Mother’s Day with La Jewellery and M&J London

La Jewellery and MJ LondonFeels like only the other day I was running a Valentines competition with the lovely La Jewellery but we are back and this time we have M&J London joining in the fun as well.

In fact these two companies have joined forces to celebrate Mother’s Day with a gorgeous gift set featuring a Mum Necklace and Candle.

Who is La Jewellery?

For those who missed my original post about La Jewellery (you can find it here) they are a British Jewellery company who specialise in hand making jewellery from recycled materials such as brass and silver. I’ve been really lucky to get to know the designer behind it all a bit better, and their ethos of sustainability, respecting the environment and being fair for all from staff to customers really does run deeply through the heart of the company.

What about M&J London?

This is a new company to me – so I’ve had fun finding out about them – M and J (Mira and Jennifer) are the duo behind the brand – having met while working in London they came together to form the brand; like La Jewellery they have a strong ideas about ethics, fairness and sustainability, working to leave the smallest footprint possible on the earth. Every last piece of the product from holding to making and of course packaging has been made with sustainability in mind.

Each fragrance has been created by a perfumer and has been inspired by the duos world travels. Made from a mix of essential oils and aroma compounds, their wicks are lead free – made from a mix of linen and cotton, while the soya made to make the candle it’s self is 100% rainforest safe. The tumbler is made from 100% European recycled glass and can be easily up-cycled and even the outer packaging has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the World Land Trust – they really have thought of everything.

If that wasn’t enough they also give £1 from each sale of their large candles and 50p from each of the small ones to eaves – a London based charity that supports women in trouble.

La Jewellery Mum Necklace and M&J London Scented Candle.

Mum Necklace and candle gift set And to the duo..

A delightful set of a handmade recycled silver Mum necklace – as each of these is handmade you know you will be giving something individual as you never get 2 quite the same, alongside one of M&J London’s small candles, your Mum can not only carry your love with her all the time she can relax to the scent of a gorgeous ethical luxury scented candle.

Brought together this delightful duo will cost you £49 (price if brought separately is £58).

But stop press! We are giving a set away!

One of you will be able to treat your Mum (or yourself) for free!
To be in with a chance to win all I want to know is:
How would you like to spoil your Mum (or be spoilt) this Mother’s Day?

As normal once you have completed the one mandatory entry a round of optional extras will open, you do not have to complete any of these, they are just if you would like some extra chances.

Please remember to check the full TandC at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK only, any entries left that do not answer the given question or have obviously not taken the time to follow the rules will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question you will open a round of optional extras you do not have to enter any of these, all entrants’ names and emails maybe used by the sponsoring company to send offers and newsletters.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

A remember keep in touch with them both via social media for some fantastic goings on:
La Jewellery Facebook and Twitter
M&J London Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Rosey

    I would most like a new photo frame.


    some peace would be nice

  3. Rosey

    I saw you featured on Raising Reagan today and came to visit. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Sarah Woolley

    I would like to give my mum a little luxury, to start thanking her for being there all these years.

  5. Sarah Jones

    A nice chilled out day

  6. Jo Pitt

    Just love from my daughter. All I need

  7. Tina Budge

    I’d love some yellow tulips.

  8. Jo Jones

    I love a handmade card with photos of the family on best

  9. Wendy Lam

    I would like to give my mum a break. A break away from cooking, housework and worries. So I planning to prepare her breakfast, take her out for a afternoon tea treat will all the sandwiches and cakes she fancies. Then we’ll stroll along the Thames to catch a river cruise and spend some time to catch up before arranging a surprise dinner with my brother, dad and close friends.

  10. Elena

    I would love to give flowers to my mum, but she is too far away, 3000 miles…

  11. Barbara daniels

    I would like to treat my kids to a wonderful day out in london

  12. Julie Picton

    Breakfast in bed

  13. Lauren Pilkington

    id love a canvas picture of all my four gorgeous children

  14. Fiona

    a lay-in!

  15. kim plant

    a bunch of flowers via my husband from my 5year old twins x

  16. L Bunning

    I would just like to make her less worried about life in general, that would be the best gift of all and the relaxation would hopefully follow.

  17. Emma Bethell

    Ooh, it would be great if my husband actually remembered and got me a little something from the little ones!

