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So there’s a new box in town and it’s living under the name of She Said Beauty, and it’s started arriving on people’s doorsteps. I have to admit I like this box to seems to me to say I could keep this up I’m not giving you an over the top first box. This is who I am and this is what you can expect from me. I hope I’m not wrong on this.
SSB costs £9 per month (+£2.95 P&P – Royal Mail Tracked). There brief is that they offer 5 luxury beauty miniatures every month, for you to try in the freedom of your own home.
So what was in the first box.
She Said Beauty Box
Orly – Manicure Miniatures – RRP £5. In Black Out (full size 5.3ml) 

Black Out is a Creme, and is one of 48 colours in the mani miniatures range, and great size to pop in your purse, take on your travels or to test that new colour to make sure it’s just right for you. Black Out gives a gorgeous glossy finish, and takes me straight back to my teens when I lived in a black polish. 
Orly Nail Varnish in Black Out
Comfort Zone – Good Night Kit. RRP £52.95 50ml (Sample Size cream 6m and complex 4ml) 
I can’t seem to find much on this, the [Comfort Zone] website has a bit on the cream but the complex seems to be a mystery. The cream is listed as a soft rich night cream, complete with antioxidants, it contains igredents such as Goji berry oil.
We Are Faux – Eyelashes in Unveiled. RRP £9
This is the one thing I probably wont use, mainly as I don’t wear contacts and my eyelashes already hit my glasses once I have mascara on. (A fact proven by an old pair I had a coating on which over time got blinked away.) So I have to admit I am not a good person to be saying much on false lashes. They are meant to have been made from high quality fibers though and do look very pretty.
Collection 2000 – Cream Puff  in Angel Delight 4. RRP £2.99 5ml (Full Size) 
Cream Puff comes in four different colours, I believe all four may have been distributed between the boxes, I’m not 100% sure Angel Delight is actually a colour I would use but that’s part of the fun of these boxes getting to try different colours. I can see people maybe getting upset that Collection 2000 has been included it is after all not a luxury item. But me myself I’m not bothered. Cream Puff are a range of matt finish lip glosses, that are enriched with moisture and vitamin rich ingredients
ollection 2000 - Cream Puff  in Angel Delight
Aveda – Smooth Infusion Trio. 
Shampoo. RRP £15.50 250ml (Sample 10ml)
Conditioner. RRP £17.50 200ml (Sample 10ml)
Style-Prep Smoother £18.50 100ml (Sample 10ml)
The range is made to help your hair feel smoother and soften by up to 60% when used daily – now I doubt very much these tiny samples will bring anything like that effect but it will be interesting to see if I notice any difference with my fly away hair after use. 
They say that sometimes they will include a little bonus and of course with this being the first box there was one. 
Jing – Flowering Dragon Eye Tea. RRP £9.00 14 cups – (Sample 1 bulb / 2 cups)
Jing Tea
I have to admit more than wanting to drink it I wanted to see how it flowered. It is said to be a green tea but after tasting it I have to say I thought it tasted like a cross between green tea and chamomile. To describe this tea it is wrapped around a pot marigold, which when defused realises an arch of pure jasmine blooms and a globe amaranth flower, it is honestly amazing to watch. 
Sadly I couldn’t get a great photo but this is the best I could do.
Jing Tea
Hopefully that show’s it off somewhat it is very pretty.
And that is what is in the first She Said Beauty Box
She Said Beauty
What do you think? Would it have got your heart racing? 
Not subscribed and want to? 
Then head to their site now – they have sold out of this box but you will be making sure the April one is heading for your front door mat.
If your feeling lovely could you use my link please I get points towards a free box if you sign up via it:

If you would rather not use my link and that’s ok I’ll still love you just head to:

This article has 13 comments

  1. Milly

    That actually looks really good – with the trio, the products in the comfort kit, and the ORLY nail file (it looks like a nail file!), it seems like you’re actually getting 10 items rather than 5! x

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Yes it is a nail file I completely forgot to mention it in the post >.< silly me! I have to admit I'm impressed by it, I don't think they have gone OTT for a first box and it's on a level that can be continually keep going, well at least I hope that it will be 🙂 x 

  3. Maya Russell

    I think you get an awful lot for your money BUT times are hard and lots of people can’t afford £9 a month (+ pp) on make-up/beauty and pampering. But the stuff is lovely.

  4. Country clothes

    Wow! That is a treasure box for women. Love it! Anyway the flower tea is really cool.

  5. Sarah Bailey

    It is isn’t it, I could just sit and imagine being rich and being able to drink tea that looks like that 24/7 though I do wonder if I might get dehydrated as I would just want to look at it.

  6. Sarah Bailey

    That is so true – I have to admit they are my treat every month, but always have to think ahead bills come first.

  7. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    Sounds like a fab way to sample new products without paying over the odds for them. Loving the idea : ) I do think the p&p is a bit steep but it seems this is the “norm” now! 

  8. Lemon fancy

    I have actually been debating on joining up for the last few weeks but I just don’t know, I like this review and I like the fact you admit you won’t be wearing the falsies. Playing lip service does nobody any favours. I probably will end up joining just to see what I get! £9 per month – £2.25 a week is not bad, you’d be hard pushed to find very many items for that money! 

  9. Ruth Tesdale

    Looks like a good range of products. Worth a look I’d say

  10. Sarah Bailey

    Let me know if you do sign up – would love to know what you think? 

    The way I see it is why pretend to be doing something it doesn’t do anyone any favours in the long run. They have found a new home with a friend who does wear them though she they haven’t been completely neglected xx

  11. Alice Beaumont

    I’ve been contemplating signing up to a beauty box for a while but I just can’t decide which She said beauty looks really great quality!

  12. Sarah Bailey

    So hard to choose! I’m trying to think the best way around choosing maybe make a list of what’s been included in each box for a few months and tick what you would win? Company with most ticks wins LOL. xx

  13. Ashleigh Allan

    looks like lots of really good products!

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