SEVENTEEN On the Spot – 4 Week Trial

Seventeen on the spot foundation in naturalI think we all know Seventeen (17) and have loved it at some point in our lives, I have to admit it’s not a brand I’ve used too much of over the past few years though I am partial to quite a few of their nail polishes, but when I was asked to trial this soon to hit the shelves foundation as someone who’s skin refuses to grow up I couldn’t say no to trying something aimed at keeping it clear of spots.

SEVENTEEN On the Spot is set to hit the shelves of Boots in a little under 2 weeks – it contains an SPF of 15 and is available in 6 different shades.

I have been trying out Natural which I have found to be a perfect match for me.
Seventeen on the spot foundation in natural

What makes SEVENTEEN On the Spot different?

This little tube is set to change the way we thinking about foundation and what it can do for us, as not only is it a foundation that offers full coverage for blemishes while containing an SPF it also is said to help fight against the formation of new spots by using a unique complex which contains salicylic acid it can in fact offer clearer skin in as little as 4 weeks.

I started using this on perhaps the worst week I could – moving week, so I was expecting spots all over the place as well, even the slightest stress can set my skin off, but I got the grand total of one noticeable spot, other smaller pimples may have been there but they were far from the big blighter’s I had been sure I would be plagued with. Even the largest of the bunch lasted only days rather than its normal visiting time of weeks.

Now while I cannot say it was definitely the foundation (it was the only different thing I was using though) I am definitely looking forward to finding out what the next 3 weeks will hold and will the foundation really make a marked difference to my normally uncooperative skin?

If you want to be in the know for when SEVENTEEN On the Spot is realised sign up now to emailed as soon as it’s on sale by clicking HERE.

What do you think of the idea behind SEVENTEEN On the Spot, are you making sure your first in-line to try?

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  1. Rachel

    Look forward to hearing how this goes xx

  2. Jacqueline Diaz

    That looks like a really good product, covers wonderfully.

  3. Samantha Fernley

    I’m just getting to the bottom of my foundation tube so I may try this once it’s on sale.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I would definitely recommend it – I’m not sure what price it will be but knowing Boots and 17 it wont be too much of pocket killer! xx

  4. kate s.

    i’m always looking for a good foundation that includes and spf and won’t clog my pores. this is next on my list of foundations to try!

  5. Tabitha Vos

    I am always looking for the perfect foundation. When I was younger I had perfect skin, didn’t have to worry about pimples and all that fun stuff. Now that i hit 40 I break out and HAVE to have a good foundation. I have never seen this brand around where I live, but I am going to look more into it now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ve always suffered with spots since I was 10 / 11 I always though I would get it over and done early yeahh… 16 / 17 years later and my skin is yet to catch up with that notion lol.

      It’s a Boots brand in my teens I would have told you it was the younger version of No 7 now I use both so I must be somewhere in the middle lol xx

  6. Kate R

    I never trust liquid foundations as they tend to look so unnatural on the face, like a mask! I use bare minerals powder foundation – best buy ever.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ll have to have a look at that one.

      I’m not normally one for liquid foundations but I love the fact this is helping my skin and if I’m worried I’ve found popping a finishing powder over it helps 🙂 xx

  7. Nicole A.

    Never heard of this brand before. Might have to check into it.

  8. Helen Moulden

    I HAVE to try this. I’m always looking for something that would make my skin better – have suffered from adult acne for years.

  9. Agata Pokutycka

    It looks interesting. I hope my local Boots will stock it

  10. Clare Webb

    Looks wonderful! My skin is terribly dry so am always on the look out for nice kind makeup that will actually do it’s job. Will definitely be trying this!

  11. Anne Wallwin

    i used to use 17 when i was a teenager! I’ve got vouchers for boots so might give it a try.

  12. Catherine @mummylion

    I’d love to see if it really worked, and on older skin (ie mine). Does it last all day? Would it cover rosacea? Can you go swimming and it stay on?

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It definitely lasts all day, it doesn’t completely cover my rosacea on a bad day but on normal / medium days it does the trick, I wouldn’t trust it swimming but then I wouldn’t trust any foundation swimming so I might not be the best one to answer that question. I’m going to try and get some before / after pictures up in later posts and always with and without pictures 🙂 xxx

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