Celebrate National Chocolate Week with Guylian

Guylian SeahorsesDid you know this week (14th – 20th October) is National Chocolate Week?

Yes we have a week of the year dedicated to all things chocolate, with events being held by some of the nation’s favourite chocolatiers across the country. So what better time to grab a box of your favourite speciality chocolate to share with friends and family than this week? I mean who are we to say no to celebrating this great sweet treat?

I’ve mentioned it before I believe but Ash’s favourite chocolates just so happens to be Guylian and as this week just so happens to also include the important date that is his birthday, I don’t think I would get away without grabbing some of his favourite. .

He’s got a taste for seashells (which I have to admit I adore as well) and are so easily picked up in the stores these days but did you know Guylian have added a new addition to their range which happens to be my favourite for the seashell collection the seahorse – which are now available in dedicated packets of their own.

Of course the seahorses are still made of the finest Belgium chocolate – a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate marbled in a way that makes each one unique and filled withΒ Guylian special roasted hazelnut praline that just melt in your mouth these really are something special that can be enjoyed by all the family

If you want to get your hands on some Guylian they now have an online store as well..

If you are yet to be completely convinced that Guylian might be the chocolate treat for you – how about getting yourself a pack for free as Guylian have given me some to giveaway to you lovely readers.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let me know:
What is your favourite Chocolate?
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  1. Sharon Griffin

    i love dairy milk especially a big bar all for me πŸ˜‰

  2. Stewart Biddle

    after eights

  3. Hayley Todd

    I am a total chocoholic and there isn’t much chocolate I don’t like! If I had to choose one, it would probably be Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, or Thornton’s Melts…yummy πŸ™‚

  4. Nick Hopkins

    I love caramel chocolates

  5. Lucie H.

    I must admit that my favourite chocolate boxes are these seashells by Guylian so that’s why I’m jumping at a chance to win a box. I buy them rarely as it’s a special treat but I tend to hint my relatives that these are my faves πŸ˜€

  6. Michele R.

    Anything that is chocolate is usually my favorite. But, I LOVE dark chocolate truffles.

  7. Liane

    Any dark chocolate

  8. Rebecca Nisbet

    Galaxy caramel!

  9. Tracey Peach

    All Chocolate is my favourite Chocolate! but if I had to choose just one, I would say the Strawberry Cream from Roses

  10. Laura H

    Milk chocolate….ANY milk chocolate!

  11. Marcus

    Milk chocolate

  12. Rebecca Jayne Jones

    i love dark chocolate – has to be bitter!

  13. Bex allum

    Dairy milk

  14. laura banks

    dark chocolate

  15. Aneesah

    Galaxy Ripple



  17. Natasha Male

    My Fav is dark chocolate yuuum!

  18. Paul Meulen

    I love the darker chocolate.

  19. Val Hartley

    Turkish Delight

  20. maureen findley

    milk chocolate with hazelnuts

  21. Paul Bennett

    Dairy Milk

  22. Nancy Townsend

    Guylian seashells

  23. Calypso

    Milk chocolate and truffles!

  24. Claire riley

    Mine has to be galaxy

  25. Farhana

    I love my lindors!

  26. alan

    after eights

  27. vicky dunn

    chocolate orange

  28. Tracey Pender

    I am very partial to a chocolate brazil….and I can never walk past a box of Tofifee!


    Any pralines are my favourite, love them!

  30. Paul Wilson

    A good quality dark chocolate.

  31. Zoe G

    I like Crunchies so anything honeycomb

  32. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

    Mail chocolate with praline.

  33. Emma Jackson

    Anything praline, I love it x

  34. Danni

    I love dairy milk! πŸ™‚ x

  35. sandra b

    Love white chocolate

  36. Katrina Fox

    Has to be Lindt Lindor for me.

  37. Rachel

    Pralines as a special treat yummy πŸ™‚

  38. Katherine Adams

    White chocolate

  39. Nick Webb

    Dark Chocolate

  40. Margaret

    Any kinda milk chocolate

  41. Jenifer

    I’m really not that fussy when it comes to chocolate ha ha ! But I’ve just discovered peanut butter Kit Kats and they’re dangerous! xx

  42. samantha rummens

    dime bar

  43. mark wiggins

    Wispa gold

  44. Lj Baker

    Galaxy Cookie Crumble πŸ™‚

  45. scott holloway

    chocolate covered turkish delight

  46. Kim Hayton

    Chocolate Orange Truffles x

  47. Priya

    Mostly anything without fruits in it πŸ™‚ But I love Ferreo Rocher.