  18. jennie jackson

    A day of rest!

  19. Fiona Smith

    I’d like to give my mum chocolate and jewellery and cook her a meal

  20. Debbie M

    I would love a long bubble bath and cuddles from my little boy and girl 🙂

  21. Kieran

    I’d most like to give flowers

  22. Nancy Townsend


  23. Lisa Williams

    I would like to give my mum some confidence in her self because she is amazing

  24. Haley Redshaw

    A day out to have a meal x

  25. Anthony Clements

    Would love to give my mum a holiday!

  26. Ruth Lurring

    I want lots of kisses from my little boy, hes the best gift I ever got <3

  27. Zoe G

    Lots of hugs, breakfast in bed and a big bunch of flowers

  28. Phil Darling

    a lie in

  29. Jenni Lynn

    I would love to take her out for a nice meal and spend some time with her. Unfortunately I live 300 miles away, so will not be able to take her out.

  30. Mark Fridlington

    A jackpot winning Euromillions’ ticket !


    peace and quiet

  32. Dee

    I would love to have all of my seven children and three grandchildren together just for one day.

  33. grainne marnell-fox

    I would just love the chance to give my mum a hug and kiss but as that can’t happen I will be very happy for some family time spent with my kids

  34. Harpal Kaur

    a massage voucher

  35. Susan Crosswaite

    A big hug and breakfast in bed


    The Mum Necklace

  37. sian hallewell

    Already given my Mum an early birthday and Mothers day gift of a tablet. She is 76 and often housebound, so I’m getting her online so she can skype all her grandchildren and see her great grandchildren. We will be working up to online shopping.

  38. FionaLynne Edwards

    Anything hand made by my lovely daughter would please me!

  39. Diane

    a day for myself only…

  40. ashleigh

    A long lie!

  41. Emily Jayne Phipps

    A 4d scan of my baby!!! xx

  42. Andy D

    Nice Meal

  43. Frances hopkins

    A nice meal out

  44. hannah oneill



    A day of rest!

  46. laura banks

    a lie in and big snuggles from my son

  47. Jill Webb

    As a mum I would like to spend time with my Kids

  48. Val Swift

    I would love a hand made card from my kids

  49. ian henderson

    i would love to give my mum something personallised with a hand written poem

  50. debbie skinner

    Something handmade by my 8 year old daughter x

  51. angela sandhu

    a handmade card would be nice

  52. sarah lambert

    Just a handmade card makes my day complete,Its the best thing either of my 2 children can ever give to me 🙂 X

  53. Carolin

    I love cosmetics or bath stuff or something that allows me to have a nice pampering session x

  54. Solange


  55. Mama G

    A meal cooked for me would be nice!

  56. Giulia Greco

    Calypso Hope on FB. I would like to give a pair of earrings.

  57. Anne Wallwin

    a nice dinner and a whole day without changing a nappy!

  58. Molly Michalov

    I would live to give some DIYs maybe some soaps or jewelry


    voucher for a pamper weekend

  60. justine meyer

    I give my family all my love x x x

  61. jane greenfield

    would love a lay-in

  62. di dilly

    Some peace and quiet but maybe that’s a tall order lol.

  63. sarah smith

    This year i get a perfect Mothers Day gift….my baby will be born 🙂

  64. Cheryll H

    I love getting home made stuff from my girls, especially if they’ve made it with their Dad 🙂

  65. Lynsey Buchanan

    I would love some lovely flowers

  66. Thomas Perry

    I am going to treat my mom to a pandora charm, she cant get enough of them at the mo

  67. Sue Bowden

    Lunch out somewhere really nice, then an afternoon nap, without being ant distractions.

  68. Vic

    just flowers would be nice lol

  69. Fiona Matters

    Hmmm, my mum loves chocolates. And flowers. Something along those lines I think.

  70. Fiona Matters

    I rather like the wave necklace – I think £40 is about right for it too.

  71. sarah rees

    i would love to receive and i pad… failing that sweeties 🙂

  72. teddington toolsbury

    Id like to give my mum my dad back x

  73. Tamsin Dean

    To go to the toilet with out someone shouting for me or following me, lol.

