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Looking Back: School Trips

It is almost a scary thought to look at how long ago it was when I was last at school. I won’t lie and say it was the best time of my life, it wasn’t easy at all. I was bullied by peers and teachers a like and left me with insecurities I probably still suffer with till this day. However, with that said it wasn’t all doom and gloom, I made some great friends; friends I am still in touch with to this day and I made good memories, as well as the bad. Perhaps some of the best revolve around school trips and the more fun memories you get to make during your school years.

During Primary School and Secondary School and even while I was off school in hospital I was lucky enough to take some fantastic trips around the UK and even into Europe, that left lasting memories and in some cases impressions on me.

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Going back to Primary School, perhaps the most memorable trip was to the Isle of Wight. It had it’s bad points (they didn’t book enough rooms and I ended up being unlucky and sleeping on the floor) and it’s good points, like getting to see some of the beautiful sights of this pretty Island and all the history that lays there.

In secondary school I got to visit France, Wales and Guernsey, with the most memorable trip being one which took us through France and Belgium. We spent time going around some of the battlefields and graveyards of the fallen soldiers. This trip in particular even allowed us to be privileged enough to be at Menin Gate in Ypres on Armistice Day, the feelings and sights of this trip will most definitely remain with me forever.

One thing that doesn’t exist of these trips is digital photos; back then cameras were mostly film based and so while I have photos in albums, those online are few and far between. I can imagine school trips these days, in some ways are very different.

There is one thing for sure though, no matter what trip you go on, be it a school sports trip, history trip or exchange, there are memories to be made and experiences to have.

Do you have any special memories from school trips?

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  1. Madeleine

    When I was 18 my sixth form history teacher took a group of us to Russia. We spent 3 days in Moscow and 3 in St Petersburg. It was an incredible trip, and even all these years later I still remember so much of it in vivid detail.

  2. Stephanie Merry

    My favourite school trip was probably one I went on in sixth form which was to New York – it was amazing! x

  3. Miracle Max

    I was lucky enough to go on some fab school trips, I think the best one being a week skiing in Canada. Jo x

  4. hannah

    I used to go on some great school trips. One of my favorites was to Llangrannog. It’s this camp in the middle of Wales somewhere. Went in year 7 in the middle of winter, when the weather was awful. I enjoyed it though and one thing i will never forget is being terrified by this ghost called the black nun. Google it to read more x

  5. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

    I remember – so fondly – my 5th grade camping trip! It was my first time away from home. It was an unforgettable experience!

  6. nicol

    my school trips were mainly to museums or something cultural that were an hour max away. no exciting trips abroad 🙁

  7. Diana Rambles

    What great memories. I would love to visit Europe sometime.

  8. Ashley

    Oh yes school trips were indeed memorable! You have made me nostalgic.

  9. Rachel

    I never went anywhere fancy on a school trip, Derbyshire and Costa Dorada,.. I never wanted to do the annual ski trips x

  10. Deborah Nicholas

    My only memory of a holiday away with school was to derwent hill which was one of those adventure weekends where you canoe etc – i really enjoyed it!

  11. Shauna

    You know what, I miss all my old school trips. Like outdoor ed was so much fun and I have no photos from that time. I cant wait to go on school trips with my kids

  12. Sherry

    We had our yearly day trip to somewhere within the area but we never stayed anywhere overnight. I really enjoyed visiting the museums.

  13. Reesa Lewandowski

    Wow these are way cooler than the school trips that I went on!!!

  14. Amber Myers

    You got to go to some cool places.

    I went to high school in Belgium and the senior class trip was to England, which was pretty awesome.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia

    My Son still talks about a trip he took in grade 5. The class went to Quebec for a weekend and he had so much fun.

  16. Kathy

    I wish I were able to take more trips. I hope that my girls can during school. I really wish I would have joined more things so that I could have had more trips.

  17. Tara Pittman

    You had some amazing trips for school. I just remember going to museums.

  18. Jennifer

    Some of our most memorable trips have been school trips where we got to go on an adventure.

  19. Jolleen

    It’s funny because I was homeschooled growing up and we never had school trips 🙁 One thing that always makes me sad when I think about it.. But I do have great memories of taking trips with my dad to very cool places like camping, theme parks, not school related at all LOL.

  20. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    I also love looking back to those memories with my kids! School trips are so fun and my kids really enjoyed them!

  21. Kumba

    I have so many great memories for not only school trips but trips I went on with my uni too! I really hope my kids get the same opportunity!

  22. julie porter

    I was not fortunate enough to be able to go on any big school trips. I did go on a few day trips that were quite enjoyable. In fact, I saw my theatre production on a school trip and that is a wonderful memory.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh wow I bet that was amazing, you have reminded me of another primary school trip to London, we saw at least 2 Westend Shows and I have a feeling it might have been three but what the third is I can’t remember.

  23. Rhian Westbury

    I didn’t go on any trips during primary school which is a shame as I still haven’t been to the Isle of Wight! I went to Littledean in secondary school and then the France/ Belguim history GCSE trip which was a lot of fun x

  24. Jade Bremner

    My schools had some great trips but I never went as I knew my parents didn’t have the money to send me on them. My sister has a school trip somewhere in Europe and I’m doing my best to make sure it’s paid for so she can go x

  25. MishyV

    Oh you got to see so many beautiful places! Funny is that they’re all on my travel list and you got to see them already while attending primary school 🙂 That’s so nice!

