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HomeSense: Turn this Valentines into Bake Night.

Homesense Forget date night this Valentines HomeSense are urging you to turn it into bake night! And to help you do it they have a wonderful range of baking goodies starting at just a couple of pounds, and go right up into the £100s for top of the range blenders.

I thought I would do a rundown of just a few to start you off on your bake night date night shake up.

1. Heart Detail Cake Stand – £4.99
Show off the love with this cake stand of hearts, if you’re showing the love for the food or your other half well that’s up to you.

2. Baking Spoons – £2.99
Once you have used a baking spoon you will wonder how you ever managed without, they make measuring small amounts a doddle and at this price how can you say no.

3. Cake Stand – £4.99
Mix up floral with polka dots you get this pretty two tear deal sandwiches on the top – cakes on the bottom perhaps?

4. Kitchen Utensils from £3.99
Add some colour to your kitchen with these colourful wooden kitchen utensils – they would cheer you up even on the worst days.

5. Coloured Cupcake Cases – £2.99
And the colour doesn’t stop with the utensils add some colour to your cupcakes with these brightly coloured cases.

6. Cake Tins And Baking Trays from £4.99
Come on who wouldn’t like to make a heart shaped cake on valentines, slather it in jam or even icing, or go all out and use both – its Valentines why not!

7. Cookie Cutters – £3.49
Cupcakes and cakes not for you then how about cookies, you can get chocolates ones, nut ones, fruit ones, plain ones and so many other ones – you can’t not love those right?

8. Union Jack Bake Tin – £2.99
And then once you’re all finished, stuffed but still have more left, pop it in a tin and save it for another day, perhaps for while you’re at work.

So there we have it a small slice of the home cooking goodies HomeSense have to offer.

Have you shopped at HomeSense, and if not would you like to?

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  1. Shelley Jessup

    I love bright cheery things for my kitchen but that’s for it just to look nice as I never cook in there!

  2. Dee

    My daughter started her new job today. She has left Homebase to work in a sandwich shop, not making sandwiches but baking cakes in the back for them to sell, she is soooo looking forward to it. She would love some of this stuff 🙂

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