JAPONESQUE – Make Up Brushes from Heaven – Plus win a small set.

How many times have you looked for that perfect brush? The one that works like a dream, feels soft to the touch and just seems to make, making that perfect look seem so easy? I have many times and through it I have found brushes I love, brushes I hate and brushes that make me go meh.

These brushes I was kindly sent to review most definitely come into the love category
The Travel Brushes were launched earlier in the year at Boots with a select selection of other brushes been launched in John Lewis at the same time.
All Japonesque brushes are produced with a professional in mind:
Blush Brush 924 – £24
JAPONESQUE Blush Brush 924
This is probably the most used brush I own, mainly as normally I will just slap my makeup being rather lazy and using my fingers *shock horror* but I always use a brush for my blush. This gorgeous tool can be used to  apply loose powder, blush, bronzer and useful for highlighting, contouring and blending.

The one thing you can’t fail to notice is the softness of these brushes the shape given to the brush is flat on the sides and rounded at the top. Which is what makes this brush good for the given uses. The flat is good for patting and pressing on to give a more vibrant colour. I have yet to have a hair loss from this brush and it has definitely become a must have brush for me.
Brow / Lash Comb 844 – £9.75
JAPONESQUE Brow / Lash Comb 844
My bugbear with Brow/Lash brushes is they all seem to fall apart on me, so it’s with a big smile on my face I report this one is still in one piece after a month.

The brush side is fantastic for brushing your brows if they are anything like mine into some sort of tamed form before giving them a preening and pampering with your chosen eyebrow makeup. While the comb side is great for running through your lashes to comb out any nasty clumps. The fine rounded tips make it easy to separate your lashes into an eye fluttering finish.

Eye Shadow Fluff Medium 830 – £14.75
JAPONESQUE Eye Shadow Fluff Medium 830
Gorgeously soft as all the brushes I tried the brush again sports flat sides and a rounded top, the flat sides fantastic for packing on the pigment to give your eyes that WOW factor while the rounded top is great for defining and working round your eye crease.

As the name of the brush suggest this brush is gorgeously soft and fluffy and has been created with tapered fibers to make working with it all the easier.

Concealer 910 – £10.50
JAPONESQUE Concealer 910
Great for using with concealer if your a spotty face like me, or for using with your favourite highlighter the flat side is brilliant for blending while the tip gives you the ability to easily hit the right ‘spot’ with the concealer.
All these brushes are super soft and use synthetic fibers, although classed as a travel brush the handles give enough room to hold without feeling your pushing it or giving hand cramp for trying to hold onto that small end part. I honestly cannot think of a bad word to say about these brushes, and they will most definitely become a staple within my make up brushes.

But that’s not the end… How would you like to give Japonesque a try?

I have been given a lovely Beautiful Eye’s Touch Up Tube Set in Silver with £11.50 and available from John Lewis to give to one lucky blog reader.

To enter all you need to do is follow the instructions on the rafflecopter app below.
(please read through the rules to make sure you are eligible before entering)

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  1. Milly   •  

    Awesome giveaway, I need new brushes! The angled eyeliner brush looks brilliant, I love the versatility of angled brushes. x

  2. maci234   •  

    can i have them all

  3. Jude   •  

    I have heard a lot of people raving about these brushes and I’d love to try them.  Jude x Jude 

  4. Jel   •  

    i want an angled eyeliner brush <3

  5. Lauraannewhite   •  

    angled eyeliner brush

  6. Tiffeny Irene Coles   •  

    The powder brush looks fab :) I literally just read an article in a magazine about Japonsque, I soooo need to try these brushes!!! xoxo

  7. Lisa   •  

    Hi, I found you on FB (Beauty Blog Boosters) and here I am. Great post. Very informative and great pics! I’ve never tried Japonesque before but I’d love to try them :)

  8. Sarah Spencer   •  

    My favourite brush is the Japonesque Blush Brush

  9. Lisa Marie Rowsell   •  

    I’ve only recently started wearing more make up, and these brushes would really come in handy.