  74. Susan Sargent

    I love to receive some flowers

  75. jo

    Would love to buy those shoes she is always mentioning and yet never buys. xx

  76. Sophie

    I would love to be able to take her on a weekend break so she can get away from all the stress she has at the moment. Just a nice mother/daughter break that we can spend together and enjoy.

  77. foz

    A cashmere jumper will be perfect for my mum!

  78. Sarah

    some lovely bath products

  79. Rachel McMillan

    We will be away on holiday this year (probably gift enough) so just going out for a nice day as a family would be lovely

  80. Jo welsh

    Would just love a hand made card! Simple but so touching.

  81. Lorraine Saeed

    I’d like a card and cuddle from my new baby daughter 🙂

  82. aj

    Im getting tickets for Disney on ice as thats what I asked for.

  83. Rebecca Phillips

    i’d love to be given some lush products! i don’t ask for much 😛

  84. Beky Austerberry

    Would love a nice box of chocolates!

  85. fiona mcbride

    i would love a handmade/painted picture framed – by my daughters who love art

  86. claire woods

    A spa day for us both.


    I would love a nice photo frame with a picture of my grandson in it

  88. michele omalley

    My family around me

  89. Emma Gallagher

    A home made card would be nice and maybe a lie in as my son is 3 and wakes up early most days.

  90. jessica agyin

    i would like to give my mum a spa treatment and getaway

  91. ksenia z

    I’m going to babysit for a friend of mine during the morning 🙂

  92. anna

    I would like my husband to take my kids and let them pick me something! he never does!!! so i get nothing as the oldest is only 4 so they cant go by themselves so think i will have to hint a bit more for him to go with them and sort it!

  93. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Would love to give my Mum a year or so without any drama. Being a tough 5 years and we need a break. Good luck to everyone x

  94. ali mckenzie

    i would love some lovely vintage ornaments

  95. Serena La Pietra

    Scented candles

  96. Tammy Tudor

    I will give my mum all the love in the world including the world’s biggest hug and hopefully a meal out to treat her!

  97. Lisa Day

    I’d like to give her the chance to do something she’s always wanted as it’s her time now and i think it’s time for her to think of herself for once 🙂

  98. suzzee langton

    love this want it!

  99. Claire Smith

    A lovely plant for my garden

  100. Loma Wood

    A Kiss!

  101. Eva lorraine Appleby-Gill

    just what l need for mothers day

  102. elizabeth

    A sundial because my mum loves her garden

  103. Saska Brenard

    Money and a big, beautiful, smelling bouquet of nice to look at flowers and a meal out with my kids that makes the memory banks forever until I die.

  104. jennifer Toal

    A lovely day out with my girl

  105. tina edwards

    i would most like to be given a hug from my 3 beautiful daughters and to hear the words ‘we love you mum, oh and we’ve done the ironing’

  106. Michelle gibson

    I would like a cup of tea and a cupcake!

  107. Sue Buckman

    The news that my twins have passed the GCSE exams that they took in January would be the best mother’s day pressie I could have.


    A visit from my chidren and grandchildren, who all live quite a distance away.

  109. Rachel Craig

    My Mum has a sweet tooth and is sentimental. She would be delighted with some sweets e.g. chocolates. Whilst she loves something she can keep as a momento. So something that combines the two would be ideal. As I am not a mother, though an aunt and great-aunt ( my great-nephew is a toddler, the family are thoroughly enjoying watching him grow and develop). I would love us British to have an Aunts Day, I believe America may have this . It is nice both to show and receive appreciation and tokens of love/affection.

  110. sue

    i would like a hug & a cup of tea 🙂

  111. Demelza

    A lie in with a cup of tea and a card made by my children.

  112. Demelza

    Breakfast in bed and a cuddle with my children.

  113. Susan

    cream tea out voucher for my mom

  114. abigail edkins

    Id love a handmade card from the kids

  115. andrea lloyd

    a pamper day

  116. Kathy D

    A big box of chocolates

  117. Sue Menzies

    I would love to give my mum ‘my time’ as I have not been able to visit her for ages due to various reasons and I know she would love to see us.

