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English Rose Cosmetics Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed Eye Cream Cocoa Ration Body Butter

Just before Christmas I came across English Rose Cosmetics, it was launched in early 2012 and has an every growing range aimed at bringing the ‘English Rose’ of the 1940’s into the modern day, all products are made without those nasties like Petrolatum and Paraffinium Liquidum.
I was sent two of the range to try out.

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed Eye Cream – £14
“Dark circles, bags and puffy eyes are reduced by Cytobiol™ Lumin Eye whilst eye area is strengthened to prevent bags developing. Wrinkles are plumped out by Hyaluronic Acid’s impressive water binding properties. The cream is light, yet substantive and skins into delicate eye area with minimal effort.”
It’s only in the past year or so I’ve started using eye cream, and while I don’t have any wrinkles yet (touch wood) I do suffer with bags and puffy eyes so I was keeping my fingers crossed this would really help out. It’s a light cream that is easily absorbed into the skin; it has a light scent and seems to have a cooling effect on the area. I’ve definitely noticed a difference when it comes to puffy eyes as well, when I look in the mirror the skin around my eyes seems more ‘awake’. For me this is great all round cream.

Cocoa Ration Body Butter – £10
“Skin is intensely moisturised by penetrating and calming Cocoa, Shea & Avocadol , leaving a velvety after feel with natural vanilla fragrance. Highly recommended for sensitive, irritated skin that needs calming. Best applied along the body in small dots and blended by hand to melt this rich butter into the skin.”

This is a really rich cream, in which a little goes a long way again it had a light scent and I found if I left it in my hands for a few moments it would melt slightly making application a bit easier or if you don’t have the time to sit around spotting the cream around the area you wish to apply it and then rubbing it in. The cream is extra moisturising and in the end I decided to use it only for those extra dry areas as it really gave the moisture boost needed, and it felt like a bit of a waste to be using it all over.

Overall I’m really impressed with both of these creams, and I think for anyone who loves the vintage look, has a love for products made by small companies in the UK they really are a must try.

What do you think of English Rose Cosmetics, have you ever tried them, and if not would you like to?

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  1. nanami

    aww am tempted really wanna try where can i get a hold of it

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      If you click through the links in the post it will take you to their website 🙂 I don’t believe that at this time you can get them anywhere else – bar at shows 🙂 xx

  2. nami

    oops i typed the wrong name

  3. Dee

    I must admit, im not a lover of rose body lotions. Always reminds me of my Gran for some reason. Maybe its just the smell.

  4. Dee

    Ah, wait a min… is it rose the name or rose the smell?

  5. Jane Stevents

    English Rose cosmetics items are highly qualified. From all item its lotion is the most popular item. It is effective for skin well being. They also have hair and beauty item.

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