  10. Lisa Marie Rowsell   •  

    The angled foundation brush is my favourite in Japonesque’s range.

  11. Ashleigh   •  

    foundation brush

  12. happyalone   •  

    Look great brushes – would love to give them a try!  

  13. Tracy Hanley   •  

    I have always wanted some good make up brushes , my fav is the lash comb

  14. sadia   •  

    Want to have em all

  15. Vicky Morton1   •  

    I really like the look of the powder brush.

  16. Stephanie Tsang   •  

    I like the powder brush.

  17. Auzma Hussain   •  

    eye shadow fluff brush :)

  18. Alice Boardman   •  

    i love the Japonesque Blush Brush – :)

  19. Tracy Nixon   •  

    All the brushes look and sound great!  I must admit, the first brush I would go for is the Japonesque Blush Brush – I tend to use my powder brush as a powder and blush brush and because of this, my face powder and blusher mixes!

  20. Charshy   •  

    Lovely! I own a Japonesque case (I scrimped, saved, borrowed… and finally got it), and attest to its high quality. If the brushes are the same, I would be very pleased to own a set!

  21. angela sandhu   •  

    Japonesque Angled Eyeliner Brush

  22. Anne-Marie Large   •  

    My favourite is the Medium Eye Shadow Fluff Brush



  23. Ruth Tesdale   •  


    Japonesque Eye Shadow Fluff Brush

  24. Lynsey Buchanan   •  

    My favourite brush is the Japonesque Blush Brush would love to try it

  25. Natalie Goatley   •  

    I love his the Japonesque Natural Pro Bronzer Brush

  26. Ranita   •  

    The blush bush looks lush.

  27. LauraLFB   •  

    They all look really great, the eye shadow fluff would be very useful!  They make my set look rather ancient!

  28. Maya Russell   •  

    I like the Japonesque Blush Brush.

  29. diavolina_uk   •  

    Blusher brush

  30. robertfox24   •  

    I like the Japonesque Powder Brush

  31. Hilda Hazel Wright   •  

    My favourite would be the one with the lash/brow comb.  I really need one of these, my eyelashes need retraining to behave!  They look so crap at the moment when I put mascara on that by the time I’ve finished I look like I have just 4 lashes on each eye!

  32. samantha Smith   •  

    thanks and liked on fb

  33. Lstewart257   •  

    i want he eyeliner brush looks great

  34. Laura Cooper   •  

    I like the brow / lash comb!

  35. Leah Finch   •  

    great prize   done all to enter 

  36. Paula Evans   •  

    I really love these brushes an essential tool in any make-up bag alas my brushes are old and coming to end of their life :) 

    I love the Japonesque eye shadow crease brush,can never find a good brush to do crease work this looks fab :)  

  37. Giraffe Glasses   •  

    I really like the angled foundation brush – the results are so much better than using my fingers, and it’s really good at blending

  38. Margaret   •  

    The Blusher Brush

  39. Fran Light   •  

    My favourite Japonesque brush is the ‘medium natural pro eye shadow fluff brush’ … a friend recently advised me that blending was the key to applying eye make up as you get older (which I am) and this brush would be perfect for blending eye shadow for a softer, more natural look.

  40. kellyjo walters   •  

    Japonesque Synthetic Concealer/Foundation Brush, my fav.. you cant go wrong with an awesome foundation brush!!.. once you have a good base your ready … great comp.. all girls need good make up brushes

  41. Laura jones   •  

    the blusher brush is fab

  42. Christina Wong-Curley   •  

    I want them all – not greedy :D

  43. Jacquie Bennett   •  

     Japonesque Natural Pro Blush Brush, lush!Thanks for the giveaway, good luck all x

  44. Tracy Grant   •  

    I love the Blush Brushes, so big and soft xx

  45. Tracey Belcher   •  

    Love the luscious Blush Brush!