  118. Victoria Leedham

    Peace and quiet in a bubble bath with chocolate and a drink 😉

  119. Laura Pritchard

    A framed photo of me & my son

  120. katie skeoch

    A yankee candle & a big hug xx

  121. Becky John

    A Lovely meal out with partner & children

  122. Martina

    I would love a box of chocolates – tastier than flowers 😉

  123. lorraine dunne

    A nice cushion to sit on because she cant move around very well to sooth her sores

  124. claire griffiths

    i would love to receive something that the kids have made 🙂

  125. Pauline Wilson

    I would like a nice card and a little pressie like chocolates, and for them to tidy up and let me have a relaxing day

  126. Judith Allen

    I’m really not bothered by a mothering sunday present, it’s enough to know my daughter is safe and well.

  127. Andrea Johnson

    A penguin

  128. Helen Stratton

    A promise that someone else will do the washing up for a year!

  129. tracy

    My daughters baby girl is due on the 16th so she could arrive anytime around mothers day. All I wish for this year is baby arriving safely and healthy!


    treating her to a home cooked meal made by me!

  131. Laura Love

    Someone to cook lunch and wash up afterwards

  132. Pam Hubbard

    To see all my chidren happy would be my biggest wish


    i would like to give my mum a day with my dad who passed away in july as she is still finding it hard without him

  134. Rebecca Nisbet

    I would love to be given the day off! Got work a 3-10 shift boooo!

  135. Dawn Henson

    All I ask for is my childrens love and a big hug and a kiss!

  136. Juli Savage

    A candle lit bubble bath with no interruptions

  137. julie baxter

    i would love to get a lay in but since i know thats not gunna happen i would love breakfast in bed lol x

  138. leanne newsome

    I’d just love to have a great day with my kids

  139. Kerry

    just a lie in past 9am would be fantastic 🙂

  140. Erica Wallace

    ** Some *me* time in any shapr or form then some cuddles with my kids :)) **

  141. Jane T

    A big hug from my kids.

  142. michelle dootson

    some nice chocolates

  143. Eileen Teo

    I just want to sleep and pizza

  144. vicki hennie



    I’d like to give my mum a thousand pounds so she could treat herself.

  146. Amy Ripley

    I’d love to give my mum flowers!

  147. Leanne Timmins

    Handmade gifts 🙂

  148. Christine Caple

    A meal out would be lovely

  149. Raymond Fletcher

    I would just love to give my mum a hug but unfortunately she is no longer with us.

  150. Emma Jackson

    Something handmade by my kids x

  151. Mickie Bull


  152. Pam Gregory

    Chocolate is best!

  153. Laura F

    I would like a big hug and a homemade card.

  154. Beki Lacy

    Flowers, they always make me smile!

  155. clair

    a holiday!

  156. Saran Benjamin

    It does not matter what I get because it has been given to me by my children x

  157. Kathy Cakebread

    a 5* holiday to Hawaii would be nice…

  158. valerie mccarthy

    A fun afternoon spent with my family.

  159. Danielle Woodman

    I would like my boys to give me a lie in then take my mum out for some girly bonding time before dinner with the whole family.


    For my children to cook ME a sunday roast of roast beef with all the trimmings and do the washing up after, while I sit with my feet up, watching a good film, munching on my favourite chocolates. my

  161. Ruth Winstanley-Woodhall

    I’m going to be a mum in 17 weeks so this would be perfect!!

  162. Emily Fraser

    Would love to give my mum some nice jewellery : )

  163. Emma Ellison

    I’d like some new pj’s and then a lovely lie in 🙂

  164. Nathan Webb

    would give my mum a spa ticket if I didn’t think they’d be so expensive?

  165. Lotte

    Just to know that my baby has good health =D x

  166. Sara Davis


  167. Anne-Marie Brookes

    Anything i dont mind xx

  168. Michelle Pierce

    Would love to have some quality time with my family.

  169. Jeanette Downing

    I work every weekend so to have the day off with my family would be great x

  170. John Naylor

    Chocolates and flowers as I have no imagination…

  171. ian cheyne

    a family day together

  172. claire matthews-curtis

    lovely prize 🙂

  173. lindy Hamilton

    Some nice new clothes

  174. Linda

    I’d like to be given a nice slim figure!

  175. Nicole

    Pandora bead would be lovely and something I can look at all year

  176. Eleanor Powell

    A big hug

  177. alan davies

    a day off

  178. Amanda Williams

    I’ve already given my mother a new standard rose bush, we had a day out together to choose it. The gift for me is the time spent with my mother.

