Get your Groupon with this Competition.

Groupon Logo

Launched in 2009 Groupon UK’s aims to bring you the best deals across the UK with things to buy, eat, see and do in many different cities.
When entering the site you can choose your most local city meaning the offers are tailored to be something you can experience every day without having far to go. My main offer in the ‘Birmingham Area’ today was a retreat into Warwickshire with a one or two night stay at Woodland Grange.

As you can see from the picture it also gives you a nice run down on price, amount of time remaining and how many people have already brought some time out. You are also given information on Highlights of the offer, what exactly you are getting and of course the fine print – in it’s nice to see – not so fine print and scrolling down just a bit more brings you up some more details on the venue as well as reviews from past customers. A list of other local offers is also placed on the left hand side under the top ‘Goods’ offer.
When clicking onto the Goods page you will see a very similar page with one main offer and others down the left hand side – if you see a small ad you want to know more about just click on it and this will lead you to the full blurb about the offer.
It really is such an easy site to get around. For everything you buy you receive a voucher which you then go on to use to either book your activity or buy the item from the offer companies website (be sure to check the fine print to see if additional post and packaging applies when buying goods).
Does Groupon sound like a place you would like to find yourself a good deal?
Could I maybe just give you one thing more to sweeten it up just a tiny bit more?
Well how about a £20 voucher to help you get hold of your favourite deal?
All you need to do is pop over to Groupon and then leave me a comment telling me what you would most like to spend your cash on! Remember to finish your entry by logging your details via the Rafflecopter form and giving yourself the opportunity to get some extra entries into the draw!
The rules are found at the bottom of the Rafflecopter app so make sure you give them a read!
Other than that have fun and look forward to hearing what you would buying with your voucher should you win.