  48. Louise A

    Anything with praline/nougat/turkish delight/nuts…anything really…lol

  49. jennifer thorpe

    whole nut is my favourite

  50. Hannah ONeill

    Anything dark and nutty!

  51. Susan Ellams

    dark chocolate with orange

  52. Hayley

    dairy milk

  53. Claire Bodin


  54. frances hopkins

    I love plain chocolate

  55. Lisa Collins

    Milk chocolate!

  56. Rebecca Maddocks


  57. Adele Hill

    Any dark chocolate

  58. Emma T

    Cadbury for me, although to be honest I’ll eat most chocolate, even the ones I don’t like if I really fancy some and that’s all that’s available!

  59. anthony harrington

    Galaxy (but actually love it all!)

  60. Andi G

    Gulyian but would put up with Thorntons as second best

  61. Lorraine Tinsley

    I love dark chocolate

  62. Amy Jacobson

    Any kind of white chocolate!

  63. sofia s.

    the dark chocolate

  64. Rich Barker

    Green and Black’s very dark chocolate!

  65. Amy Beckett


  66. Christina Macey

    At the moment i’m addicted to mint aero x

  67. Carrie Ashton

    Milk Chocolate Raisins

  68. Victoria Fisher

    Has to be cadburys whole nut !

  69. Caroline H

    Green and Blacks, especially cherry.

  70. Claire Smith

    Turkish Delight

  71. jemma Taylor


  72. Yaya

    I’m a complete chocaholic so any will do, but my ultimate favourite has to be any milk chocolate with almonds.

  73. lesley jones

    goes without saying Guylain seashells, but Green & Blacks butterscotch is a winner, but love and will try all kinds of chocolate. x

  74. Janice Mackin

    I love all chocolate! If I had to choose it would be a wispa gold.

  75. rebeccabasset

    I would say that Milk Chocolate is my Favorite.

    Thanks for the awesome Giveaway!

  76. Sylvia Witham

    I love Cadbury Turkish Delight bars

  77. Helen Barton

    I love all chocolate, but I’ll say Cadburys Whole Nut is one of my favourites.

  78. Annie Costa


  79. Tracy Newton

    Cadbury Flakes after they have been in the fridge

  80. Louise Hart

    lindt. I adore those chocolates. balls of liquid goodness

  81. Nina McFadden

    Dark Chocolate

  82. Tammy Tudor

    wispa gold

  83. Kat Lucas


  84. Hazel Rea

    Green and Blacks 85%

  85. rebecca austerberry

    Any cadburys


    cadbury crunchie!

  87. Louise Comb

    I’m very fickle with choccies. I love ’em all. But if forced to choose I would go for turkish delight πŸ™‚

  88. Danielle Maycox

    Galaxy mmmm! πŸ˜›

  89. Jill Webb

    Cadburys Dairy milk

  90. Steven Appleton

    Any dark chocolate Green & Blacks

  91. Alison Joyce

    Dark Chocolate

  92. Benedicte

    I love chocolate

  93. Michelle d

    chocolate orange

  94. Lynsey Buchanan


  95. Erin O'Riordan

    I love Guylian seashells – they remind me of my late grandmother, who used to buy them every Christmas.

  96. Alison Wakefield

    Praline love it

  97. kelly harper

    anything praline πŸ˜€

  98. Ben Chan

    Dark Chocolate

  99. julie laing

    anything mint chocolate

  100. Amy Williams


  101. Hester McQueen

    Divine dark chocolate with chilli and orange


    I love milk chocolate with a caramel filling

  103. Amy Ripley

    Cadbury Flakes – so meltable!

  104. anita roberts

    any chocolate with nuts yum yum xx

  105. Mickie Bull

    White chocolate


    I love giant Cadbury buttons and the praline green triangles in Quality street

  107. Christina Curtis

    Dairy Milk! but at the moment Peanut Butter Kit Kats!

