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Unloved Clothes? Sell them with musicMagpie

Music Magpie LogoDuring the move we came across so many items that we just didn’t use anymore and it seems such a shame to just throw them away, Ash find it hard to take things to charity shops as he knows how much even they throw away these days, due to their rules and regulations having tightened up so he went through everything with a fine tooth-comb sending off only things he was positive they could resell. I have to admit I do miss the days of walking into a charity shop and not knowing what little gem you might find, these days it’s more like walking into every other shop on the high street which is really quite sad. Of course you could take to Ebay or a local car boot – but then you have to deal with the crazy buyers which are often found at both locations.

Thankfully there are other options out there; which don’t mean you giving things away, or hoping for a bright sunny morning down the local car boot.

Online sites such as musicMagpie offer you the chance to sell clothes, music, dvds, games or tech and electronics online from the comfort of your own home, offering you an instant price on your goods.

Getting started is easy all you need is the item you want to sell for dvds, music and games you just need to enter the original bar code to grab a price, for tech and gadgets make and model and for clothing brand and garment type, you must have a minimum of 10 items (up to 500 per transaction) to sell via musicMagpie but you can mix and match across types.

One you are ready to send musicMagpie will pick up from you for free on a date of your choosing their delivery service even includes full insurance on your goods leaving you with peace of mind. Once your items have arrived at musicMagpie HQ and been checked out it payment time and even getting paid is simple as they offer a number of ways for you to receive your readies including bank transfer, cheque or even donation to charity. What a seemingly simple and easy solution!

I think next time I need to sell some goods – I will definitely see what musicMagpie can offer me.

Have you used a service such as musicMagpie, what were your experiences?


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  1. Lynn Savage

    Ooooh I didn’t realise they take clothes aswell. I’ve got some good quality pieces I need to get rid off (they’re way too big now). Thanks, will take a look.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think you definitely need something of quality – but to be honest I just don’t trust ebay these days as a seller (or a buyer quite often) so something like this is a great alternative I think – good luck if you do sell 🙂 xx


    this sounds like a real good thing to do-thanks for sharing–happy memorial day…

  3. mands manc (@mandsmanc)

    I never realized musicmagpie dealt in clothes too, time for a wardrobe sort out soon I think, thanks for the info x

  4. Charlene @CharleneIgnites

    That is so interesting – I had no idea they sold clothes. I have SO many pieces to get rid of. Thanks!

  5. Jessica Blankenship

    We just moved as well and I have tons of stuff stacked in totes that need to go.. thank you

  6. Ashley

    With all the moving we do in the military why havent I thought of this?! Its such a great idea!

  7. Danielle @ We Have It All

    Very interesting, never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Clare Webb

    Unfortunately, we don’t wear any branded clothes that they’ll accept. We have a few local companies that will collect bags of clothes though and pay something like 70p per kilo. So we’ve sold clothes that way and it frees up space. But they are picky too – everything has to be clean (obviously) and no sheets or bed covers.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think we have something like that round here – they do about 70p a kilo as well keep meaning to bag some bits up and take them around (as again they aren’t branded) just New Look / Dotty P not warn much but not my type anymore tshirts lol x

  9. Hannah Coe

    I never realised music magpie took clothes as well! Shall have to look into this, got loads I need to get rid of! xx

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