Glo&Ray Lipstick and Liner Review.

Glo&Ray LogoAround a month ago I was contacted by the people over at Glo&Ray and asked if I would like to have a look at some of their spring collection – as new brand company to the market (début was back in September of 2012) and one I hadn’t tried myself before I couldn’t say no.

Their mission is to “present professional and carefree cosmetics for women worldwide” and they work by the manifesto of “Colour your Shine!”, while their name is derived from the words “Glo”, a gentle luminance; and “Ray”.

Within their collections you will find makeup for the eyes, lips and face with gift collections available to help you revive the style of times gone past, create the perfect smoky eye and so much more.

Glo&Ray Lip Sticks

Glo&Ray Lipstick They sent me 6 of the lipsticks from their La Amo creamy matte lip colour range and they are gorgeous. Each lipstick is incredibly pigmented and infused with lip moisturising properties while being extremely long lasting, actually I have to say it last so well I had trouble getting some of the colour off after doing these swatches.

Glo&Ray Lipstick

If you click on any of the pictures they will enlarge for you.

    The colours in order are:

  • Coral Whisper 615
  • Barbie Kiss 613
  • Fallin 614
  • Cupid 617
  • Imprint Red 619

I have completely fallen for Coral Whisper and Cupid – although not colours I would normally go for I think yet again my tastes are changing. The reds are beautiful though I normally only wear a good red when I feel the need to dress up it’s just not an everyday colour for me while the others are.
Freeze isn’t a colour I would ever have chosen myself but it does have a certain charm even if it’s not completely for me.

I know sometimes you can get quite a discrepancy between colours and how well they apply / how moisturising they are even within the same range but each of these lives up to the same high standard as the next which is great quality to find.

You can grab any of these 6 lipsticks or any of the others in the La Amo range online at the Ray&Glo Website for £12 each.

Eternity Long Lasting Eye Liners

Glo&Ray EyelinersI realised when I came to upload these that I didn’t have any pictures of the outer packaging not quite sure how I managed it as I’m sure I took some but to give you an idea it is of course more or less the same as the lipsticks just longer and thinner – they both incorporate a black and white sleek design which I have to say is very pleasing to my eye.

    The picture includes all the current range of Eternity Eye Liners with the colours being:

  • 1. Great Blue Hole C1452
  • 2. South Pole S1254
  • 3. Provence F0854
  • 4. Redtsingy S1845
  • 5. Houston S1025
  • 6. London S0155

Please note the numbers on the left 1 through 6 are there purely to help identify which colour is which in the swatches picture.
Again these liners are really pigmented, they are of the variety where you rotate the end and the pencil lengthens so no sharpener is required (great for me as I always manage to lose them). As you can see from the picture of the end of the pencils 1 and 3 have the added touch of sparkles.

Each colour in my mind is very wearable and if you have wanted to perhaps try out a different colour this could be a great place to start as the colour differences are very subtle. They have a soft formula making them a charm to apply with none of them being subject to dragging.

I think my favourite has to be either 1 or 5 both very different.

Again if you want to get your hands on these they are available on the Glo&Ray website for £9 each.

I’m looking forward to trying more from Glo&Ray I think Eye Shadows (especially Twilight Nude) and a Blush perhaps Luna Maroon will be next on my list.

What do you think of Glo&Ray, have you ever tried them or would you like to?

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  1. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    I like the eyeliner these look so much better than the traditional sharpening kind of eyeliner.

  2. md kennedy

    These look beautiful – specially the Barbie Kiss for lips and Houston for the liner. I wonder if they ship overseas….

  3. Paula V

    I have not tried this brand. I’ve stuck with Revlon Color Stay for years because it really does stay long. Tried Loreal LaRuge and it seems to stay also.

  4. Debra C

    Daily comment. It is so hard to find lipstick that lasts.

  5. Cyndie

    Love all these colors. I need to look on their website!!

  6. Tabitha Vos

    I would not have turned down the lipstick either. I love my lipstick and eyeliner. These look really good. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I will watch out for them now! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Heather Walter

    I haven’t tried this brand either. I do like the color choices though. They look lovely!

  8. Susan

    I really like the cupid.

  9. Autumn B

    I love those eye liner colors!

  10. Maggie Osborn

    The eyeliners look great; I need a new one (or three!)

  11. Makeup ByMerry

    I love that barbie kiss lip color and the great blue hole eyeliner if I wear these then will rock in the party.

  12. jennifer

    i love your guys makeup

  13. Bex

    Ahhhhh you are not doing my lipstick addiction any favours! These look gorgeous!!!!

  14. Shelley Jessup

    Really like these Sarah. I can never have too many eye liners & lipsticks and I so want all of these!!!

  15. Anne Wallwin

    i’ve never tried but the colours do look lovely and bright.

  16. Luchessa

    Oh i like how the Eternity Long Lasting Eye Liners look like. Remind me of the Sephora liners. Wearable but with a nice sparkle. Thumbs up for that!!

  17. Kate

    I wish I could have read this yesterday! I needed a pink lipstick. Thanks for sharing!

  18. xristina

    i want em all *_*

  19. Kayce

    WOW! La Amo creamy matte lip colour and eyeliners looks so gorgeous! I wanna try them too! 🙂

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