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Launched in 2009 Groupon UK’s aims to bring you the best deals across the UK with things to buy, eat, see and do in many different cities.
When entering the site you can choose your most local city meaning the offers are tailored to be something you can experience every day without having far to go. My main offer in the ‘Birmingham Area’ today was a retreat into Warwickshire with a one or two night stay at Woodland Grange.

As you can see from the picture it also gives you a nice run down on price, amount of time remaining and how many people have already brought some time out. You are also given information on Highlights of the offer, what exactly you are getting and of course the fine print – in it’s nice to see – not so fine print and scrolling down just a bit more brings you up some more details on the venue as well as reviews from past customers. A list of other local offers is also placed on the left hand side under the top ‘Goods’ offer.
When clicking onto the Goods page you will see a very similar page with one main offer and others down the left hand side – if you see a small ad you want to know more about just click on it and this will lead you to the full blurb about the offer.
It really is such an easy site to get around. For everything you buy you receive a voucher which you then go on to use to either book your activity or buy the item from the offer companies website (be sure to check the fine print to see if additional post and packaging applies when buying goods).
Does Groupon sound like a place you would like to find yourself a good deal?
Could I maybe just give you one thing more to sweeten it up just a tiny bit more?
Well how about a £20 voucher to help you get hold of your favourite deal?
All you need to do is pop over to Groupon and then leave me a comment telling me what you would most like to spend your cash on! Remember to finish your entry by logging your details via the Rafflecopter form and giving yourself the opportunity to get some extra entries into the draw!
The rules are found at the bottom of the Rafflecopter app so make sure you give them a read!
Other than that have fun and look forward to hearing what you would buying with your voucher should you win.

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  1. Sara

    I’d spend it on a new haircut and colour, I need one but all the salons around here are so expensive!

  2. Paula burnside

    A nice meal out for me and my husband

  3. Ashleigh

    i would use it towards a hotel stay with my husband x

  4. Azra

    I would deffo spend it on some lush meal out! I’m thinking seafood platter and wine!

  5. angela sandhu

    an afternoon tea for my birthday

  6. Natalie Goatley

    I would use it towards getting my tattoo removed.

  7. kathleen hooper

    I would spend it on a pedicure

  8. lynn savage

    I would spend it on a fab meal out at a new restaurant, there are so many great restaurants to try in London and it’s great to get a discount.

  9. emmacella

    A nice meal out 

  10. Katherine Lawson

    I’d love to treat myself to a massage! 

  11. Nancy Bradford

    A meal out somewhere nice.

  12. Elizabeth Smith

    I’d buy a massage – my shoulders are living side by side with my ears at present!

  13. Jo

    I would definitely have a haircut I so need it and often see Groupon deals for local salons. Thanks for a fab prize.

  14. Amanda Borley

    I would use it on a meal out

  15. Juliethomas55lw

    A special treat for my husband – a little escapism for the two of us, a hotel break.  Because he’s worth it!

  16. Sarah Cooper

    A meal out.

  17. Iceblood59

    Nosh probably

  18. Iceblood59

     Haha – good one!

  19. Samcornfield

    I would spend it on a haircut

  20. Lstewart257

    meal out would do nicely

  21. Linda Hobbis

    I’d put it towards a meal out with hubby, assuming we can cobble enough danger money to appease the babysitter! x

  22. Hilda Hazel Wright

    I’d put it towards my next hotel stay.  I used Groupon for a hotel stay in Scotland.  Its really good to keep an eye on the daily emails to see what comes up!

  23. Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    Days out for the summer holidays


  24. laura banks

    a nice meal

  25. Anita

    Beauty treatment as I haven’t treated myself in ages.

  26. Maya Russell

    I’d spend it on a new kettle.

  27. Solange

    Pamper treat

  28. Katy Spence

    I would spend it on a nice meal out for the hubby and I!!

  29. Vicky M

    I would spend it on a luxury meal with my partner 🙂

  30. Martina

    days out or meals out

  31. Lynette Lawson

    I would spend it on a family day out for easter

  32. emma walters

    hopefully a fab day out with the kiddies like blackbrook park

  33. Kiki Woo

    I’d treat myself to a pamper:)

  34. Clairew137

    A pamper treat as it’s my birthday soon.

  35. robertfox24

    Probably something to do with a spa!!

  36. Gemma Turner

    I’d buy the gorgeous pearl jewellery set- 85% off? Amazing, seeing as it’s such a beautiful set!!


    I’ve recently had a lovely break away with a Groupon voucher.  four of us headed to a lovely lochside chalet… for 3 nights!  it was luxurious!! this is the way forward!  i LOVE IT!

  38. Dogwithnobrain

    ooops – hit enter too quickly.  I’d definitely go for another break…. a wee contribution is always gratefully received.

  39. Hayley Fountain

    I think i would spend it on a nice meal x

  40. michele

    A meal for me and my husband who is lovely by the way

  41. Kate Cunningham

    I would spend it on afternoon tea with a friend.

  42. Janeannewright

    spoilt for choice on Groupon but would probably put it towards a nice day out with grandkids

  43. Sarah Bailey

    Never selfish 😉

  44. Shelley Jessup

    I would put it toward a hotel break for myself and my mum.

  45. Fran Light

    I would put it towards a good haircut … I really need one, I look like the Dulux dog at the moment!

  46. Jacqui

    Laser hair removal!

  47. Meryl Rees

    I’d spend my Groupon voucher on a weekend away when the next one comes up, not fussy where, just fancy a night in a hotel 🙂

  48. Jo O

    A trip to Manchester!!! I’ve booked tix to see Frankie Valli and we need accommodation for a couple of nights!