  108. Jazz

    turkish delight πŸ™‚

  109. Claire C

    I love dark chocolate! plain and simple but delish!

  110. bekki ryan

    Dairy milk

  111. Maggie Osborn

    Not very refined taste but I still love Flakes!

  112. jane greenfield


  113. Katie Evans

    I don’t think anything quite beats a lindor dark mmmm.


    I love thorntons

  115. Kamara H

    Guylian is one of my favourites – others are Reese’s Pieces, After Eight, Cote Dor (praline).


    ordinary dairy milk – i suppose it’s what we grow up with


    Milk chocolate – yummy!

  118. faye huntington

    green & black’s milk chocolate! with love, faye xx

  119. Simon C

    White Choc

  120. Julie Davies

    Guylian seashells



  122. tony allan

    80% cocco


    Im partial to a bit of dark choc πŸ™‚

  124. Martina Pichova

    any milk or dark chocolate with nuts

  125. Judith Allen (@JudeVFR400)

    I’m not very fussy, I am particularly fond of mint chocolate. I do like the marbled chocolate in Guylian too.

  126. lowri earith

    milk but anything with caramel

  127. claire woods

    Hotel Chocolat


    after eights or coffee chocs

  129. melanie stirling


  130. Maya Russell

    I like chocolate that’s about 60-70% something. Not too dark.

  131. Catherine McAlinden

    Guylian. I can eat a box in one go!

  132. Pat Stubbs

    Brazil nuts in chocolate from Thorntons

  133. Hazel Christopher

    The purple one from Quality Street

  134. emma falvi

    milk chocolate

  135. Isabell Whitenstall

    Milk Tray


    Coffee creams

  137. Spencer Broadley

    Any praline – mmmm

  138. Debbie Burfoot

    galaxy so creamy

  139. Tamera Oseni

    I love chocolate truffles!

  140. John Taggart

    Cadburys fruit and nut

  141. Valerie Harbut

    Rich chocolate truffles.

  142. Susan Sargent

    Love pralines

  143. Pauline Simpson

    Lindt D Or yummy!!

  144. anna

    I like fruit and nut

  145. Pam Gregory

    I love dark chocolate



  147. Fiona Martin

    Guylian seashells – so when I spotted this giveaway I just had to enter

  148. Angel

    Anything, as long as it’s brown and chocolatey.

  149. Kelly Dutton

    Dairy milk

  150. simon

    85% cocoa is the best

  151. Carolynn Woodland

    Dairy Milk

  152. Nichola Smith

    Guylian and my 2nd is Lindt <3

  153. alison johnson

    I love chocolate brazils

  154. laura stewart

    after eights ummmm

  155. Lisa J

    Those Lindor truffles – mmmm.

  156. LynneH

    Guy Lian pralines ARE my favourite!

  157. samj

    Milk chocolate with praline.


    Caramel chocolate

  159. Paula Barker

    Chocolate Brazils

  160. steve

    I love chocolate especially if it is a gift or f.o.c

  161. Kay panayi


  162. Lucy Mitchell


  163. Scott Lee Holloway

    My favourite chocolate GENUINELY is Guylian seashells and seahorses. I love them, I sponsor project seahorse every month of which Guylian is the main sponsor for them, I also really like Kinder πŸ™‚

  164. Liz ferguson


  165. Harriet

    Milky way

  166. joanne darnell

    ripple mmm


    how cruel to make me choose! Probably a chocolate caramel

  168. Jennifer Wallin

    After eights. Have you tried them on ice cream? Yummy.

  169. Yasmin Hughes

    I’ve recently tried the White Chocolate Orange, but the Lindt Truffes are indulgently delicious!

  170. Isabel O'Brien

    It’s hard to choose just one but I have been eating a lot of chocolate oranges lately.

  171. John Jones

    85% cocoa chocolate MmmMmmmMm

  172. chloe

    Dairy milk

  173. Sara Davis


  174. Laura Pritchard

    Conveniently Guylian are my favourites! I LOVE them!

