HealGel Face: Review

HealGel FaceLast year I was lucky enough to review the fantastic HealGel Eye Cream and since then it has continued to be a firm favourite of mine, so I was over the moon when I was given a chance to try another of the products in the HealGel range – HealGel Face.

If you missed my first post on HealGel then to give you a quick idea on the brand it was created by a group of leading UK plastic surgeons with the aim of creating products that not only helped them with their work but also really worked. Each of the three products has been designed with ingredients to specially help protect and repair the skin.

HealGel Face was created as an anti-aging formula that works to give you firmer, smoother and replenished skin it contains all the ingredients of the original HealGel which of course has five key soothing complexes including Arnica Liposome for strengthen capillaries, reducing puffiness and discolouration, Biodynes for cell regeneration, Madecassoside to soothe, help sensitivity and redness alongside a range of protection and repair agents. As well as those original ingredients HealGel Face also includs added ingredients to help soothe the skin and boost collagen production, as well as a unique blend of Omega Oils that replenishes dehydrated skin and restores elasticity topped off with a three part hyaluronic acid complex to plump and revitalise.

As with the eye cream HealGel Face comes with quite a hefty price tag of £48 for 50ml but it also follows the trend of a little going a long way. The cream itself is of a soft velvety texture which is easily absorbed into the skin. It offers a matte finish and is suitable for day or night use with it containing no SPF.

For me it’s a cream I can keep doing back to, if I’ve tried something out that has completely messed up my skin I know this will help soothe and calm those effects and help return my skin to a semi decent state, as well as if I have a cut I don’t worry about popping this on, on top. When it comes to the look of the skin it has definitely seemed to make a difference offering a brighter, softer looking effect to the skin which is visible in the mirror.

For me this is a cream I can see lasting on my table for a while, just like the eye cream.

What do you think of the sound of HealGel Face, would you give it a try?




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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)   •  

    I am just starting to see a few small wrinkles popping up and I would love to nip them in the bud. Thanks for letting me know about this :)
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  2. Rosey   •  

    When you say something is a firm fave, I listen, because you are lucky enough to review so many products. And I agree that I’ll pay a little more if a little goes a long way and it’s a great quality!
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  3. Theresa   •  

    I would definitely love to give it a try! I’ve been using anti wrinkle products since I was 18. While I don’t have any lines yet, prevention is the best medicine!
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  4. Chubskulit Rose   •  

    Sounds like a great cream to use for your skin. I wonder if this is available in the US? I will check it out.

  5. Pam W   •  

    Is this available in the US? It looks like something I’d like to try.

  6. Tess   •  

    I would pay more for a quality product that works too instead of wasting money on crappy.
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  7. Ana @MommysBundle   •  

    I haven’t tried HealGel, but definitely sounds like a great anti-aging cream. Will have to keep it in mind when shopping in the future!
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  8. Elise   •  

    I try really hard to stay away from putting chemicals on my skin. But this does look really good!

  9. Pam   •  

    This sounds like a good face cream. Results mean everything so you will have to let us know after you use it for awhile. I love the packaging too.
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  10. Anne Wallwin   •  

    i’m 40 this year so i need to start investing in some good quality skin care products.

  11. Keri Jones   •  

    Thanks for the review, sounds like a good product worth having in the skincare box :)

  12. Teresa Mccluskey   •  

    this sounds like a snazzy product! I would love to try it! I love using facial products!

  13. Amanda Love   •  

    Sounds like a great product. I don’t think I’ve heard of them before now though. Will have to look into them and see if they’re available here in the US.
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  14. patricia   •  

    I love skin care items so this is on my list. I am always focusing on improving my skin and this sounds like a great product.

  15. amanda   •  

    I think having something to heal and get our skin back to normal is a great idea!

  16. Emma Brown   •  

    This sounds amazing. I would definitely give it a try. Thanks for mentioning its price. The price is reasonable.

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