Make a Promise to your Mum this Mother’s Day

I know I keep bringing up Mother’s Day but it’s one of those days’ that really is special because we remember to thank that mother figure in our lives. I know I take mine for granted so often especially with all she does for me, coming to hospital appointments, letting me come back and use her shower even though I’ve long moved out – even helping me with my washing and cooking when I’m having a really bad week, if it wasn’t for that help I don’t know where I would be right now, and that’s a scary thought. My Mum is truly one of my best friends, we clash like anything sometimes I can be the rudest, snippiest, awful person and yet she’s still there with open arms.

This year to help get us ready to celebrate Boots are asking us to make a promise to our Mum’s, from something simple like picking up after ourselves, to taking her for a night out at her favourite restaurant. It can be anything your heart desires and to go alongside the promise they want you to include a gift you can buy from them that would help her to fulfil that special thing.

You can choose anything from a makeover with No 7 to a bathroom pamper session with Champneys, or if your Mum isn’t into all things beauty how about using Boots Photo to help build a special canvas of your moments together, or pop your picture on a mug.
Boots GoodiesWhat would my promise to my Mum be?

I think for me it would have to be:
I promise to continue trying – to allow you more time to enjoy your life, to continue fighting these trials that are thrown at me and not give into them and to start it off I would love to treat her to this gorgeous Sanctuary Spa Deluxe Sanctuary Hamper to give her some ‘her time’ to relax.

What’s more to help you get started thinking about your promise Boots are offering one of you the chance to win the gift of your choice for your Mum free of charge.

All you need to do to be in with a chance is:

Let me know what your promise would be and link me to the gift you would like to get to help her.

Please note you MUST leave the URL to the gift you would choose – if you don’t then your entry will be invalid.

Gifts can be chosen from the No7, Boots own ranges, Boots photo, Champneys, or Sanctuary’s ranges, up to the value of £40.

As normal once you have completed the one mandatory entry a round of optional extras will open, you do not have to complete any of these, they are just if you would like some extra chances.

Please remember to check the full TandC at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK only, any entries left that do not answer the given question or have obviously not taken the time to follow the rules will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question you will open a round of optional extras you do not have to enter any of these, all entrants’ names and emails maybe used by the sponsoring company to send offers and newsletters.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck

Queen of the Ads: Beautyland

*My Mum will be receiving the gift picked out for her free of charge as a thank you from Boots.


  1. Dee   •  

    My promise to my Mum is to look after her in her old age. She has now got to a point where she cant look after herself any more. I live in Scotland her in England so we have decided to sell our lovely Victorian home and buy something bigger so she can move in with us. Im gutted to have to sell my home but its too small for me hubby and four kids plus mum. At the end of the day she gave her life and time to bring me up and look after me when i was young so i should do the same for her. My Brother passed away three years ago and my Sister is only interested in herself so she has no one over there to take care of her. I love my mum and i want to make her final years on this earth pleasurable.

  2. Dee   •  

    Was going to enter your giveaway but unfortunately there isnt a URL for my promise :o(

  3. Kotryna Bass   •  

    I love my mum so much, we celebrate mothers day in May tho!

  4. Fiona Matters   •  

    I promise to always be there for my mum – the way she is ALWAYS there for me. I’d love to treat her to this: She loves spa days and this way she could treat her sister too!

  5. Sharon Griffin   •  

    I am promising my Mum i will come and stay with her this summer and meet her new stray cat Jonesy who has moved himself in recently x

  6. sarah rees   •  

    i would like to treat my mum, shes been working hard and deserves to relax.

  7.   •  

    My Mum lives 5000 miles away from me and ive promised her to visit her atleast once a year. -)

  8.   •  

    i would love anything

  9. Tamsin Dean   •  

    Love all smelly things like this for smelling fantastic.

  10. jessica cook   •  

    to keep in touch everyday, im married to a soldier so dont see and tlk to her as often as would like too xxx

  11. Susan Sargent   •  

    I would treat my mum like i do every year

  12. Kathryn Phillips ✩   •  

    my promise is to provide her with more grandchildren (she already has 12 hee hee) i would love to get her this

  13. laura banks   •  

    my mums not with us any more so i would like to treat my mother in law to this

  14. jo   •  

    I would promise to spend more time with my mum and always be there for her as she is always there for me. xx

  15. Patrick oulton   •  

    My mum is 50 this year so would treat her to this

  16. Sophie   •  

    My promise to my mom would be to repay her for every sacrifice she has made to provide me with a good education and a safe living environment. Every stressful day that she has endured, every time she has wanted to give up but never has and every time she’s given up something she’s wanted or loved just to make sure that my brothers and I never went without. I promise to make sure that I’m the one taking care of her from now on and I’d like to give her this No.7 bundle so that she can have something for herself for once. She deserves a treat that can allow her to relax and forget about her worries for a while.