  179. Clare Parker

    I would love to be pampered with a spa day xx


    a bit of a rest with no one hassling me!

  181. Sue Warr

    This necklace would be just perfect…..

  182. Jamie

    This Prize 🙂

  183. donna large

    i would like to give my a big kiss if she was herex

  184. Lauren

    A bouquet of flowers is always welcomed!

  185. Julie Guy

    I’d like to give my mum an La Jewellery Mum Necklace and M&J London Scented Candle, wrapped in a big hug and sealed with a kiss.

  186. Melissa B

    I’m planning on getting my Gran some nice fudge and a lovely flowery scarf 😀

  187. Brenda Wilkes

    This necklace hidden inside a big box of choccies. Guess who would eat the choccies so the necklace fitted in!

  188. Karen R

    A lie-in!

  189. George Brown

    more meet ups with the grandchildren

  190. Joanne Crosby

    Quality time with my family

  191. Deborah Wheeler

    I’m really happy to get a bunch of flowers and 1/2 hour in the bath uninterrupted

  192. Lisa Wilkinson

    I’d like to be cooked a nice meal.

  193. Claire Appleton

    A Handmade gift 🙂

  194. Agata P.

    Flowers and chocolate

  195. abi rolfe

    cant go wrong with chocs and flowers 🙂

  196. David Price

    I am giving my mum a microwave!

  197. Belinda Matthews

    I would love a day off

  198. michelle bennett

    Just to see eachother. Neither of us drive but we only live 2 hours away by train. As both of us are on fixed incomes we can not warrent the train fare so only see eachother every 5 months so we can save up the fare without struggling for weeks on end.

  199. antonia j richardson


  200. rachael jones mann

    i would like to give the gift of a visit (i live 400 miles from my mum) …… id like to receive anything hand made by my 5 year old that i can keep x

  201. mandy waller

    Would like all my family around me

  202. cheryl lovell

    I would love to be given a voucher for my local spa, I love to pamper myself 🙂

  203. scarlett brannan

    Good prize 🙂

  204. Katherine Coldicott

    I will get my mom a nice plant to put in her garden.

  205. Gillian Holmes

    A plant with its’ roots still on.


    thats gorgeous!!!

  207. Hayley Todd

    I would love my son to be home with us for Mother’s Day but he is away on an extended school visit to Poland and Germany

  208. Miranda Holman

    Anything the girls have made would be fine by me much prefer this than a shop bought gift although would never say no to jewellery LOL

  209. laura samantha avery

    id love some chicken wire so i can start building our coop

  210. jayne underwood

    I would be happy with breakfast in bed x

  211. Tina Hector

    A lay in and a cuddle with my boys!! Then a cuddle and dinner with my mum x

  212. lorraine polley

    as long as my 4 kids remember its mothers day and i receive a card or text from all of them thats enough for me


    Anything from my boy.

  214. kristy smith

    I would love to be able to spoil my mum.


    Would love to give my mother a massive flower bouquet.

  216. Angie Hoggett

    some Hotel Chocolat choccy!

  217. Martina Alban

    the best relaxing time is run yourself and nice hot bubble bath and light your beautifully scented candles with a glass of red wine or life is so peachy

  218. Lese Adkins

    Breakfast in bed and flowers/chocolate

  219. Sue McCarthy

    Just to be happy is enough

  220. Katie

    A necklace

  221. wanda

    Breakfast in bed and chocolates

  222. Gemma Clark

    i’m grateful for anything 🙂 i’m easily pleased lol

  223. Sarah Red

    A nice smelling yankee candle 🙂

  224. Janine Atkin

    id love a really good book and a new candle for when i relax in the bath. a a bar of choccie to go with it!

  225. Lani Nash

    A big hug 🙂

  226. lisa tebbutt

    yankee candles

  227. Wendy Tolhurst

    Something homemade

  228. Tracey

    a quiet day at home with nothing to do


    Anything would be nice! I don’t usually get anything at all 🙁

  230. Lyndsey Beckford

    I’ve made a lovely hamper of pampering goodies for my mum. 🙂

  231. Stacey Guilliatt

    Just some nice chocs would be nice!

  232. Brian McDaid

    I’d really like some yellow tulips.

  233. Becky Downey

    A really long lie in!

