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I think over time I have pretty much admitted that I love having Sally personalised items, I remember for my 22nd birthday my parents asked me what I wanted, they wanted it to be something special as my 21st had gone a little awry. In my searches I came across a very talented artist and decided I needed to have Sally’s portrait done and that still hangs on my wall as a much loved piece today.

There’s a couple of things I still want to get over the years so come but I can finally say that list is one item down, as I was lately lucky enough to receive a gift pack for Hand on Heart Jewellery to turn Sally’s paw print into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

While they offer a number of different options, as to what you can have your paw print placed on, I was given the paw print charm bead which is just perfect for putting onto my Pandora bracelet.

Each of the jewellery pieces comes with a free inkless print kit, with which all you need to do is rub the paw with the included wipe and then press it down on to the special paper.

Now let me tell you it is hard to get a wiggly squiggly dog to get hold still while you try and get a good print; in fact our attempt looked like this.

Sally paw prints

Could you believe that they managed to turn one of those, into the clean print you see in the top picture? I can definitely say they managed to work a bit of magic there, I really didn’t think they would manage to clean it up.

So if like me you were put off by the prospect of needing a clean print and you have a squirmy dog, try not to worry too much, as Hand on Heart Jewellery are great at cleaning up images (although I would totally suggest checking to see if your pooch has furry paws before you start, as trimming them if they do will help a lot).

But what does the finished product look like?

Hand on Heart Jewellery  - Paw Print Charm

Isn’t it gorgeous – it’s actually double sided as while the one side has her paw print on, the other has her name, the charm itself is made from sterling silver and it will fit onto most major charm bracelets including Pandora, Lovelinks and Chamilia.

I absolutely adore the fact I can wear Sal’s paw on a bracelet, that I often buy charms for on special occasion (and hey what’s more special than the lovely pooch Sal).

While I couldn’t pick it up on the camera there is so much detail to the paw print – you aren’t just looking at the shape alone, you can see the unique texturing of the paw, which I think just makes it extra life like. After all it’s like a finger print, the outline alone is nothing, it’s the shapes inside that distinguish it.

Hand on Heart Jewellery  - Paw Print Charm

What’s more Hand on Heart Jewellery keep all prints on file, so if you ever fancy reordering, or getting another item with your paw / hand or foot print on you don’t need to worry about trying to take another print.

One thing I didn’t realise you could get was your pets nose print, which Hand on Heart Jewellery can put on to a keyring – I definitely need one of those soon I think.

The paw print charm bead costs £75 and of course can be ordered from the Hand on Heart Jewellery website.

What do you think of this beautiful bead, is it something you would get of your pet?

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  1. Donna

    Love this! What a great idea

  2. Liz Burton

    What an adorable idea! My dog has very fluffy in-between-pads so I’d definitely have to do a bit of maintenance first I think!

  3. Lucy Zelazowski

    Aww so cute, I’m such a doggy lover. Their site is fabulous, I like the pieces you have been sent very girlie and trendy too. thank you

  4. Michelle

    This is really sweet. I’m getting something similar done with my boy’s finger print on 🙂

  5. Erica Price

    How lovely! Would be fab to have something like this with my cats’ pawprints on.

  6. lisa prince

    oh wow that is gorgeous love it

  7. Michelle

    Such a lovely idea, and a perfect way to have a little bit of your pet always with you x

  8. Ting

    I think that is the cutest thing! How funny about your attempts to get the paw print. Thinking about it, I’m not sure how my mum’s dog would feel about doing paw prints. I’d probably have to get someone to tempt her to walk across some paper for a treat or something!! x

  9. polly

    what a great idea!

  10. K @ EatLoveLive

    This is such a nice idea and the charm turned out really nice. So lovely that you can wear your puppies paw print always x

  11. The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

    Oh My Gosh! How cute is this. Perfect for dog lovers everywhere. No wonder you love it.

  12. Kim Hampton

    This is adorable! I wish I could have had one made before my old dog passed away. This would have been perfect to remember him.

  13. mama syder

    What a gorgeous idea! I love it x

  14. Ickle Pickle

    Aawww this is so cute! Mummy would love Bellas puppy paw on a charm! x

  15. Mummys little blog

    aww very cute if you love your pets, love it.

  16. Laura

    What a absolutely lovely idea! So cute!

  17. Laura

    What a special keepsake. This sounds like a wonderful idea.

  18. Ninjacat

    WHat a lovely idea I’d live to be given something like this

  19. Emma | TheMiniMesAndMe

    Pets really become part of the family so this is such a lovely idea xx

  20. Jaime Oliver

    aww thats fantastic i love the detail on this Sarah 🙂

  21. Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

    So lovely, a really sweet keepsake x

  22. Sarah Franks

    Gorgeous! Wish I had these!!

  23. Kara

    What a lovely idea – I have had the kids handprints done but never thought of doing pets

  24. Jen Walshaw

    What a lovely keepsake. I know this is something my MIL would love. She loves her dogs more than her grandkids!

  25. Globalmouse

    Oh that’s adorable!! What a lovely idea.

  26. Jess Howliston

    Aw this is so cute and would make a fantastic gift for any pet lover! x

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