  46. Kellie Faggle McIntyre   •  

    Lovely comp. Be perfect for applying my daily “war paint”!!

  47. Kellie Faggle McIntyre   •  

    My fave brush would be the monster Blusher brush (924), nothing like a touch of pink on the old cheeks to revive a tired face : )

  48. Fiona Maclean   •  

    fabulous, these look like I might finally end up looking glamorous!

  49. Fiona Maclean   •  

    I’d like an 
    angled eyeliner brush

  50. Fashionstartshere   •  

    Japonesque smudger brush looks the best

  51. Katherine Lawson   •  

    I love the Japonesque Synthetic Concealer/Foundation Brush … it’s curved to reach those tough little spots around the eye. It’s antibacterial properties are a major bonus as well!

  52. Julia Gray   •  

    The Angled Foundation brush looks great :) x

  53. Sally Macnaughtan   •  

    I like the Eye Shadow Fluff brush best because it is very comfortable to use on the delicate skin of the eyes.

  54. Joanna Coleshill   •  

    I love the blush brush, it looks gorgeous

  55. Sarah Parkes   •  

    The concealer brush looks ace, never had one before so would love to give it a try :) 

  56. Ness Gorton   •  

    I love the angled foundation brush.

  57. tracy horrex   •  

    these look great especially the angled eyeliner brush would so love to try them out. following and tweeted @gemkats.

  58. Nicola B   •  

    I haven´t used Japonesque brushes but I´d like to try the eyeshadow Fluff brush. I´d love to perfect the art of perfectly blended eyeshadow.

  59. Linda Hobbis   •  

    The angled eyeliner brush – I STILL can’t apply eyeliner properly!

  60. Rachael   •  

    I love the look of the blusher brush – it looks nice and thick and also sturdy which many seem to lack. 

  61. Marilyn   •  

    Great give-away, I’d love to win.  If it’s a single brush, can I have a foundation please, the whole set would be fabulous.

  62. Breanna Hohenstein   •  

    I am loving the angled eyeliner brush!

  63. Lisa W   •  

    My favourite is the blush brush

  64. caroline scott   •  

    I already the have Japonesque Touch-Up Razor which is fantastic but is really hard ot get hold of all of a sudden.  I’d love to try th angled foundation brush because I am a sucker for foundation applicators – I’ll try everything new that comes out from sponges to flat brushes, stippling brushes etc

  65. PaulaMaher   •  

    i love the big blush brush. nothing else gives an even coverage like this size brush does. 

  66. Lindylubilou   •  

    Oh wow fab giveaway I have never had decent brushes lol. I would love the concealer brush.

  67. Heather Shaw   •  

    smudger brushes are fab

  68. Lucyhac   •  

    Never owned a nice set of brushes – these look good !

  69. Lemon fancy   •  

    I would love to try the 
    PRO EYE SHADOW CREASE BRUSH but the Bamboo Kabuki Brush sounds beautiful!

  70. Mel C   •  

    The Smudger brush, don’t know how I coped before it

  71. Nick Hopkins   •  

    I like the Japonesque Blush Brush

  72. Cheryll H   •  

    The concealer brush – I’ve never used one before but age is creeping up on me! :) @pipersky1 

  73. Laura   •  

    The blush brush

  74. Curlin L   •  

    Angled foundation brush is a must

  75. Sheila Reeves   •  

    The blush brush looks lovely, soft & impressive that is hasn’t shed any hairs as well

  76. az   •  

    aponesque smudger brush for me!

  77. Christina T   •  

    Since I can only choose one it would have to be the Natural Mineral Make-Up Face Brush – looks lush!

  78. lil_devil   •  

    Japonesque Eye Shadow Fluff Brush

  79. gumbie23   •  

    Japonesque Blush Brush

  80. Sarah Cooper   •  

    I love the eyebrow brush.

