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Guest Post: Alyssa’s 4 tips to have an unforgettable Halloween

Here we are again – yet another Wednesday has rolled around and it’s time to show some love to another blogger where they get to take up their space on my space. This week brings us the beautiful Alyssa from Impractical Composition – a full time worker and student (how does she fit it all in!) her blog is her place to share her wants and needs, and will give you a little glimpse into her life.
Make sure you check her out once you have finished reading her fab 4 tips for Halloween.

Remember how fun Halloween was when you were little? The question in my house was always “what time do we get to go trick-or-treating?!”  Halloween is such a fun time when you are a kid, you get to dress up and you get candy! What more does a kid need!? There was one Halloween that I remember quite well. I was in preschool and we were having a Halloween party, I dressed up as Snow White, wig and all – this includes lipstick and red shoes too!  So we were lining up to go into the classroom and the older kids start laughing and pointing at me. They said “ha ha, she has a wig on. Ewww that’s weird!”   I started crying and yanked the wig off my head – and from then on I swore to myself that I would never wear a wig again for Halloween.

This year I want to make Halloween the best, I want to remember this Halloween instead of my preschool year disaster! Brand (my husband) and I don’t really do anything for Halloween because we don’t have kids, but this year I want to change that! Here are 4 tips to have an unforgettable Halloween:


1. Start a tradition – Halloween is always more fun when there is tradition to look forward to.  A lot of families have pumpkin carving as their tradition. Some families I know even bake the pumpkin seeds after they carve the pumpkins! The tradition doesn’t have to be extravagant, in fact here are some traditions that you might want to try out for your own house. If you are single and don’t have family in town find friends to make traditions with, get together with people from church or classmates, you will be surprised at how much fun you can have!


2. Throw a Party – I’ve never been to a Halloween party before, –I take that back I have – but I’ve always thought it would be lots of fun to have my own party! Especially seeing all the creative costumes! The party doesn’t have to be on Halloween night, in fact it might be better if it isn’t so that more guests show up! Surf the web and get cool ideas on decorations and games to play at your party. I love going to the dollar stores around the holidays because they always have great decorations. If you are looking for decorations ideas take a look at this website. If you are looking for games to play head here. Throwing a Halloween party will definitely get you into the Halloween spirit.


3. Find a “Halloween Only” Recipe – Come up with a recipe for Halloween, make it specific so that it has it’s own Halloween feel and so that it always reminds you, your spouse, or your kids about all the fun you had on Halloween! You could make a special Halloween dinner or just make a dessert, you pick! If you are looking for fun recipes to try head over here.


4. Get Creative with your Costumes – Halloween costumes don’t have to cost a fortune. There are so many creative ways to make costumes that are cost effective. Personally, I love seeing families dress up as characters from movies like Toy Story or The Incredibles. If you are looking for other group ideas you can check out this website. If you are looking for cheap costume ideas head here.

With these tips in mind you are sure to have an awesome, memorable Halloween!

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  1. Mo

    Great post and wonderful tips

  2. Laila

    Nice Job! Found you on the blog hop:)


  3. Erica

    Halloween already! It’s been on my mind, all the sweets, costumes and fun. But I’m dreading thinking so far ahead. Where did summer come and go already?!
    Erica xo

  4. Sarah Bailey

    Thank you so much 🙂 Popping back over to you now xx

  5. Sarah Bailey

    Crazy isn’t it – only seems like it was Christmas yesterday and well it’s not really that long till next Christmas x

  6. Grace Clements

    Im so excited for halloween, and now i have my own house, I plan on decorating it for halloween ;D i love the pumpkin with the flowers carved out of it…though i would never be able to achieve that

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