  234. Mark Whittaker

    Love to give my mum some time off from caring for my dad


    A very large box of chocolates

  236. Rachael Donovan

    a nice selection of relaxing stuff for the bath

  237. hayley

    breakfast in bed and a lie in x


    A spa treat

  239. nicola white

    some beautiful flowers from my 2 beautiful children x

  240. Christine Clarke

    A nice Roast Dinner


    Id love some new slippers .. does that make me sound old?! I’m only 28!

  242. Kelly Roberts

    I would love a lie in that would be perfect!

  243. ClairejB

    A day off from worrying? If not then some nice smellies will have to do!


    A huge hug – boys as they get older are not that affectionate 🙂

  245. Danielle Graves

    I wanted a Mei Tai and I got one from my OH and little boy 😀

  246. Kerry Seery


  247. Paul Witney


  248. victoria thurgood

    I collect Disney Traditions ive not got any since christmas so i would love one for mothers day.

  249. Natalie White

    I’d love to be able to afford to send my Mum on a spa day!

  250. Angela Morgan

    no moaning day


    I think my Mum would like a day off!

  252. Lesley Bain

    I just want all of my children and my baby granddaughters all together in my house for a few hours so I can enjoy them all 🙂 x

  253. Deborah Bird

    I would most like to be given a purple kitchen bin which is for sale in asda, sad i know lol but i really want it!!


    Some beautiful flowers!

  255. kristy brown

    I would be more than happy to walk downstairs and find they have tidied up! That would be better than any present

  256. IZZY

    flowers xxx

  257. Kerry Kilmister

    I would love to have a relaxing spa day!

  258. Linda Puttock

    Would love to give this to my mum as she has not been well over the last few months and this would cheer her up


    Just love 🙂 x

  260. David Price

    I love the silver Block Cufflinks I would pay the stated £64 price

  261. Kelly Wiffin

    Some storage for the house would be great!

  262. Sophie Buckle

    Something hand made by my son x

  263. Dawn McBean

    A box of chocolates that i dont need to share!!

  264. Emily Jane Ann Nelson

    Sounds mad, Abit crazy actually,
    But i live for Adrenaline!! So a monster truck experience would do me good! haha xx

  265. Kelly Tobin

    I’d love a spa day!

  266. Victoria N

    I’m waiting for the birth of my first daughter this month so it would be lovely if she could make an appearance for mother’s day.

  267. Christina Jarrett

    So cute! My mum would love this 🙂 The best mother’s day gift of all though, is lots of love and hugs! xx

  268. Deanne Harrison

    I would love brerakfast in bed made by my 3 little monsters xx

  269. Sarah Huddlestone

    I’d love my 4 month old to sleep through the night! 8 hrs sleep would be a lovely present.

  270. Lisa

    Lots of hugs

  271. taylor willbourne


  272. michaela britton

    I would love to be given something personalised from my boys

  273. tracey gibbons

    i would love some lovely flowers and candles from my gorgeous boys

  274. jayne fotheringham

    gorgeous necklace

  275. Karen Richards

    Would love to have a meal cooked for me.

  276. Sally Poole

    I would just love an afternoon with all my children together

  277. kiran parry

    would like to give my mam chocolates this mothers day

  278. Nicola Robinson

    Holiday the new york

  279. Ann Weir

    I’ll be happy with a card and smile/kiss/hug from my 3 year old 🙂


    Flowers :o)

  281. sarah parker


  282. Jackie Rushton

    A spa break!

  283. siobhan marie

    a lie in and a big hug of my little girl xx


    Have hugs and feel loved 🙂

  285. Sarah Williams

    Any present from my young children would make me smile !!!

  286. Nataliejane

    I would love to give my mum a big bunch of flowers, chocolates and a holiday!

  287. Hannah Whitling

    I’d love to be able to give my mum a hug and kiss if she was still with us.

  288. Kirsty Fox

    A lovely bunch of flowers and some drawings by my kids

  289. denise cross

    I would like all my photos being put onto discs

  290. Elizabeth Williams

    A handmade card that I can keep and treasure forever


    i would love a lie in !!!

  292. Alisa Moore

    Would like to give some flowers and something unique to my mum

  293. Denise Gunn

    My mother’s love and forgiveness is what I would dearly cherish .

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