  17. Charley Foulds   •  

    try and go out together more socialising!

  18. Karla Mayers   •  

    Promise to stop arguing and be more considerate and helpful

  19. Helen Moulden   •  

    My promise would be that I would listen to her more often, as yes, mum, you are normally right!

  20. christina curtis   •  

    I promise to spend more time with her and be more helpful and less of a pain in the bum. I would choose as she loves that sort of stuff and could do with the TLC.

  21. Chris Millward   •  

    I would promise to visit more & give her a pamper hamper

  22. claire   •  

    to phone more often. i’d love to give her this:

    @claireishoop on twitter

  23. hannah oneill   •  

    I promise to be there. And I’d get her:

  24. stacey   •  

    Well I have been considering buying my mother some foot or hand cream because she won’t mind me saying she has always had very dry hands and feet. I like this burts bees set because it looks after both. I have a great mum who is always running around doing something and she looks after my two boys for me from time to time when I am working. My promise to mum is to show more appreciation for that and I’d love her to get this set and sort out her dry hands!!

  25. Emma   •  

    My mum is unique and no-one can take that away from her. Mum is very strong minded and you can ask her for advice if you are in trouble and she will understand you. If you just need someone to turn to or to talk on the phone with, she will always be there for you. My mum is the most amazing person in the world and that is why she is special. I would promise to spend more time with my mum and always be there for her as she is always there for me

  26. Ann Weir   •  

    as a promise to my mum after her operation to help her relax and look after her body i’d love to get her this

  27. SARAH LAMBERT   •  

    I would love to get my mum this she loves candles and i think she deserves the best :) Xx

  28. John Taggart   •  

    I’d take her out for more days out I would love to treat her with this

  29. fiona mcbride   •  

    to be less obsessive about housework and go out and enjoy myself more so she worries less

  30. Wendy Lam   •  

    Mum, I promise you that I will find time for you every week no matter how busy I am. I promise to never let an argument separate us for longer than a day and I will forgive you and say sorry before I go to sleep that night. I promise I will be there when you call for help and it should not be a hard task but just a phone call away. I promise that you ageing and the complications that may arise from it will never be a burden to me but a chance for me to love you more because you loved me before I knew how to love myself. I promise to always appreciate your comments, advice and opinions even though I may not agree but because it is a sign you love and care for me. So even if one day you cannot walk i will be the one to drive you. When you cannot bath, I will be the one bathing you and no one else. When you lose your company I will company you. Never will you have to worry about being alone mum because you will forever have me. So one day when you do leave me I will not have to regret about the things I haven’t done for you as I know I have loved you till the end.

  31. claire woods   •  

    My promise to my Mum would be I promise to not ask you to child sit too often over the summer holidays and let you have some time for yourself.

    I would choose –

  32. ashleigh   •  

    Mine is to spend more time together –

    • ashleigh   •  

      Just realised it has to be under £40 so I would go for this – and have our own spa day in the house!


    I’d love to be able to make a promise (and stick to it!) that’ll I’ll stand on my own two feet and not rely on her at every turn. She’s always there (no matter how much she moans!) and helps out whenever she can. I’d love to give her with all the grandkids on. She brought my sister and I up on her own after my dad died and looks after her grandkids like they were her own even though she has lost most of her mobility.

  34. Shelley Jessup   •  

    I promise to share the care with my mum, she’s been looking after me & now it’s time for me to do what I can to look after her and I’d treat her to a head to toe pamper with

  35. deborah godbolt   •  

    i promise my mum i will always be there if or when she needs me even though she lives in spain

  36. angela sandhu   •  

    as my mum is obsessed with Sanctuary, i would choose

  37. Lisa Day   •  

    My promise to my mum is to give back as much as i can to her for all these years that she has selflessly spent dedicating her life to caring for me.I would choose the olay products as she loves the olay products.

  38. Emma Ferguson   •  

    My mum has always been a fantastic mum and works still at the age of 62 as a brilliant Foster mum supporting lots of children and providing them with stability. I pledge to cook many meals this year for my mum and would love to save up enough money to take her to New York x

  39. Hollie Adlam   •  

    The promise i make is..
    To continue being your best friend, to always be there… forever xoxo

  40. Loma Wood   •  

    I am promising Mum that I will look after myself first – then I can look after everyone else!