  26. ana

    I am sorry to hear you were bullied but look how successful you are now! I also went to the Isle Wight on a school trip and it was fun!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Kids can be so nasty – it took me a long time to admit it to myself that I was even way back in primary, it wasn’t being hit it was words so I could almost pretend words didn’t count. x

  27. Sarahjane Wood

    I got to visit France during my secondary school, I often miss those days especially the school breaks! A lovely 6 weeks off in the summer would be great!

  28. Alicia

    I didn’t go on many school trips but my most memorable (almost) trip was scheduled to be a week long trip in college to the holy land. It was cancelled because it was set to be after 9/11 and travel worries were high. I hope to still go some day even though I’m not in school anymore.

  29. C. Poly (@CPoly69)

    School field trips were always the best part of school for me. I loved getting out and learning outside of the usual drab atmosphere.

  30. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

    Wow, what a cool place to visit. I know school trips are always memorable, this would definitely be.

  31. Tanya Brannan

    I loved reading this mainly as last week I was also writing a post about school trips – yet to be posted. My senior school trip was a cruise around the Mediterranean. I would love to do it all again!! xx

  32. Harline pagdinparkin

    Looks like you made some amazing memories

  33. Jessica McDonnell

    I once went on a school trip to Bude and I loved every minute of it, my favourite part was learning to surf.

  34. Elizabeth O.

    When I was a kid, I would always look forward to school trips! It’s a great way to be with my friends and to get around a new place.

  35. Helen Costello

    The only school trip I remember is to London to see The Mousetrap – I remember being so excited at the thought of staying in a hotel with my mates. Still have great memories now!

  36. Melanie Edjourian

    I don’t remember many trips except one to PGL it was hell, they made me crawl through a muddy water filled hole the heathens lol. Never again.

  37. Lilinha

    I don’t remember many school trips, but my little boy loves going on them!

  38. Robin Rue

    School trips used to be so much fun! We would get away from the school environment and be able to have just a little bit of a good time while still learning something.

  39. TColeman

    I never really went on a lot of trips but when we did I remember that they were always a blast. I loved to be able to be with my friends and experiencing things we couldn’t learn in a classroom.

  40. Dhemz

    I had great school trip memories in high school and in college. I do miss it actually! Thanks for sharing.

  41. JcCee

    Taking me down memory lane. In elementary school, we went to places like museums and parks. In high school, I had a couple of overnights trips that were nice and I had fun in the state I live in. So many good memories on those trips.

  42. Emma

    What a nostalgic post! I remember I went to Rome on a school trip when I was in Secondary School x

  43. Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    wow sounds like an amazing and fun school trip. i never really took trips while in school. must have been awesome

  44. Lianne

    I practically grew up on the Isle of Wight, it’s a beauty isnt it? I went to the Lake District which was fun

  45. Cecilia

    I got bullied in school aswell and don’t really have any good memories from school or school trips! But I remember one with my sockerteam when we went to sweden to compeat. That was a lot of fun!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is strange looking back now as I would pretend things weren’t bullying and it was just people being people but it was awful. Kids really can be so nasty 🙁 x

  46. Charli Bruce

    I loved my school trips when I was younger, we went to a place called Macaroni Woods and I loved it. We did horse riding and quad biking… Still to this day it’s one of my fondest memories! x

  47. Dana Vento

    Field trips are my most memorable experiences. I was also on of those people in the mid-section of the bus. I wasn’t cool enough to be in the back but no one at the front really minded me that much as well.

  48. katrina gehman

    i didn’t do to many trips that i can remember for school. it was mostly local things. Though I do remember one to chicago. That was a blast and we saw a play

  49. Missy Damon-Moore

    My favorite trip was to an amusement park where we got to all do our own thing then meet up at the wave pool 🙂

  50. Annie B

    I did a few big school trips like a ski trip and going to Scarborough were the two big ones that stick with me. I loved school trips!

  51. Sally Akins

    My favourite trip was a four day Economics A level trip to the North West. We visited several major businesses, and had to wear business clothes, it felt very grown up!

  52. Rosey

    School trips are the best. I’m trying to figure out how to take my h.s classses somewhere.

  53. Daniella Keating

    I wish we had trips abroad at my school. We only really went to Drayton Manor!

  54. ANNA

    When I was 15 my dream was to go to Paris. I knew it was impossible but one day my mum surprised me with a ticket to a school trip ( with another class) but she knew I wanted it this badly! Since then I have realised that dreams do come true <3

  55. Clarissa

    Oh we went France Disney land Paris for the day that was fun although I remember it being expensive and many of the rides were closed.
    And going Belgium, Brugge that was an amazing experience

  56. Laura H

    I was always jealous of the primary school trip the Isle of Wight! Seemed like every school did it except mine 🙁 I was fortune in secondary school as I went to France, Spain, Russia, America and Austria 🙂

  57. aziel morte

    This is absolutely a cool place to visit and Love the memories. Glad you share this

  58. Ayesha Heart

    Nice place to visit. I miss those fun days in School trips – Visiting a Museum is always on the list 😀

  59. mhaan a

    I started joining field trips when I was in college since my parents couldn’t afford when I was still in primary school. There are really a lot of good memories to cherish on field trips!


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