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Sometimes I wish I could just take off and travel around the world, visit all those places I would love to see such as Egypt and Australia, pop on back to America and go to Disney (hey you know me – big kid). Sadly it’s not something I could do – I can’t see many places being happy with me entering their country with the amount of medication I would need to take. But for some people it’s that dream that can come true and does.
But even without the worries of medication it’s something that always needs a lot of planning from your flights, to where you will stay, what you do, what sites to see, what you need to take and of course how you manage your money, luckily things have been made easier with the likes of international money transfers so even if all that planning does go amiss and you do fall short you can always send an SOS home.
All you need to do to look into such accounts is pop to or visit sites such as LloydsTSB International where you can find all the help and advice you will need on planning your travels money wise. 
If I won the lottery I would just take off and go where I want; actually it would be one of the first things I would do, grab my passport book a flight and take off around the world mainly as it would give me time to think and let it all sink in, but also because well who wouldn’t do it if they had the chance?
I think my first port of call would be America – visit Disney have some fun – let out the excitement and just enjoy my surroundings then pop over to Clear Water to relax before jetting off to Australia and taking sometime exploring and think. After that I’m not sure where I would go maybe Egypt – I mean while I was off out and about I might as well do it all right and just put off coming back to England and reality.
Are you planning to take off around the globe any time soon, or have you? 
I would love to hear of your experiences. 
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