  41. Eva lorraine Appleby-Gill   •  

    flowers and more of them

  42. RenaPlumrudge   •  

    I promise I will always be there for my mama as she always is for me.

  43. Anne Wallwin   •  

    to make sure she relaxes more and puts her feet up. She needs a bit of pampering.

  44. liz denial   •  

    Mum I promise to pamper you forever just like you’ve always pampered me

  45. C Jackson   •  

    Dance more!

  46. C Jackson   •  

    Dance more with my mum!

  47. jennifer Toal   •  

    To spend more time together

  48. Michelle gibson   •  

    I would like to be able to tell my nan who has sadly passed away that she was more like a mum to me as well as my lovely nan and that I miss her every day.

  49. Alex C   •  

    Would love to treat my mum to this : )

  50. Kathy D   •  

    Just to keep on loving her as much as she loves me

  51. Susan Ellams   •  

    I promise to buy her more perfume

  52. Cheryll H   •  

    My promise to my Mum is to always stand up for her, no matter how old and infirm she may get she’ll always have a champion :)

    • Cheryll H   •  

      Ops, forgot to add – I would give her this: – she would love it firstly to help her ageing skin and secondly because it’s an absolute steal at half price :)

  53. dominique   •  

    I will not ask her to babysit too much! And she would be happy with this too :)

  54. Tammy Tudor   •  

    I will promise to love her as much as I do on Mother’s day everyday! <3

  55. lorraine dunne   •  

    i would love anything

  56. Solange   •  

    I promise to be loving, grateful and honest to my Mum

  57. Carolynn Woodland   •  

    I would go for this –

  58. Chris Reid   •  

    I`d promise to spend lots more time with her. Present would be

  59. Catherine Sinead Mary Reynolds   •  

    my promise to my mum is to give her more hand and feet massages when I see her so any thing like this:
    would really help!

  60. Laura S   •  

    I’ve promised my mum that’ll we take more time to relax and have fun together. A shared pampering night in using this would help fulfill that promise

  61. Rachael G   •  

    I promise my Mum that I will try and spoil her rotten at every opportunity to say thank you for her help over the years. I would give her this:

  62. Ohmite Hudson   •  

    Ring her more often –

  63. maria molly taylor   •  

    I promise to call my mum twice a week

  64. Kelly Hooper   •  

    I promise to stop the kids insisting they go see or stay at Grans house so much this year (she lives in the next village lool) so she can have a bit more relaxation time

  65. Sarah Jane   •  

    I promise to keep trying my best to not let my health rule my life. My Mum has been there for every hospital appointment, and always helps me when I have my bad health days. Despite this, I still snap even though i dont mean to, but living with chronic illness is hard. I would treat her to this as she loves clinique :)

  66. christine lucey   •  

    I promise to phone every day without fail

  67. leanne newsome   •  

    I’ll be the perfect daughter that she deserves and i’d love to get her this she loves smelly packs

  68. Faye Lester   •  

    I promise to keep talking to my mom when I need her help and to share with her when I am feeling low. I would like to thanks her for being there for me by treating her to this:

  69. Erica Montgomery   •  

    My promise is to pick up the phone more often! talking to loved ones is so precious. I’d love to send her this:

    Just to let her know I’m thinking of her! Vanilla is her favourite fragrance :) xxx

  70. christopher miller   •  

    i promise to do charity work as my mum passed away the week before mothers day i would do this for her. my wife is an amazing mother to my kids and deserves to be spoilt :)

  71. Greig spencer   •  

    my promise is to buy something nice for mothers day lol

    this would be nice

  72. COLETTE SMITH   •  

    I promise to appreciate every moment i spend with my mum and would love to treat her to this item

  73. helen parker-drabble   •  

    I won’t forget Mum

  74. chris hunt   •  

    I would love to help Mom more look after Dad. He is not doing very well. I live a long way away now and it is hard to get to see them This lovely mirror would help Mom as she cannot see very well. Thanks

  75. ian cheyne   •  

    Sorry mum was so selfish,she left me at 5 years old and even after tracking her down when i was 16 she still carried on her selfish life on her self. So i will treat my wife on mothers day not my mother.Sorry

  76. sal hall   •  

    I will make more of an effort to spend time with her.

  77. Janet   •  

    Promise to try and sort out my life!

  78. Beki Lacy   •  

    To clean the house to to bottom for her as her gift!