  81. Pixiejoy72   •  

    Blush brush, by a mile.

  82. Cheryl M   •  

    I’d love to try the eye shadow crease brush – I can never get the right shading in that area.

  83. Lisa Harkins   •  

    The concealer brush looks amazing – precision is always needed for this job!

  84. Tami AJ Ritchie   •  

    i love these brushes :) looking to invest in new brushes as mine are sooooo old… :)

  85. sandy hallett   •  

    The smudger brush

  86. Tony Martin   •  

    The Browand lash blush is best, versatile, stops you looking bushy eyedand also gives longer lashes, 2 great helps in one for when you want to look good :-)

  87. margaret dunlop   •  

    Fabulous prize..powder brush looks awesome

  88. Sarah N   •  

    Great brushes. I’d love a set.

  89. Natalie Holland   •  

     Japonesque smudger brush !!!  fab :)

  90. Caroline Cummins   •  

    Wow…these brushes look so lush, I especially like the Japonesque Eye Shadow Fluff Brush!!

  91. Hazel Rush   •  

    I love the Powder brush!

  92. Erica Price   •  

    The brow/lash comb – my one is getting a little tired.

  93. melissa hall   •  

    Japonesque Natural Pro Bronzer Brush

  94. Kat   •  

    Eyes hadow fluff Medium xx

  95. Suzanne Sendell   •  

    Angled foundation brush

  96. Sarah Burke   •  

    The Concealer brush, which I think is actually perfect for eyeshadow!

  97. haddockv   •  

    the powder brush looks fab

  98. glamrock   •  

    Japonesque Eye Shadow Crease Brush

  99. Charlotte Aldridge   •  

    I love these. I really love the Angled Foundation brush, most foundation brushes are rounded.

  100. Juanita Powers   •  

    I’d love to try Blush Brush x

  101. Bex Smith   •  

    I’ve heard a lot about how great the powder brush is

  102. Karen A Barrett   •  

    I really like the  Japonesque Blush Brush, I would find this useful for my face bronzer as well as blusher.

  103. Kim Carberry   •  

    Great giveaway! I like the look of the Japonesque Blush Brush…. could do with one of them :)

  104. Samantha Atherton   •  

    The Japonesque Smudger Brush is by far my favorite, i always end up with loads of make-up on my finger tips so this would be a finger saver.

  105. emma walters   •  

    love the blush brush :)

  106. Amanda H   •  

    Definitely the eye shadow fluff medium 830, I love trying new eyeshadow looks and would be lost without a good fluff brush! Love the website, great reviews shall be keeping my eye on it :) 

  107. Isobelle forde   •  

    Just the thought of using these lovely brushes would make me want to get up earlier to experiment with my makeup regime!

  108. Laura Carrol   •  

    My favourite would probably be the Smudger Brush, I love giving my make-up that lived-in look :)

  109. reeceprecious8   •  


  110. deaddogsmoking   •  

    Japonesque Eye Shadow Fluff Brush

  111. robynl   •  

    I’d love to try the blush brush.

  112. Afshan   •  

    Love these brushes!

  113. Afshan   •  

    Oops pressed return too early. Love these brushes, Defo favourite is 

  114. Lorraine polley   •  

    i love the look of the powder brush, nice giveaway

  115. samantha_ripley   •  

    blush brush is my favourite

  116. Yasmin   •  

    I love the concealer brush; I pretty much only use concealer anyway, but it always makes application so much easier!

  117. phyllgerry   •  

    I find the Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush works really well for me

  118. Donna Clarke   •  

    my favourite is the angled eyeliner brush <3

  119. Claire   •  

    I’d love to try the powder brush:)

  120. Sarah Armstrong   •  

    cool prize

  121. Sarah Armstrong   •  

    Really love the lash and brow comb

  122. yvonne clark   •  

    the powder brush

  123. Judith   •  

    The powder brush!

