Silent Sunday

Sunday Round Up

New Shoes! 

Sally German Shepard cross Collie in light snow fall

Before the snow really came down.

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  1. Sarahmumof3

    lovely new shoes, hope you enjoy the snow but keep warm 🙂 x

  2. Sarah Bailey

    They are so comfy – only £9.99 in a closing down sale! Now just need to be able to walk well enough to wear them haha. You too! It’s freezing out there xx

  3. Alana_Haukka

    Ooh, really fab shoes sweetie, hope you get to wear them sooon!:-) And a nice pic of Sally wandering in the snow! We have no snow at all, it has only rained here and it’s quite mild today though definitely cold, been wearing 1 or 2 dressing gowns most of the time on top of day clothes lol. Hope you all are warm there! xox 

  4. Maya Russell

    They look like warm shoes. Lovely dog too.

  5. Laura Carroll

    Those shoes are stunning! I love the fur, and wedges, and even the little bits that the laces go through (does that make sense?) Anyway, they’re lovely 🙂

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