  79. caroline scott   •  

    I’d like to get her the No7 Ultimate collection because she is the ultimate mum

    This year I promise to spend more time taking care of my dad so that she can have some time to herself to relax and unwind. I’d like her to use this set to get herself all dolled up to go for a night out with her friends while take over her role as carer

  80. Margaret Moe Dunlop   •  

    to never forget her

  81. mrs sharron page   •  

    My poor mum is so tired all the time, I’m hoping that this will help to cheer and perk her up.

  82. Miss J A Hewitt   •  

    I promise to do my Mum proud and to care for her as she has for me, through every operation, every bout of flu, every upset. She’s ace! x

  83. Miss J A Hewitt   •  

    PS: I’d like to get her this because she never gets anything luxurious for herself

  84.   •  

    I’d tell my mum that she’s got nothing to be scared of and that I’ll always be there for her. I’d buy her a spa voucher to help her relax

  85. Saran Benjamin   •  

    My promise is to take care of myself and get well so that mum does not have to worry about me. I constantly put others health before mine so start improving and then someone gets taken ill so my health gets put on the back burner.

  86. katie skeoch   •  

    That we will celebrate like the young at heart mums we are!!!

  87. Amy Ripley   •  

    I have promised to spend more time with her, and treating her to a home spa day would be a good start!

  88. Amanda Williams   •  

    I promise to love her unconditionally, regardless of how grumpy she gets, to understand that now in her seventies mother is right and I not. To bite my tongue and agree.

  89. Emma Ellison   •  

    I promise to try to get my Mum to relax and slow down a little more, so would like to treat her to this so she could enjoy a restful sleep x

  90. mellissa williams   •  

    I promise to speak to you every week if we dont meet up. I’d love to treat her to this

  91. kelly-ann murray   •  

    to always be there for her :) and spoil her on sunday.

  92. anna   •  

    I promise to always be there for her <3

  93.   •  

    i would give this to my mum to show my appreciation
    My promise would be to walk the dogs with her a bit more as i know she likes that

  94. Janine   •  

    I want her to know that I am always there for her despite the distance between us

  95. kiran parry   •  

    spend more time with her

  96. peggy rossiter   •  
  97. Christina Jarrett   •  

    I’m promising my mum that I will try harder to shut the fridge door…I drive her up the wall by always forgetting, I’m sorry mum! xx

  98. IZZY   •  

    To visit more

  99.   •  

    I would give her – because it is real luxury

  100. Farhana Haque   •  

    I promised mum more visits from her grandkids. I would like this for her

  101. Rach   •  

    My promise is to ring her more often. And I’d give her the No7 Protect and Perfect Regime Bundle as I know she loves No7 Protect and Perfect.

  102. Natalie White   •  

    I promise to look after myself when I’m sick because I live far away from her now and she can’t look after me herself! I’d give her this: because she has trouble sleeping.

  103. Angie Hoggett   •  

    My promise is to let her sit back and relax more instead of running about after everyone else so I would choose this hand therapy treatment so she can pamper herself…

  104.   •  

    Going to bake my mum my special muffins

  105. Petra Hora   •  

    I would treat my mother in law, believe me or not.

  106. Karen Richards   •  

    To actually see her on Mother’s Day and spend some time with her.

  107. Roy Mellor   •  

    We all love Mothers Day

  108. Janine Atkin   •  

    i promise to remind my mum to relax once in a while!

  109.   •  

    Love all smelly things like this for smelling fantastic.

  110. littlelordmummysboy   •  

    These would be ideal for my Mum (or for my wife from my kids)!

  111. RenaPlumridge   •  

    I will promise to spend more time with my mama

  112. Hannah   •  

    My promise to my mum is to enjoy a cup of tea with her every week and a good chinwag and catch up. She would love this

  113.   •  

    I promise to always see the funny side. If there is one thing we’ve learnt as a family it is that laughter is the best medience and however awful things may seem there is laughter in the future.

    I’d choose this as my present to her

  114.   •  

    MY Mam would love this

  115.   •  

    I promise do some more baking like she taught me, scones, cakes, dont they come out of packets?

    She would adore this for a pampering day on 10th March

  116. Rachel Blackburn   •  

    My promise is to be the best daughter that I can be!
    I would love to give her this to update her make up collection

  117. Anna Aird   •  

    I would love to give my mum this and I promise to cook for her more often so she can out her feet up and treat herself with these lovely goodies!

