• Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      They really are *drools* I must go and get myself some more for valentines haha! xx

  1. Dena Barrie   •  

    Love your blog and actually may send you an email as I would like to ask you a few questions!!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Aww thank you so much :) My inbox is open to you if you want to pop me an email – that is no problem at all :) x

  2. Shaina   •  

    I don’t foresee chocolate on Valentines Day ever going out of style! These look yummy!

    New follower from the hop! I look forward to your future posts :)

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      I think it’s one of the those things that will forever be at the heat – plus it’s so yummy!

      Hopping back to you now sorry for the delay I was sure I had come and commented already! :) xx

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Shhhh I had 😉 I blame the fact I’m half asleep I obviously just forgot to reply here lol x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      They really are *drools* glad I managed to get my hands on a couple hehe xx

  3. Cynthia L.   •  

    I have been following you for a while. I am glad to link up to your party and find some new friends! Love the chocolates!
    Cynthia L. would love you to check out…Foodie Friends FridayMy Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Thank you so much for deciding to link up I really hope you enjoy taking part and thank you so much for being a reader <3.

      You can’t bead chocolates I don’t think hehe xx

  4. Eloquent Obi   •  

    cute cover, love the rainbow like title background. yummy looking chocolates. i love it any time of the year!
    Eloquent Obi would love you to check out…Friday Rambles…My Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Thank you so much for stopping by – popping back over to you now :) xx

  5. Heather   •  

    YuM! Those look and sound amazing!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Aw no I hope you get to try them sometime – often you can pick up a pack of 4 for a £1 :) x

  6. Ching Tse Mimi   •  

    They look tasty!! from blog hop..nice blog..do visit us sometime if you like!


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