  175. bridget smith

    I love everything chocolaty especially guylian

  176. Anneka Hulse

    Belgium chocolate

  177. Mrs Noah

    Dairy Milk

  178. sarah rees


  179. rachel fisher

    anything full of strawberry

  180. Bryony marshall

    After eights

  181. Laura Morris


  182. Kevin Honey

    Believe it or not, Guylian shells

  183. Eva Vida

    I love them all,dark,milk,filled,without filling,round,square etc lol

  184. michelle dootson

    praline chocs

  185. Rebecca

    Wispa! I do love Yorkie, but the anti-lady marketing put me off. πŸ™

  186. Claire D

    Creme Eggs

  187. Allan Wilson


  188. Julia Linsley

    Crunchie Bar – anything with chocolate & Honeycombxx

  189. Laura Love

    After eights


    ooohhh …… milk chocolate …….. mmmm

  191. karen cowley

    i love pralines so much, thanks for the chance to win these, yummy xxx

  192. samantha price

    funny enough mine is gulivan my hubby gets me them for christmas

  193. Geoff Dagger

    Dairy Milk

  194. Simon Harrington

    Lindt’s Touch of Sea Salt

  195. paul sullivan

    for my mother

  196. Silvia

    Elizabeth Shaw’s crispy dark chocolate πŸ˜›

  197. kim neville

    Lindt creation divine

  198. Ffion Hoare

    mmmm chocolate – any kind will do…


  199. Suzanne

    Milk tray

  200. Garry

    Milk chocolate with nuts in.

  201. W. Howard

    Lindt’s Touch of Sea Salt

  202. Rey Chunara

    I love Orange & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate

  203. Bridgette Birkett


  204. Sue McCarthy


  205. Kieran


  206. Anita

    original ferrero rocher yummy

  207. Jennifer

    I love most anything Dark Chocolate!

  208. lia

    dairy milk


    Any chocolate really, but definitely a big Cadbury’s fan!

  210. tracey hunt

    turkish delight

  211. BECCA S

    Cadburys fruit and nut

  212. Diane Whale

    Plain chocolate -the stronger the better

  213. Jasmina K.

    chocolate with raisins

  214. Debbie Gillespie

    Ferrero Rocher


    Dark chocolate caramels x

  216. Belinda Scott

    I love all chocolates, especially anything with a soft smooth praline centre πŸ™‚

  217. Kiran Parry

    My favourite has to be Teasers chocolate

  218. Greig spencer

    love wispas

  219. tina edwards

    i love these but my favourite chocolate is turkish delight

  220. joan

    seashells by Guylian

  221. jayne hall

    milk chocolate pralines


    I love Caramac, mmmmmm, πŸ™‚

  223. Susan Naylor

    I love any coffee flavoured chocolate

  224. Nikki Hayes

    Lindt truffles, nom nom πŸ˜€

  225. Gabrielle Svensson

    My favourite chocolates are Guylian seashells,

  226. Stephen Russell

    Favourite is Thorntons especially in its Choc Heaven Ice Cream

  227. Anne Wallwin

    dairy milk yummy yummy yummy!

  228. Janet T

    Chocolate covered marzipan yumm πŸ™‚

  229. Jayne Sullivan

    Star Bar

  230. Scott Fallon

    Mint aero

  231. helen booth

    Cadburys Dairy Milk, straight from the fridge!

  232. Tamsin Dean

    anything with caramel in it

  233. Solange


  234. clair downham

    cadburys caramel

  235. jenny owen


  236. Fiona Paley

    I love Hotel Chocolat’s caramel milk chocolate

  237. Rebecca Jones

    Dairy Milk Whole Nut

  238. Caroline Blaza

    Chocolate Orange

  239. Jodie W

    my favourite chocolate has to a wispa bar. I just love it!


    Wispa are my fave, and I was soooo glad they brought them back xxx

  241. Pat White

    Milk chocolate

  242. Danielle woodman

    I love picnics πŸ™‚

  243. Emma Thackery

    guylian dark chocolate seahorses

  244. Julie Ward

    1st Dairy Milk. Anything but plain dark choc and turkish delight

  245. Laura Cassely

    I love Ferrero Rocher.

  246. Susan

    A nice bar of milk chocolate

  247. Rebecca Beesley

    love praline and also white chocolate

  248. Toni W

    Cadbury’s buttons

  249. Tracy Nixon

    I love Galaxy!

