Robert Welch Helix Hurricane Lamp

Robert Welch Helix Hurricane Lamp: Review

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a hurricane lamp, however I have never had a place to put one, which allowed me to really show off its beauty. That was until we moved as in the new place we have a mantel piece and OK looking electric fire, which I realised would be off set nicely by a hurricane lamp.

So when Robert Welch got in touch and asked if I would like to review something from their website, it wasn’t much of a surprise when I fell head over heels for the superb looking; Helix Hurricane Lamp.

Robert Welch Helix Hurricane Lamp

This beautiful hurricane lamp is inspired by the helical forms found in nature and is made from 18/10 stainless steel, walnut and thermal-resistant borosilicate glass.

The mix of materials has been carefully selected to go together, with the steel arms surrounding the glass case, which is placed on top of a stainless-steel dish which mirrors anything placed on top of it. The lamp is then sat upon the walnut base.

The stainless-steel has been polished to perfection and offers up the impression of an always moving surface as it bounces the light from a lit candle within.

Robert Welch Helix Hurricane Lamp: Review

The Helix Hurricane Lamp is definitely an item of beauty, with its sweeping arms and contrasting materials it is an item that is bound to grab attention when it is spotted sat in a room.

I personally think this hurricane lamp has gone beyond any exceptions I had of what my perfect one would be like. The look is so simple in design, but so striking in reality that it could really be placed anywhere in the home and still look as though it belongs.

Perhaps most surprising of all, is the fact that the Robert Welch Helix Hurricane Lamp comes in at just £40, an absolute bargain in my eyes.

What do you think of the Helix Hurricane Lamp, could you see it shining brightly in your home?

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  1. Rhian Westbury

    Such a pretty hurricane lamp, I love the wood affect at the bottom x

  2. candy

    Hurricane lamps are a favorite of mine because you can decorate and do so much with them. Yours is especially attractive with the base and sweeping arms.

  3. Claire

    Very pretty! I love how versatile and pretty my hurricane lamps are.

  4. Chrissy

    These are so gorgeous! I’d love to get some of these, I may have to now.

  5. Paula Schuck

    That is so pretty! I think this would make a great addition to my decor. I love that modern look.

  6. Chris Lewis

    Very cool! I think this would be a great addition for a centerpiece. I know we are always looking for ways to change up how our living space looks and this could help!

  7. Rachel

    I love this it is so unique and such a brilliant and useful item to have x

  8. Pam Wattenbarger

    I really like hurricane lamps. They are so chic! This one is gorgeous, and I like the use of contrasting materials.

  9. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Love these beauties
    Perfect for style in my home and a focal point

  10. Baby Isabella

    £40 is great value for money! We love the modern twist on this Hurricane lamp. It looks so modern and funky 🙂

  11. lisa

    These are sharp looking lamps! I love the design and what a great price too!

  12. Danita

    I do really like that lamp. This would make a great gift idea. It seems like it would go with just about any style.

  13. Sue Reddel

    What a unique take on the hurricane lamp. The updated design is really very attractive. I can imagine it in several places in my home.

  14. Myrah @ Coupon Mamacita

    That is absolutely beautiful! I need to order a couple of these for my house for next year. I think it would make a great touch to my Christmas decor.

  15. mommyblogexpert

    What a beautiful hurricane lamp. That would be so pretty on a holiday table or as a centerpiece during the holidays.

  16. Marcie W.

    What an eye catching piece! It really gives an awesome planet or space vibe, which I love.

  17. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is such a great gift idea for my Sister. I love the design of this lamp.

  18. gingermommyrants

    I have the perfect spot to put this hurricane lamp. I will have to add it to my wish list.

  19. Lilinha

    I love the cool design of the Helix Hurricane lamp, definitely need one at home! 🙂

  20. Planet Jodie

    Not a big fan of candles, but love the design of the candle x

  21. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I remember a woman I knew years back that collected hurricane lamps. That is a lovely piece.

  22. Jennifer H

    What a unique piece. It looks like a wonderful gift too!

  23. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    This is really cute! What a stylish piece that will surely complement any room!

  24. Sarah

    Hurricane lamps are so pretty! I have several in my home that I use to decorate with.

  25. Jimmy and Tina

    The Helix Hurricane Lamp is gorgeous and can see why you would love them so much. I wish I had room for one myself and at £40 that is not a bad price at all! Nice find.

  26. Hali @daytodayMOMents

    Very pretty and unique design. It looks like a perfect lamp that doubles as great decor even not in use.

  27. Jazmin Williams

    Never heard of a Hurricane Lamp before – this looks so gorgeous.

  28. Cherie

    This is one lamp I wouldn’t mind finding under my Christmas tree, it looks lovely xx

  29. melissa major

    What an amazing lamp it looks very stylish and would suit any room! I am actually tempted to get one myself

  30. Vera Sweeney

    What a great looking lamp!! This would be a great way to change up the decor of a room really easily!

  31. Whatlauraloves

    Hurricanes are so beautiful, especially when lit up with a candle or fairylights inside. I love the mix of the chrome with the wood here

  32. Rebecca Swenor

    Robert Welch Helix Hurricane Lamp is really gorgeous. It could be placed anywhere and be noticed right away for sure. This is something I am going to have to get. Thanks for sharing a great review.

  33. Melanie Edjourian

    That looks very pretty, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I think that would look great at mine!

  34. stephanie

    What a gorgeous hurricane. I have a few different ones in my home so this would fit in perfectly x

  35. denajayne

    I’ve never seen or heard of these before but they look lovely! xo

  36. ashley

    I love the design of this! So pretty. Pretty much perfect for every room in our house, too!

  37. Angela Ricardo

    Such a good lamp and it looks very useful, i would love to have this. Glad you share this with us

  38. Annie B

    What a interesting design. Not actually to my taste or my my decor, but I know a friend who would love this.

  39. krystal

    It is a beautiful statement piece that we would LOVE! I am trying to have more of a minimalist decor and this would fit right in.

  40. Tanya Brannan

    What an unusual design! It really is striking looking. I can’t believe the price either, such a bargain!

  41. Sam Jeffery

    Oh I really really like this! I haven’t ever seen a lamp designed like it before!

  42. Milli Grace

    This is so pretty – unfortunately I dont have my own property so tend to avoid buying homeware where possible, but I’m still obsessed with it all!

  43. Anosa

    It’s totally gorgeous and would make any fire place or mantle and the price is not too bad

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