  118. Christine Mutter   •  

    To cook for her at least once a week

  119. DEBBIE SKINNER   •  


  120. Claire and David P   •  

    I promise my mum some comfort. These sanctuary socks would help soothe her poor feet – preferably several pairs for when they are in the wash.

  121. Becky Downey   •  

    skype every week!

  122. Jonathan Reed   •  

    I promise to help her with some diy around the house

  123. Claire Butler   •  

    make more family time

  124. Joanna Sawka   •  

    a facial spa

  125. Sophie Foulds   •  

    My promise is to try my best to do mother and daughter things a lot more. We hardly do them and when we do, it’s a lovely treat. We definitely need more treats! (:

  126. yasmine choudhry   •  

    i promise to always take care of her and make time for my mum

  127. gina sudron   •  

    my mothers day promise is to treat my mam to a mothers day lunch 2 course meal

  128. JulieMRB   •  

    I promise to try to be friends with my mum. My Nan was always my “mother figure” now shes gone I have realised I’m too distant to my mother.

    I would buy mum these…. 19.99 each and on 3for2 . com/en/Yankee-Candle-Large-Jar-Candle-Vanilla-Cupcake_1298474/
    JulieMRB would love you to check out…Mothers Day outfit at NextMy Profile

  129. Sue Bowden   •  

    I promise to decorate her bedroom

  130. Nicola Holland   •  

    To help with fundraising for 2 bridges in Lesotho, Africa where she is a missionary and has to drive through flooded rivers and keeps risking her life, even at 70 year of age!

  131. Jessica T   •  

    I am promising to be as non judgemental to my children as she has been to me.

  132. Dominique   •  

    I’m promising to make sure she gets more relaxing time for herself!

    I think this would help her so she can sit in a quiet and comfortable place to do her makeup in the mornings without all the commotion of everyone in the house fighting for the bathroom and also for special nights out!

  133. laura samantha avery   •  

    i promise to look after my mum, and to give her the love care and attention she has shown me. Love her x

  134. ROS Thompson   •  

    My mother lives in Ireland and I always mean to visit but rarely get round to it – this year I will promise to visit at least twice and I will make sure this happens.

  135. mandy waller   •  

    To always show repsect after all you only have one mum x

  136. Anthea Holloway   •  

    My promise to my Mum is to listen to what she has to say, even though it may take a long time, and to engage in her conversation. I would love to give her

  137. scarlett brannan   •  

    I would promise to earn enough money to look after her when she is old!

  138. Paula Burnside   •  

    I promise my Mum to always be there for her, Whenever she needs me.
    I would buy her

  139. Jo Turner   •  

    I promise to take her advice – to be the best I can be and make her proud of me. I also promise not to ring her at bathtime!! Would love to win this for her:

  140. Galina V   •  

    My Mum is the least selfish person, so any promise to her would be not about her. She’d probably make me promise to take care of myself. As she likes pottering in the garden, I’d love to treat her to this Burts Bees Head to Toe kit
    Galina V would love you to check out…Look Out, Ladybird!My Profile

  141. Claire McEvoy   •  

    I promise to make sure she gets out and about more, and do more exciting things. Sometimes she gets down about that.

    I would get her this, she sprays it on at the perfume counter every time, but always says she can’t afford it!

  142. Catherine Gregory   •  

    I promise to look after her when she’s seen the neurosurgeon and knows what operation she needs, I’ll take care of her.

    I would buy her this to relax in the bath with

  143. claire matthews-curtis   •  

    I promise to be more like her….kind hearted, generous,fun and a great mother!

  144. Vanessa Spick   •  

    My promise is to be as kind to people as she was

  145. Phillip Ross   •  

    i promise to look after my grandmother as she is like my mum

  146. sian thomas   •  

    I know everyone says their mom is the best, but to me my mom is. She’s the most inspirational, fantastic woman who i am glad to call my mom. She has been disabled for as long as i can remember – but that hasn’t stopped her from caring for me and my brothers, shes amazing and lovely. I have never done anything wrong (i’m a geek and i never do anything wrong) and i promice that i never will – or at least i will try not to (im only a teen) i will never take you for granted, cause you any trouble and i promice i will continue to try and be the best daughter you can ask for. I love my mom, she’s honestly the most incredable woman i know (it sounds soppy i know, but you are. I love my mom)

    to help her relax on mothers day i would like to try and get her

  147. Sam   •  

    I promise to listen more to what my mum says – these would help us both relax whilst having a lovely chat

  148. Jackie Rushton   •  

    To spend more time with her

  149. Tiffane Sloan   •  

    My promise to my mom is to always make her feel beautiful in anyway possible

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