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logo In my quest to keep you all up to date with the best way to catch a great deal I am back with another voucher code website to keep you all busy saving money – this time we are checking in with Love My Vouchers launched back in 2010 Love my Vouchers have had years to perfect the art of showing you the best deals in an easy to follow manor.

The home page simply sets out a number of ways to find the type of voucher you are looking for from categories, A-Z and latest offers meaning navigation is simple and quick. Although far from a necessity I really love the fact it shows the top stores of the month where real people have been saving their hard earned pennies – actually that area got me thinking wouldn’t be cool if you could see how much people are saving via an update such as: ‘This website has saved people around £xxx this month or today.

Love my Vouchers is updated daily meaning you will always be on top of the latest vouchers, and also openly offers the option for site owners to list their sites and deals which to me makes me think I might be able to find smaller niche brands on here rather than the same repetitive larger brand offerings you often seem to come across.

So make sure you check out the latest offers at lovemyvouchers UK.

Queen of the Ads: Beautyland

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  1. lotte

    Great post hun, thanks for sharing! Will have a look at their site =D

    Lotte xo

  2. carolyn

    Hi! New follower via Aloha. So nice to meet you!
    I’m at http://www.ccmcafeeperspective.com/, pop over and say hi!

  3. caroline scott

    I see on Facebook there are quite a few people following the American “Extreme Couponing” way of life and paying hardly anything for their shopping! I must look into this – I’ve already bookmarked lovemyvouchers so thanks for the tip

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ve noticed more popping up as well – I should really try and do it myself though I’m not sure where I would find the time to go couponing as well lol x

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