  49. Pamela Bushell-Hamby

    I would spend the voucher on some sort of pampering treat for myself. I don’t have alot of me time so would love this 🙂

  50. Laura Carroll

    A nice dinner out with my partner, somewhere posher than Pizza Hut! 🙂

  51. jackie curran

    my family as a treat . 

  52. Pinkcherry1

    i would spend the groupen voucher on my little girl it would be lovely to be able to treat her x

  53. Cheryll H

    Would buy afternoon tea for me and my Mum as a little treat 🙂 Gotta love cream scones 😛 @pipersky1 

  54. Emma Carter

    If the deal came back on again, I’d stock up on half price Blue Reef Aquarium tickets for our family – it’s such a great deal as my 3 year old loves it there, it makes her feel like she’s in Finding Nemo when we walk through the tunnel!

  55. Debs jeav

    Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions Plus Eyebrow Wax and Tint

  56. Victoria Boland

    A day out for the family.

  57. CDPhilip

    I would spend it on a meal for two with wine at India Cottage in Ringwood. 

  58. Emma Howard

    I’d probably put mine towards a family meal

  59. Jennie Jackson Mse

    i would use it towards a meal

  60. Nick Hopkins

    A new haircut

  61. Laura Pritchard

    I’d wait for a good deal on a massage or manicure!

  62. karenries

    I’d put it towards a weekend hotel break

  63. Christina Michael

    probably a facial or towards teeth whitening

  64. Jane Easthope

    On an outdoor activity

  65. claire turner

    a nice meal out for me n my lovely friend

  66. Emma Jackson

    I’ve got my eye on a birds of prey experience for me and my family ^_^

  67. Susan Ellams

    my kids for something to do in the holidays

  68. Alison

    i would put it to a lovely family meal.

  69. villababe

    dance lessons!

  70. Em w

    I would go for the deal for 4 people to have a meal at a Turkish/ Cyrpiot restaurant (currently in Wimbledon) – I love that it means you can go out as a group and not have awkwardness over bill paying if it’s all done ahead of time. Bargain too!

  71. olivia kirby

    a tasty meal!

  72. Lynsey Buchanan

    A cut & colour at the hairdressers

  73. Danielle Vedmore

    Groupon deals change all the time so I cant specifically say but I would get something nice for myself because I hardly treat myself! Im learning to put myself first a bit more! xoxo

  74. Millymollymandii

    I’d put it towards a day out with the family

  75. jokow

    a pamper day

  76. winkymcwinkle

    I’d spend in on a photo canvas, it would be great to pop some pics of my daughter up around the house

  77. Farhana Haque

    on a much needed spa break

  78. John Mead

    I would spend my groupon voucher on a weekend away!

  79. Emmafifema

    I’d use it towards a beauty treatment

  80. Charlotte Jones

    I’d treat my husband to a lovely meal out 🙂

  81. Helen Aiken

    I’d put it towards a nice meal.

  82. K Grieve

    A day out with the family when we are on holiday in wales next month

  83. Katie

    I would use it towards a family meal

  84. Sarah

    Something completely indulgent – I think I deserve a treat!

  85. Gemma

    I would buy a restaurant voucher.  I love scoffing food! 🙂

  86. borderjoe


  87. Kate

    A weekend break

  88. Joseph Border

    try as I might, I can’t find how to log via a rafflecopter form-where is it, please folks?

  89. Sisparkle

    some nice new jewellery for myself 🙂

  90. Lisa Wilkinson

    I would spend it on a nice meal for me and OH. 🙂

  91. Louise MacGregor

    I would give it to my wonderful mum who’s currently teachign English in Vietnam, and I think she’d spend it on an afternoon tea, because she’s a lady of leisure!

  92. Tracy Grant

    I’d spend it on a pamper day, as I’ll need one very soon, my eldest daughter gets married in 11 days, and I’m as stressed as her xxx

  93. Samantha_ripley

    a family meal

  94. janine atkin

    i have no idea what id spend it on. something amazing hopefully

  95. Piperanddaisy

    They have a brilliant spa deal for £16 so that’d be my choice! 

  96. Sarah

    I’d spend it on one of the manicure offers they have as I would love to have one 🙂

  97. Lottiegirl

    Would like to contribute towards a new dining table for our fab new kitchen!

  98. Judith

    Probably on a meal out

  99. abibojo

    I think I might just spend it on this or something alike! It looks fab!

  100. Lyn Bosomworth

     A nice meal out for me and my husband

  101. Lynne Slatter

    I’d go for the falconry experience

  102. Vicky Louise Brett Robinson

    I would like to spend it on a family day out activity with my kids.

  103. lindsey

    I would like to get some ear studs with the crystals that are on there at the moment for my daughters 14th Birthday in June

  104. Tracy Gladman

    It would have to be a family day out.

  105. Leanne Lunn

    My local offer today is a cleaner this would be fabulous to catch up on all the bits I never seem to get round to.

  106. Chris Bunn

    a spa voucher for my hen do!

  107. Caz

    I’d take a friend out for a nice meal 🙂

  108. Vivienne Wilkes

    Definitely a haircut and colour, they are so expensive normally!

  109. Sarah Davies

    Afternoon tea. 

  110. Pinkcherry1

    id take my little girl out for dinner x

  111. hannahlw85

    I’d put it towards a hair cut and colour, havent had anything bit a trim done for years, and now my hair has grown to a decent length, its time to do something nice with it.

  112. KevinHoney

    A nice meal out

  113. Maya Russell

    I’d spend it on a new kettle.

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