John Lewis Ion LED Uplighter Table Light in Chrome: Review

John Lewis Ion Led Uplighter Table Light, ChromeIn the day I like the sunlight to be let in so I can soak it in and get those all-important goodies it gives off for us while at night I like more of a subtle glow that allows you not to fall over everything (yes I am one of those people who although I see everything all day long if I can’t see it I don’t remember where things are) but isn’t too harsh on the eyes. To help achieve that I use more lamps than the overhead lighting so when I was offered a John Lewis Ion LED Uplighter Table Light in Chrome to review I jumped at the chance.

The John Lewis Ion LED Uplighter Table Light in Chrome is so cute – from the pictures on the website I assumed it would be a much larger lamp (no I didn’t read the description) but it comes in at a sweet little 16.5cm x 3.5cm but boy it has a kick offering up a large 100 lumens.

The size of the lamp means it is just perfect to tuck into even the smallest of spots and with a switch on the cord you don’t have to struggle to the switch each time you want to turn it on and off. Designed to help set the mood the lamp looks wonderful pointed upwards placing a bright white spotlight on the celling while lets off a waterfall of light around it which in our lounge lights it all up with a beautiful glow. I can only imagine it would look beautiful in a fireplace, or being used as a spot light to light up a feature within your room – it will definitely be getting a lot of use in my home.

The only thing about the lamp that I could see as being a downside is the bulb is sadly irreplaceable so once it’s gone you have to buy a whole new lamp – that being said it is a LED bulb which of course do last a lot longer than the old light bulbs did so it probably isn’t too much of a problem (how many of us will probably change décor before the blub dies?).

Overall I am totally taken with this light it offers a design that will easily fit into most rooms and gives off a lovely mood setting glow – it really is something I would buy myself.

The John Lewis Ion LED Uplighter Table Light, Chrome comes in at £40 and can be brought both online and in store.

What do you think of the lamp, would you like it in your home?

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  1. Areeba

    I always forget where my bathroom is located when it’s dark in room. Thanks for sharing this product, I gotta find it in a local store!

  2. kristi

    That is a cute, very modern looking light. So tiny too – looks like it would fit anywhere – glad you are enjoying it.

  3. Stormy Gonzalez

    This could be perfect for my truck in the dead of night! Great review, thanks! (& yes, I do have a plug adapter in my truck.)

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      The light would be great for that – I was saying it would be great to use in dark cupboards just because it is that sort of light and it fits in your hand! x

  4. Terry (My Journey With Candida)

    Well thats a different looking light. I like it. This would be perfect in my bathroom. I hate to turn the big light on because it hurts my eyes and then I wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep. I WANT ONE!!

  5. chahine

    But a little expensive

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I guess it depends on what your budget is and what you want to do with a room – if you want to make a feature of something it could well be the perfect light 🙂 x

  6. mommasbacon

    I personally like it with a very sleek design and I’m sure my husband would, too. Only problem is….the kids! I imagine they would try to use it as a flashlight! HA HA.

  7. Bobbi Burleson

    My house is always so dark. I would love to have some of these lights around the house.

  8. michele d

    Love it Love it!
    What a great idea to have!
    Love that it’s mobile and you can use it in many rooms in your home. I will definitely use it in my sons room. He leaves a light on all night long so this would save me the worries about him at night. Thanks for sharing your great review!

  9. TJ Sims

    I love the design of this light! It would look great in any of our rooms here! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I love lights on in the house…all the time. Haha. This would go great with my light obsession. 🙂

  10. Pam

    I like the sleek design but would have to hate to buy a new lamp when the light bulb went out.

  11. Rosey

    I like the sleek design. Silver goes with anything.

  12. Anita Breeze

    Very sleek looking, I would probably be tempted to use it as a flashlight!

  13. Akhil

    This is something different actually…I’ve never seen such kinds of LED’s so cute. No one can reject this product. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  14. Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade

    oh I don’t like that you can’t replace the bulb because I do like the uplight. Really perfect for those corners that need a little extra light.

  15. Samantha

    Love the design on this..My kids would use it for a flash light. we have Funky lights that take forever to light up a room and this would come in handy for the bathrooms especially in the middle of the night

  16. cristine

    Very modern design – thanks for your thoughts

  17. Corinne

    I love that it is so small so you can use it in so many different places. Will definitely have to look into getting one or two of these for the winter when we have such short days and long nights. I miss the sunlight in the winter!

  18. Greta

    Love the size, and the sleek, modern look. I’m not so sure about the fact that you can’t replace the light though.

  19. Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy

    I love this light! We need a few for our house!!

  20. Mitch

    I would love to have that for the next blackout!

  21. Tess

    I love it. So cool and I know just where to put it!

  22. Melinda Dunne

    I really love the style of the light. It is a little disappointing that you can not replace the bulb because it really looks like a light I would use all the time.

  23. Pam

    I would love this lamp for my bedroom. Small so it doesn’t take up much space but still packs a punch….or light!

  24. Growing Up Madison

    Looks like a great lamp too but wouldn’t want to buy another one either. Now only if they would make it with a replaceable bulb and it would be perfect.

  25. Paul Wilson

    Not sure this is for smokers, when it’s switched off it looks a bit like an ashtray.

  26. Michelle H

    That seems like a lot of money for something that can’t be replaced when it quits working, but you are right about LED’s lasting forever, so maybe it would be all right.

  27. Robyn

    What a smart idea. I need to get this for my hubby.

  28. Melanie

    How neat & cute. I like how it doesn’t take up space , which is a must these days! I’d love it

  29. Viccy H

    What a dainty but powerful table lamp! Modern-looking too.

  30. Yuen

    Lovely concept! Something small yet handy!

  31. Healy Harpster

    I’m glad it is available online. I need one of this for my girl’s bedroom.

  32. Courtney Pies

    This definitely seems like a great like! We could use one of these for our home! Thanks for sharing your great review!

  33. Aida Ingram

    Wow! This looks great. I always have extra lights around and I find it is hard to see without them, so this looks like something I should try!

  34. Maya Russell

    It looks like a standing torch.

  35. Rosey

    Tweeting this out for you again today. Thanks for hosting the Love My Post hop!

  36. Holly

    I like the sleek look of that lamp.
    I’m a new follower from the “I Love My Post” hop. Thanks so much for hosting & sharing!

  37. Maya Russell

    Not sure I like this lamp, especially as you can’t get a replacement bulb!

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