  250. Christine Caple

    Thorntons Mint Chocolates

  251. Joanna Butler-Savage


  252. Christina Jarrett

    I love Galaxy! πŸ™‚ x

  253. Ann Grisdale

    My favourite chocolate is probably Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, but If I win this, it’s for my youngest daughter whose favourite is the Guylian Sea shells!

  254. Arisa Miura

    Any combination of chocolate and orange is such a divine mix!

  255. Meryl Rees

    All chocolate, white, milk or dark, as long as it’s not super cheap rubbish! (although even cheap can be nice sometimes)

  256. John Steele

    Dairy MIlk

  257. amanda davis

    yorkie raisin and biscuit

  258. Lisa Valentine

    I love lindt chocolates.

  259. Carolin

    Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts and raisins – yum


    Lindor truffles – yum x

  261. Jacqui Osborne

    I just love pralines! πŸ™‚

  262. Laura

    I love the Green and Blacks butterscotch bars. MMMM

  263. Abby Smith

    Galaxy Caramel

  264. anita maciver

    Walnut Whips

  265. mandy

    The new Teasers yumm yummmm

  266. Andrew Cakebread

    Toffee Crisp really love chocolate caramel and the crunch

  267. Zoe Roxby

    Ferrero Roche cant beat em my husband love guylian chocolates so needless to say if I won these for him then maybe I would get my foot rub after all

  268. Susie Wilkinson

    Anything Cadbury’s!

  269. Julie Long

    Cadburys whole nut.

  270. Carrie Hamilton

    ALL chocolate!! But I especially love GUYLIAN seashell. Precisely why I’m entering. Om nom nom πŸ™‚

  271. Victoria Easton

    Praline every time please!

  272. Katherine Coldicott

    Lindt Lindor Milk Truffles



  274. Katie Walker

    Any praline chocolate. I could munch them down like there is no tomorrow.

  275. Mummy of Two


  276. Hellies Corner

    Any Dark 70% with orange peel

  277. Sarah Davies


    • Sarah Davies

      Are you able to delete this message. I accidentally put my email address instead of my name. Thanks!

  278. Rachel Craig

    Bar of chocolate:- Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

    Chocolates :- Guylian’s Seashells, Delicious.

  279. Kirsty Sparks

    Crunchie πŸ™‚

  280. vicky cockett

    my favourite chocolate is the chocolate in my hand; what i mean is i love any chocolate, but most of all i love it if it is mine!

  281. David Allen

    Liquer πŸ˜‰

  282. julie munro

    galaxy is my favourite

  283. Rebecca Phillips


  284. Andy Scott

    I like a dark cocoa 70%+

  285. Janet Dring

    Dark chocolate

  286. Ashley Beolens

    I’m a fan of galaxy, I love the creaminess

  287. donna clinton

    cadbury fudge

  288. Paula Phillips


  289. Jan h

    Milk chocolate and orange – sumptuous

  290. Deborah Wheeler

    cadburys dairy milk

  291. Julia Marsh

    White Chocolate – or even better Marble!

  292. Kelly Hooper

    revels are my favourite as I get a variety of flavours in each mouthful

  293. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    Lindt Lindor

    Kel x

  294. Robby Price

    After Eight Mints

  295. ValB

    Any chocolate with nuts

  296. Clare Scanlan

    I love Belgian chocolate, so rich and full of flavour, such a treat!



  298. Catherine Whittall

    Guylian Seashells

  299. Ken Brown

    dark chocolate crystallised ginger

  300. Sue Harrison

    Those Lindt balls… yummm πŸ™‚

  301. liza appleton

    truffles truffles truffles!!!!

  302. Isabelle Smith

    dark choc xxx


    hazlenut praline mouthwatering lushness

  304. Natalie Gillham

    all of them except coffee – yuk πŸ™‚

  305. barbara clarke

    cadburys wispa

  306. Kate Marriott

    Galaxy everytime!

  307. Alison crump

    My favourite chocolate is diary milk

  308. shell

    Whatever i am eating at that time.

  309. Andrew Halliwell

    Dark choc with mint

  310. Will H

    Ferrero Rocher!

  311. Charlotte

    Dairy milk!


