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Someone asked me only a few weeks back what my blog aims were for this year, short of trying to be more organised (something in which I fail at in many aspects) I couldn’t think of much. This week though I would say I would like to take it to the next level, what that level is and what happens there I don’t know – but my recent move to wordpress has me full of renewed vigour when it comes to getting my blog out there and noticed.

With lots of blogger meets and seminars planned across the year which hopefully I will get to go to one or two of, business cards seemed like an easy way to help people remember who you are, how they can get in touch and of course that all-important link to your blog – the trouble is as with most things I had no idea where to start with creating or printing such a product.

But luckily Best British Bloggers came to rescue with the chance to make, review and giveaway some business cards.
instantprint business cards
We were set the task of making a card up that would then be sent off to be printed by Instantprint another of my new ‘take my blog to another level’ resolutions includes getting more acquainted with picture software but at the point I was set the task I had no idea how any worked so I decided to go with ‘simple’ design and smiled nicely at my Dad to borrow his computer which has photoshop on it.

Over the next half hour the above design was born a simple merging of my blog banner with some information I thought others might like to know, and my one technological step of including a QR code which actually does work (I admit it was the first thing I did when they arrived was to scan it to check).

As a novice to using the software I still found it simple and easy to put together, I could have gone for a double sided design but I really wanted to keep the look understated while containing any information that I thought might be needed.
I hope I’ve managed to do that while adding an eye catching design.

Once I had popped off my design the cards arrived in just 9 days (and that was over the Christmas / New Year period), the cards are beautiful I went for a gloss finish though matt is also available, the card used was thick making for a sturdy card. I can’t actually think of a bad point about the whole process or the outcome.

For the 1000 cards I received (single sided on gloss lamination) the cost would have been £22 which when compared to other cards and the prices charged by their printers I think is exceptional value.

But 4 of you don’t have to just take my word for it – you can find out yourself free of charge as instantprint are giving away 4 sets of 1000 business cards made to your design on my blog!

To be in with a chance to win all I want to know is what would you advertise on your cards?

As normal once you have completed the one mandatory entry a round of optional extras will open, you do not have to complete any of these, they are just if you would like some extra chances.

Please remember to check the full TandC at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK only, any entries left that do not answer the given question or have obviously not taken the time to follow the rules will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question you will open a round of optional extras you do not have to enter any of these, all entrants’ names and emails maybe used by the sponsoring company to send offers and newsletters.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Queen of the Ads: Beautyland

*I received a set of business cards for reviewing purposes this however doesn’t effect my view which is as always 100


  1. marianne lester-george   •  

    I am a burlesque performer, I would use my cards for that.

  2. sophie spiby   •  

    Antiques x

  3. sarah smith   •  

    my photography :)

  4. Penny   •  

    My gross filth and hazmat cleaning services

  5. Calum Tait   •  

    I would use the cards to help get my antiques business off the ground.

  6. christina curtis   •  

    I own a sign, sticker, banners and printed clothing business. I would use these to promote my services.

  7. Maggie Brown   •  

    I would use the cards to advertise out bed and breakfast.

  8. Lauren   •  

    I would use the business cards, to print my photography business info on it to help more people know about it!

  9. Sheila Shepheard   •  

    Just starting MY OWN new business. I’m on a mission to De-Clutter Britain. Scared, excited & ready to go.

  10. C Jackson   •  

    I’d use the cards to help promote myself more and remind people on how to contact me.

  11. Jennifer Wallin   •  

    I need them to promote my business doing make up, nails and glitter body art.

  12. Rebecca   •  

    They look great Sarah! Where about’s are these blogger seminars you mentioned?

  13. Jane   •  

    Our building business. Goodness knows we all need all the help we can get

  14. Vicki   •  

    I have just created a crafting business and craft club, so I’d love to rustle up some creative business cards!

  15. Cathy   •  

    The new Community Art Group me and two others are setting up… we’re signing the constitution next week – so this would be perfect for when we’re up and running!

  16. Al Smith   •  

    My online business

  17. Simon G   •  

    My wifes practice

  18. Susie M   •  

    I ‘d get them printed up for the charity my husband volunteers for.

