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Pet Insurance 2013

Sally This is a really important issue to me, I need to, for peace of mind know I am getting the right insurance for my pal Sal. Over the year’s I have had her I’ve had to claim on her insurance numerous┬átimes, from simple things like a sprained paw due to jumping to quickly out the patio door to more serious and therefore expensive issues such as having her knee re-grooved and all the tests we had to try and work out what was brining on her stomach problems.

But being someone with a limited budget, having pet insurance also means to me knowing that should the worst happen I can take her to the vets and have her checked out, operated on and looked after, without worrying about where that all important money will come from, yes I have to pay so much but when a bill could run into the hundreds or thousands it really is just a small amount to pay out in comparison.

Finding the right insurance though can be a hard task, you need to make sure it covers everything you want it to, some will only pay out for the first occurrence of a problem, or will only pay for the first year of treatment in long term conditions (no use should your per suddenly be effected by something such as diabetes), and even once you know what you want from the insurance there’s then looking around for the best price, checking how they really react when you do need to claim – it can honestly be quite a time consuming, brain boggling experience which is why it’s always worth checking something like a pet insurance comparison tool from a site like Choosi.

I thought I would introduce you to some of Sal’s puppy pals all of whom have had their own run ins with vets over their lives.

PoochPalsMeet Pepper, Henry and Pippin. Three beautiful dogs owned by some lovely friends.

Do you insure you pet, how do you go about finding the right one for you?

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  1. Kay

    Daisy came with 6 weeks insurance through Pet Plan when we got her. I then looked around all the comparison sites and by the time you take in all the little add-ons and what you actually get for the money you pay, staying with Pet Plan worked out for the best, so I have stayed with them.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Sal came with the same and have to say after a lot of looking around we stayed with them and have never had a problem with them went it comes to claiming, infact my vets will do it all for you and send it off. x

  2. Maya Russell

    Our South African mastiff cross rottweiler/ Alsatian was turned down by some insurers although the breed is not on the list as a dangerous one. We’re with E&L Insurance which is ok.

  3. Kelly

    This sounds like a great idea!

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