    Hazelnut praline truffles

  313. Angela Williams

    lindt lindor

  314. Melanie Burton

    Milk chocolate any!

  315. Jennifer Rhymer

    I love Terrys chocolate orange

  316. james darrington

    Cadburys twirl

  317. sharron johnsonmyatt

    got to be lindt xx


    Green & Blacks milk chocolate with almonds



  320. Diane Carey

    Cadburys Fruit & Nut or anything with a Coffee/Cappuccino filling

  321. Rebecca Gransden

    Ultra soft and nutty pralines every time. Yum.

  322. vandervaulk

    Cadbury’s Flake

  323. Anne Woodthorpe

    definately guylians!

  324. Alison R

    Thorntons.. the Viennese ones

  325. adrian knox

    Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut

  326. ClairejB

    Milk choc with caramel is my fave at the moment. πŸ™‚

  327. Sheri Darby

    I love chocolate truffles

  328. Mark

    Pralines and toblerone

  329. Dorota Amellal

    I love dark chocolate with nuts:)


    any chocolate, I love it all.

  331. Laura Vitty

    Galaxy cookie

  332. Francesca Harrod

    Strawberry quality street!

  333. Emma Howard

    I love pretty much all chocolate apart from coffee flavoured. The nicest chocolate I have ever tried is Booja Booja truffles.

  334. Rachael Farley

    I love praline and anything nutty…. Thorntons Alpini is gorgeous


    Any Lindt..mmmmm

  336. saisse sanders


  337. vicky hulme

    Cadburys dairy milk

  338. Karen Martin

    white kinder bueno

  339. Keeley Atkinson

    Fererro Rocher πŸ™‚

  340. katherine b

    I love dark chocolate with nuts!



  342. Steven Pippin

    Peanut butter m and ms

  343. Chris Bell

    Belgian Praline funnily enough….


  344. Alison

    Chocolate oranges

  345. mrs sharron page

    raspberry and white chocolate flavour or praline.

  346. Leslie Evans

    Any dark chocolate

  347. Gemma Snell

    praline chocolate and coffee chocolate

  348. Ness Gorton (@baggiesbabe69)

    Anything by Cadburys

  349. Wanda Malt

    Diary milk with daim

  350. Susan Ocock

    Green and Blacks dark chocolate and mint

  351. Phyllis Ellett

    Dark plain, the darker the better.

  352. Patricia Walker

    oh dear…if it’s chocolate it’s my favourite!! I love chocolate in all it’s forms!

  353. Gillian Hale

    All chocolate, but especially the secret bar that is in my bedside cupboard. My kids don’t know that it is there, so they cannot share it!!!

  354. vicki hennie

    All of it! Love it!

  355. Lauren Old

    Cadbury’s Wonka Cookie Nut Crunch

  356. Janine Atkin

    i love white chocolate

  357. Deborah Hambleton

    Thorntons – yummy

  358. donna jones

    dairy milk

  359. Diana

    Any milk πŸ™‚

  360. joanne liddement

    Guylian Seashells.I always buy a box for Christmas just all to myself

  361. Nicola Holland

    Fruit and Nut milk chocolate


    Any dark chocolate!


    Belgian truffles

  364. Emma

    Booja Booja Hazelnut truffle

  365. Romana Richards

    Any truffle without nuts

  366. michelle pierce

    bournville, dark chocolate

  367. simone bell

    its got to be ferrero rocher

  368. Rochelle Lear

    champagne truffles

  369. Chris Fletcher

    Chocolate brazil nuts especially with caramel! yum

  370. Sarah Ballantyne

    White choc with raspberries or strawberries.

  371. Kirsty Woods

    Milk chocolate

  372. karen dixon

    galaxy or lindt white choc – both are gorgeous

  373. Rach

    My favuorite is any type of dark, orange-flavoured chocolate.

