JAPONESQUE – Make Up Brushes from Heaven – Plus win a small set.

How many times have you looked for that perfect brush? The one that works like a dream, feels soft to the touch and just seems to make, making that perfect look seem so easy? I have many times and through it I have found brushes I love, brushes I hate and brushes that make me go meh.

These brushes I was kindly sent to review most definitely come into the love category
The Travel Brushes were launched earlier in the year at Boots with a select selection of other brushes been launched in John Lewis at the same time.
All Japonesque brushes are produced with a professional in mind:
Blush Brush 924 – £24
JAPONESQUE Blush Brush 924
This is probably the most used brush I own, mainly as normally I will just slap my makeup being rather lazy and using my fingers *shock horror* but I always use a brush for my blush. This gorgeous tool can be used to  apply loose powder, blush, bronzer and useful for highlighting, contouring and blending.

The one thing you can’t fail to notice is the softness of these brushes the shape given to the brush is flat on the sides and rounded at the top. Which is what makes this brush good for the given uses. The flat is good for patting and pressing on to give a more vibrant colour. I have yet to have a hair loss from this brush and it has definitely become a must have brush for me.
Brow / Lash Comb 844 – £9.75
JAPONESQUE Brow / Lash Comb 844
My bugbear with Brow/Lash brushes is they all seem to fall apart on me, so it’s with a big smile on my face I report this one is still in one piece after a month.

The brush side is fantastic for brushing your brows if they are anything like mine into some sort of tamed form before giving them a preening and pampering with your chosen eyebrow makeup. While the comb side is great for running through your lashes to comb out any nasty clumps. The fine rounded tips make it easy to separate your lashes into an eye fluttering finish.

Eye Shadow Fluff Medium 830 – £14.75
JAPONESQUE Eye Shadow Fluff Medium 830
Gorgeously soft as all the brushes I tried the brush again sports flat sides and a rounded top, the flat sides fantastic for packing on the pigment to give your eyes that WOW factor while the rounded top is great for defining and working round your eye crease.

As the name of the brush suggest this brush is gorgeously soft and fluffy and has been created with tapered fibers to make working with it all the easier.

Concealer 910 – £10.50
JAPONESQUE Concealer 910
Great for using with concealer if your a spotty face like me, or for using with your favourite highlighter the flat side is brilliant for blending while the tip gives you the ability to easily hit the right ‘spot’ with the concealer.
All these brushes are super soft and use synthetic fibers, although classed as a travel brush the handles give enough room to hold without feeling your pushing it or giving hand cramp for trying to hold onto that small end part. I honestly cannot think of a bad word to say about these brushes, and they will most definitely become a staple within my make up brushes.

But that’s not the end… How would you like to give Japonesque a try?

I have been given a lovely Beautiful Eye’s Touch Up Tube Set in Silver with £11.50 and available from John Lewis to give to one lucky blog reader.

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