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Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!

From all the store cards piled in my wallet the one I use the most is my Clubcard from the weekly shop to filling up my car, buying the latest download or stocking up on the latest trend, I can claim back some points and as soon as I have 150 points my next quarterly statement comes through with a voucher for £1.50 (or more depending how many I have saved up).

I have to admit in the spending my points of late I have been quite boring just putting them towards my weekly shop, because let’s face it at the moment time’s a hard and that extra bit can really help.

But did you know how many other things you can spend your points on even gaining up to 4x the face value when you exchange them for Clubcard Deals and there is over 600 of them to choose from!

So how does it work? Well first of all you need a clubcard which you can get either by visiting your local store, or applying online (it’s free to join). Then you start collecting points, online, in store or at the petrol pump all will get you points! Easy-Peasy right?

Then all you have to do is decide how to use it.

In store or online

Just hand the voucher over or type in the online code printed handily on your vouchers, some areas of the store offer the chance to double the price on your voucher if you spend it that area alone, these are often short term offers and you need a certain amount to be able to take it up – I have been known to take this up when it’s been available on clothing and each £5 turned into £10.

Clubcard Deals .

From anything from a romantic dinner, to a fun filled day at your favourite theme park, theater shows to magazines, holidays and plants, the deals area gives you the chance to exchange your points for something just a little bit special, and it’s so simple to do. Just log onto the clubcard deals area of Tesco’s website then you can either browse leisurely through the site looking for what might interest you or type into the search bar if you know exactly what you are after. Have a go now if you want? Type in Thorpe Park – after all who doesn’t like a day out at a theme park? Can you believe what you see? For every £10 of clubcard vouchers you have you can get one ticket to Thorpe Park! And what’s more they are valid for 6 months meaning you don’t have to pick an exact day you want to go and then find out it’s tipping it down with rain.

What would be your treat from clubcard if you could have anything your heart desires?

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  1. Maya Russell

    I have bought magazine subscriptions and days out to theme parks in the past. Clubcard vouchers are great value for money.

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