Going far beyond just loss prevention, modern video-enhanced intelligence platforms can provide in-depth analysis on marketing success, operational procedures, staffing and merchandizing strategies all under one umbrella, while at the same time deterring theft and inventory shrinkage.

Today’s technology gives businesses the advantage of aggregating data for meaningful analysis, thereby directly affecting their bottom line. Thanks in large part to intelligent surveillance methods that can provide proper insight on marketing and purchase trends, eliminate cash register loss, and supply accurate data on visitors, businesses can be scaled to meet the needs of their clientele and maximize their efforts strategically, be it a small local business, or a large global network.


The tangible benefits involved with the use of modern video-enhanced intelligence include reduced operation costs, reduced inventory shrink, increased employee accountability, and enhanced loss prevention techniques. Utilizing a video-enhanced intelligence platform, a business has:

  • Scalability with integration
  • Remote viewing of surveillance
  • Cash register fraud prevention
  • Real time conversion rate tracking
  • Accurate data from 3D surveillance cameras
  • Ability to integrate existing surveillance systems

Access to all aspects of security, down to point of service (POS) at the transactional level truly helps businesses reduce loss and better focus strategic effort on growing revenue.

Retail Shines

While video-enhanced intelligence platforms can help many types of businesses, it is particularly valuable within the retail sector, helping business owners control problem areas and implement policies that allow a business to grow.

Take the top 6 most common problem areas in a retail environment include:

  • Cash register fraud
  • Back door theft
  • Storage and layaway areas
  • Vending and break areas
  • Self Service departments

Each item on the list can benefit from video enhanced intelligence either through accountability, as is the case with employee driven theft, or through deterrence in the case of most consumer driven theft.  Yet, deterring theft is only one variable in a larger equation.

POS data can provide a wealth of information on merchandising trends, marketing, fraud prevention, and conversion statistics in real time. To have everything aggregated into one portal is one of the most invaluable assets available to a retailer.  Add to that backdoor and layaway area surveillance and you gain control over more of your variables and begin to deter fraud and theft while building strategic marketing efforts and staffing according to data driven trends.  Substantial gains can be realized from having reliable surveillance placed in critical areas, and having one point of access to monitor and aggregate all of the data.

As part of a comprehensive system, video-enhanced intelligence is an invaluable addition to any enterprise. The information that is gathered and aggregated provides critical insights into real-time trends, while at the same time serving as hefty deterrent to employee and consumer theft. Equipped with this data, a business can grow substantially by providing in-depth analysis with which to form accurate policies and strategies that impact the bottom line.

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  1. Helen Moulden

    The amount of times my parents had stuff stolen from their shop, I’m so glad there have been such great developments in surveillance. the only problem is getting the police to actually arrest the people now (when my parents caught someone stealing magazines and got the police in, despite having CCTV evidence the police stated it wasn’t worth prosecuting).

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