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Quorn is well known as being a vegetarian alternative to meats, but it’s also a great healthy alternative. My Dad who struggles with his cholesterol now eats it a lot, and has found it to be a good help in his fight against the big C. My Mum who is the cook of their house always keep a pack of the mince in freezer ready too use.

So what makes Quorn so great for a healthy diet?
Low in fat and calories, while also being a great source of protein, fibre and essential amino acids.
I have to admit although my family eat Quorn and I know of it through them, prior to writing this post I myself hadn’t tried it so for the past few weeks I have been trying some of there range to see what I thought. The first thing the I realised was the range they do is so much bigger than I expected with everything from ready meals,  ingredients to help you cook from scratch and deli items. I had ups and downs while trying different things, some things I loved, and some I wasn’t so keen on. I have quite a problem with some meats and although I love the taste I cannot eat them without them repeating on me, so it was fantastic to find that Quorn sausages not only taste like a ‘normal’ sausage but I can eat them without having to deal with after effects.
From talking to my Mum I have found that the mince is a very useful cooking ingredient to have ready in the freezer. Not only can it be used straight from the freezer but it is also absorbs the spices, herbs and sauces it maybe being cooked with well.

I honestly couldn’t tell the difference a lot of the time, and Quorn didn’t seem to rest so heavily on my stomach after eating it. It’s definitely something I will eat again.

Have you every tried Quorn? If you haven’t why don’t you take up the challenge of substituting Quorn into your families favourite meal? You can even find recipe ideas on their website and you can even upload your finished meal onto their facebook wall to share with everyone.

I would love to know if you try or have tried Quorn what’s your favourite meal? And can you tell the difference?

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  1. Emma Loeskow

    I’m a veggie so I eat Quorn all the time! I was so excited when they finally came to Australia. My fave is the ‘mince’, you can make anything from tacos to spaghetti bolognese. It’s so yummy and like you said, it doesn’t make your stomach feel heavy 🙂

  2. Maya Russell

    I’m not keen on Quorn mince but I’ve put the ‘chicken’ style pieces in a bean stew and it tasted great.

  3. Maya Russell

    You can get frozen Quorn and fresh Quorn. Sometimes there are bargains on one or the other.

  4. Ashleigh

    i’ve never tried it before

  5. Sarah Bailey

    Totally know what you mean, I tried a couple of things I wasn’t so keen on while I was trying it all out. But mostly I loved it, had it since and will definatly be having it again. xx

  6. Sarah Bailey

    It’s such a nice feeling not to feel that feeling after eating, I’m not a veggie but it is something I don’t like about eating meat I have to admit. xx

  7. Sarah Bailey

    Definitely I think it was Tesco’s had 3 for a £5 on there frozen mince the other week and this week it’s on chicken. x

  8. Sarah Bailey

    It’s worth giving a try if you don’t like it then you don’t have to go there again. But I really was pleasantly surprised. x

  9. Tracy K Nixon

    I am not a veggie but love Quorn!!! Recently Morrisons have had a bag of frozen Quorn fillets for £1 and I have bought loads – they are so versatile and I do all sorts with them from just adding them to a sauce (curry, bbq, honey, chilli, etc) or have them with a salad!!! The kids love them too! I also like the minced Quorn and use it to make lasagne, chilli, spag bol and shepherds pie.  I have never tried the sausages though – so have popped them on my list!

  10. Sarah Bailey

    Let me know what you think!! x

  11. Laura Carroll

    I’ve started using this sometimes to help my husband’s diet as he has high blood pressure, so the decreased salt and sat fat in quorn is better for him than meat. I have to admit we can usually tell the difference though! I’ve used it in stir fries, cottage pies, lots of different things… the best thing is quorn chicken-style burgers. I really hate the sausages though lol! x

  12. Jane Mse English

    I tried the Quorn sausages on my lot a couple of weeks ago, have to admit they didn’t go down well at all.  Normally I’m lucky if there is a pattern left on the place, but when I gave them these they didn’t really like them. So won’t be trying them again!
    But I have used the mince in other dishes & thats been ok.

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