1. Sarahmumof3   •  

    lovely new shoes, hope you enjoy the snow but keep warm :) x

  2. Sarah Bailey   •  

    They are so comfy – only £9.99 in a closing down sale! Now just need to be able to walk well enough to wear them haha. You too! It’s freezing out there xx

  3. Alana_Haukka   •  

    Ooh, really fab shoes sweetie, hope you get to wear them sooon!:-) And a nice pic of Sally wandering in the snow! We have no snow at all, it has only rained here and it’s quite mild today though definitely cold, been wearing 1 or 2 dressing gowns most of the time on top of day clothes lol. Hope you all are warm there! xox 

  4. Maya Russell   •  

    They look like warm shoes. Lovely dog too.

  5. Laura Carroll   •  

    Those shoes are stunning! I love the fur, and wedges, and even the little bits that the laces go through (does that make sense?) Anyway, they’re lovely :)

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