  374. leanne williams

    after eights

  375. Janet Bagnall

    anything with nuts! but my favourite has to be galaxy hazelnut

  376. John Tooth

    tolberone, luxury choc πŸ™‚

  377. gemma raines

    choc orange πŸ™‚

  378. zoe Lucas

    I love any chocolate with nuts or nut gnash in yummy

  379. Annabel fincham

    Turkish delight

  380. Dominique

    Lindt πŸ™‚

  381. Mike Bull

    Dark Chocolate

  382. Mark Palmer

    Chocolate with biscuit pieces

  383. Jeremy Hards

    I love all chocolate but my favourite is Cadbury’s Flake

  384. kirsty slow

    Any Cadburys

  385. Karen R

    I love Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations Popping Candy πŸ™‚


    anything with truffle..especially champagne truffles

  387. paul jackson

    cadburys heroes

  388. Jennifer Taylor

    60% dark chocolate truffles.

  389. natalie white

    has to be Lindt balls (in the red box)


    I love after eights !

  391. Pam Lawrence

    Or everyday i just like plain old cadburys dairy milk. For ‘treat’ chocolates i love ones with nutty tastes like ferrero richer and guylian x

  392. Jamie

    Wispa is an amazing chocolate bar πŸ™‚

  393. Hayley Louise Colburn

    My faves actually are belgian seashells but that prob sounds like bull lol, my second faves are quality st strawberry and orange creams x

  394. Claire D

    Any kind of praline!

  395. louise bennett

    dairy milk

  396. Lorna Peppiatt

    Ooh Lindor Lindt is my favourite πŸ™‚

  397. lisa tebbutt

    all chocolate yummy

  398. Janet Rumley

    Thorntons milk chocolate

  399. Irene Murdoch

    I’m a Galaxy girl


    love lots of chocolates normally makes me sick as I eat too many

  401. Anne Charlee Brookes


  402. Debbie Preston

    I love Galaxy

  403. Cheryl


  404. Angie Poulding

    I LOVE all chocolate!

  405. Emily Jayne Phipps

    Any chocolate! πŸ™‚

  406. Eleanor Powell

    I love caramel chocolate

  407. Ellen Stafford

    Cadbury Caramel….love caramel

  408. sandy ralph

    my favorite chocolate bar is the Kinder Beuno but not the white one

  409. sandy ralph

    My favorite is the Kinder Bueno but not the white one

  410. Natalie Henderson

    I love salted caramel chocolate! πŸ™‚

  411. Lindy Hine

    Where do I start? lol I love many forms of chocolate but especially Guylian Sea Shells, Milky Bars, Hotel Chocolat, Green and Black’s Butterscotch… the list is endless! πŸ™‚

  412. Hannah Smith

    Funnily enough it’s Guylian.
    I remember the first time my Dad brought some home because he knew how much I love the sea and thought I’d like the shell shape.

  413. Hannah Weetman

    Lindor. Melt in your mouth tasty!!! xx

  414. yasmine choudhry

    peppermint aero

  415. Lani Nash

    I love bitter dark choc

  416. Ali Thorpe

    Milk or dark chocolate with orange, raspberry or nuts.

  417. Joanna Sawka


  418. Helen

    Kinder Egg Chocolate – Yummy!!

  419. Teresa Lee

    Milk chocolate & hazelnut

  420. Leo Mulligan

    caramel chocolates

  421. Stuart Osborne

    My wife would love these

  422. Penny Hannibal

    I love coffee creams and thankfully no one else in the house does! πŸ™‚

  423. cathyj

    galaxy so smooth

  424. Rebecca Mercer

    Flake! Yummy

  425. Jo-Anne holton

    all chocolate lol, but at the moment it has to be cadburys new popping candy and jelly bean one!!!!

  426. Martin Leyland

    I love Old Jamaica with its blend of choc and raisins and the flavour of Rum. MR Simms old fashioned sweet shop does a lovely one.

  427. Lorraine Stone

    Ladies of a certain age require a bit of a bang with their chocolate, flavour wise (so I hear!) … I myself love anything with a really “zingy, wake-up tastebuds” taste. Latest favourite is raspberry fondents in a milk/dark choc. – Zingy alright!

  428. Ros Irwin

    I love Terry’s chocolate orange

  429. David Jackson


  430. mandy cove (@mandsmanc)

    at the moment I do not have a fave choc, dieting is hell lol x

  431. joan

    Guylian oysters are delicious

  432. Sam Toms

    Lindor by LIndt

  433. Vanessa

    Oh I love these chocolates! Soooooooooooo decadent!