  19.   •  

    I would use the cards to promote my ebay and Etsy shops

  20. Sarah   •  

    I would have some cards printed for my blog too Im going to be attending a few events this year so need some really

  21. Sara Davis   •  

    My dog walking business :)

  22.   •  

    Setting up a company with my husband at the moment so definitely for that!

  23. The Brick Castle   •  

    I’d use them to promote my blog – it’d be an easy way to let all my friends from the outside world know what I’m up to!

  24. Eva lorraine Appleby-Gill   •  

    i would use them for my spiritual church

  25. Heather Shaw   •  

    I would use the cards for my slimming world class

  26. Debbie Skinner   •  

    My partner setting up a new business – these would come just at the right time!

  27. Kevin Honey   •  

    My new band!

  28. Stephen Bundy   •  

    My freelance Animation and Illustration business!

  29. Lesley Bradley   •  

    I’ve just started a new business so this prize would be perfect

  30. SJ HEARNE   •  

    I would use them to promote my signage business.

  31. @PaulM74   •  

    My music business

  32. carolyn joyce   •  

    I would advertise my new confectionery business

  33. pam curtis   •  

    I would use them to advertise my cake making

  34. Rivernik   •  

    I Really need this for my offline business :3

  35. melanie stirling   •  

    My husband’s car boot sales.

  36. Erica Montgomery   •  

    ** My new business venture! ** x

  37. Kelly Rendall   •  

    My husband’s gate automation business

  38.   •  

    I’d get started on my property management business and use them for that.

  39. Elena   •  

    i would promote my husband’s cake making skills

  40. Sophie Hedley   •  

    I’d use them for the blog I’m setting up :-)

  41. Eleanor Powell   •  

    I would use them to promote my business – Range Rover Breakers

  42. Pamela   •  

    I would advertise the book that I have (nearly!) finished writing – the business cards will give me that final push to finish it!

  43. Mary Baldwin   •  

    My husband’s a carpet fitter and this would be a fab way for him to encourage repeat business.

  44. Karl Foxley   •  

    Myself and my website design and Internet marketing services.

  45. kim heeps   •  

    my other halfs plastering bussiness, he always needs more bussiness cards

  46. Pam Gregory   •  

    My Business!

  47. Jamie   •  

    Either for my job hunting OR a business i would set up :)

  48. Emily Jane Ann Nelson   •  

    We have a new business and have just started out! Please check out our website i have written in the website box .. All our furniture is hand made by my partner and i do the marketing and paper work.
    I haven’t made any business cards as of yet (Keeping costs down)! But if i had the oppitunity i would go with our same design as our website

    Fingers crossed xx

  49. Brenda Wilkes   •  

    My son’s business

  50. Liz ferguson   •  

    I’d use the cards to promote my new online retail business

  51. Christina Jarrett   •  

    My crystal healing business! :D

  52.   •  

    I Would use for to promote m.o.t. at my garage

  53. rachel humphries   •  

    I would use them to advertise my husbands art work

  54. Joanna Sawka   •  

    I’d help my husband to promote his new business

  55. Jude Dunn   •  

    Fab giveaway, I’d use them to promote my blog. Jude xx @jadlgw

  56.   •  

    my husbands fireworks business :)

  57. Andre Warren   •  

    Just starting a new trading business

  58. Helen   •  

    I’m attempting to start a new business alongside my full-time job, I’d use the business cards to promote it

  59. Ryan Roberts   •  

    my market stall

  60. Natalie White   •  

    I’ve just started up a wedding stationery business so I’d use the business cards to promote that! :)

  61. Diana Webb   •  

    I would use the business cards to promote my photography,

  62. claire turner   •  

    my partner is just startingh out on his own, these would reslly help right now :)

  63. carol boffey   •  

    try and start a ironing service

  64. fifi b   •  

    I sell kids gifts and kitsch in a coffee shop, so I would advertise that to get my home parties off the ground

  65. Alisa Moore   •  

    My new couture millinery business

  66. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir   •  

    I would use them to promote my translation service from Italian, Icelandic and French to English

  67. Luke Bowes   •  

    My new website and services :)

  68. Stacey Guilliatt   •  

    Either my blog or my little cupcake business :D

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  70. Akeve   •  

    I had improve this company cards with the web site. This one’s We have bought are usually versions We created myself personally however these are not similar. Helps make it truly is a lot easier compared to creating this decrease in some document.

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