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January Sales

The sales seem to be starting earlier and earlier every year, this year I found myself logging on, on Christmas Eve to grab some bargains from a couple of my favourite shops. But there is one thing I am awful at remembering when sales season comes around yet is normally second nature to me and that is digging around for voucher codes. It just seems to go out of my mind in the excitement of finding a great bargain.

I have to say until this year, I did assume that sites used the policy you couldn’t use discount codes / shipping codes on sale items though assumption should never have stopped me trying as the worst it could say was code invalid.

But as I’ve found this year it really is worth trying – not all stores let you use a discount code, but I’ve been surprised by how many actually will and I’ve managed to grab a few more pennies off and some free shipping across a few different sites this year, and as they say every penny counts.

So where can you keep an eye out for codes?

I’ve found Facebook and Twitter are great for such things; people will often share great bargains they find with their friends and of course there are pages and accounts set up just for the purpose of sharing a good code, sale or ‘must’ have. Blog’s are also great – I’ve found a number of sales I wouldn’t have known about because they have popped up in my reader. Let’s not forget there are also dedicated websites such as netvouchercodes.co.uk which are full to the brim with codes for all sorts of sites, some even include exclusive discounts. Most require you to sign up to the site but membership is normally free and to be honest if it isn’t I would say pass it on by, you can most probably pick up those same codes for free elsewhere.

So what have I brought so far well here’s a sneak peek:

Oh and one last great thing about online shopping it means you miss the madness that shopping in store brings.

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