  434. nikki cook

    a choc orange

  435. carly poole

    Dairy Milk Oreo

  436. sarah clegg

    dairy milk xx

  437. Tracey McPartland

    Love Diary Milk

  438. laura avery

    kinda bouneo (or however its spelt) ..could eat far too many of those given a chance!

  439. Jo faulkner


  440. Erica Field

    Dairy milk

  441. Adrian Clarke

    Any dark chocolate!


    diam bars

  443. Sarah Makinson

    strawberry filled milk chocolates

  444. Lynthia Doran

    Any dark chocolate hits my spot!

  445. Melanie Fairypants Kelly

    Hmmm what chocolate this is a hard choice nope it’s not Guylian served with hunky husband and a glass of baileys

  446. stacey kirkbride

    i adore rich praline centred chocolates! could eat them for hours πŸ˜‰

  447. Helen Thurston

    Love dark chocolate, or praline/chocolate with nuts . I don’t care much for white chocolate, everything else is good though x

  448. Kirsty Greer

    Galaxy x

  449. Rachael Donovan

    i love lindor

  450. Maxine Owen

    My favourite chocolate has got to be Galaxy Cookie Crumble, it is just amazing!

  451. Kirsty Harrington

    Orange chocolate

  452. Louise Macgregor

    Swoon. That is all.

  453. Teresa Sheldon

    I love all choccie although very partial to praline

  454. scarlett brannan

    My favourite would be strawberry cream

  455. Rosie

    Dark chocolate with chili

  456. Lian Hunt

    Freddo for me, just small enough to be good but big enough to satisfy

  457. Mary Heatley

    I love flakes, so crumbly.

  458. kellyjo walters

    I love twirls

  459. Lucie Grisdale

    My favourite chocolates are actually these Guylian chocolate seashells! I absolutely LOVE them. I always get them for my birthday and at christmas. I prefer the darker ones than the light ones. Mmmmm I hope I win these!

  460. Angela Kelly

    Peppermint Aero

  461. Linda Bird

    Cadbury Chocolate

  462. laura

    Ferrero Rochers

  463. Jill Fairbank

    Cadburys whole nut hmmm yummy

  464. Becky John

    Milk chocolate & praline

  465. Susan Pringle

    Oh Cadbury’s

  466. lorraine polley

    i love dark chocolate brazils or walnut whips

  467. natalie


  468. Daniel Stacey

    Milk chocolate

  469. Erica Price

    Anything dark.

  470. katrina day-reilly

    dark chocolate

  471. Louise warren

    Dairy box

  472. Allan Fullarton

    After Eights!

  473. Honey


  474. Nicola Jayne Robinson

    divine salted caramel

  475. angela muir


  476. Claire Nelson

    White chocolate (and if its filled with caramel then its heaven!)

  477. penny stubbs

    my favourite cocolate is lindt.mmm

  478. Samantha R

    I love hazelnut chocolate, pralines and truffles

  479. Wendy Guy

    Cadbury Dairy Milk

  480. Alison Johnson

    I munching on a bar of Dairy Milk at the moment! Need I say more?

  481. Susan C

    White Chocolate Lindt

  482. David Clark

    Guylian or After Eights, love em both

  483. Becky Downey

    cadburys caramel

  484. Angela Sandhu

    Milk Chocolate

  485. Lydia G

    I love all chocolate πŸ™‚

  486. Jessica Slater



    I love continental dark chocs the best

  488. Helen Garner

    Fruit and Nut

  489. Champaklal Lad

    Seashellss by Guylian

  490. Sam Furniss

    Cote d’Or milk chocolate

  491. Lorna Holland

    Either Dairy Milk or Daim bars πŸ™‚

  492. Jackie Rushton


  493. Sam @happyhomebird

    I love chocolate with sea salt

  494. Stacey Holmes

    Anything with nuts!

  495. Jayne B

    Love mint but then again I love white choc, dark choc, milk choc, turkish delight …!

  496. jackie curran

    milk chocolate

  497. Eva Churchill

    Fruit and nut . Yum !

  498. Diana Croos

    Dairy Milk

  499. Laura Farnworth

    Guylian and Dairy Milk


    Daily Mail Whole Nut

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