  124. Charlotte Brumpton   •  

    loving the angled eyeliner brush – looks so useful (:

  125. saika   •  

    I love the angled eyeliner brush, it’d make applying eyeliner so much easier :)

  126. Hayley F   •  

     angled eyeliner brush look great x

  127. HazHaddock   •  

    blush brush

  128. Sheri Darby   •  

    My favourite brush is the Japonesque Blush Brush

  129. Olivia kirby   •  

    smudger brush

  130. Alison   •  

    I like the Angled eyeliner brush

  131. Lisa Jess   •  

    What a great giveaway. I never use brushes as I dont know what to do. Usually its my fingers.

  132. Janineatkin82   •  

    i havent had the pleasure of using one yet which is why id love to win

  133. Joanna Sawka   •  

    Powder Brush

  134. Nancy Bradford   •  

    The Japonesque Blush Brush

  135. Jackie Rushton   •  

    Angled eyeliner brush

  136. Lyndsey Allison   •  

    The concealer brush – with a 5 year old, a teething nine month old and a few weeks away from number 3, lord knows i need a bit of “assistance” in the monring. This brush would be perfect :)

  137. Natasha R   •  

    Great comp :)

  138. Natasha R   •  

    Great comp, like the look of the blush brush I meant to say

  139. Ali_kazam2003   •  

    Eye Shadow Fluff Medium 

  140. Susan Hall   •  

    Japonesque Eye Shadow Fluff Brush – Medium would be so useful for me so that is my favorite

  141. Lesley Bain   •  

    Definitely the Blush Brush, I ‘borrowed’ my daughters and forgot to give her it back ;)

  142. Debbie Timms   •  

    I love the powder brush, i’ve heard so much about Japonesque and would love to try them! x

  143. Ali Thorpe   •  

    I like the look of the Pro Angled Foundation brush. I usually apply liquid foundation with a sponge so I would be interested in trying a brush to compare the finish.

  144. candlelight2012   •  

    I think the angled foundation brush would become my favourite 

  145. Jessica   •  

    The blush brush looks gorgeous!

  146. terri stammers   •  

    love it

  147. Holly Green   •  

    The brow/lash comb looks pretty good!

  148. charlotte   •  

    Natural Pro Powder Brush I love this brush!

  149. tracey gibbons   •  

    my favourite brush is the blusher brush

  150. Kristy Brown   •  

    I would have to say that it would be the concealer brush, as even though I am 31 next week I still suffer from acne. 

  151. Caz   •  

    I like the concealer brush

  152. Hannah Whitling   •  

    The Angled Eyeliner Brush, looks great and would help to do a good job of eyeliner, which for me is important as im rubbish at getting it right

  153. Araminta Brown   •  

    The Brow Brush looks fab. Makes such a difference to have good quality brushes. And as a bonus, I have a good tip… always wash them with baby shampoo and they’ll repay you by lasting for years! You’re welcome ;)

  154. Jenna Kelly   •  

    Amazing competition! A good make up kit is the secret to having flawless make up! Huge fan of Japonesque! 

  155. dodd900   •  

    great giveaway , thanks 

  156. Tashie5dug   •  

    I love the Japonesque Powder Brush.

  157. karen dixon   •  

    i love the concealer brush

  158. Sarah   •  

    I like the brow and lash comb- I definitely use it the most out of all my brushes. 

  159. ✿Jane ♥   •  

    Japonesque Natural Pro Bronzer Brush

  160. Rebecca Denyer   •  

    I love the Foundation Brushes

  161. Caroline Kelly   •  

    My fave is the concealer brush – they all look great

  162. Shelley Jessup   •  

    The brow/ lash comb as I have a lot of trouble with applying mascara & putting too much by trying to make sure I have all my lashes coated then the lashes end up sticking together so this helps to separate my lashes.

  163. Margaret   •  

    Foundation Brush

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