• Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      I forgot to change it haha! I’ll go with Lady Garden next time ROFL x

  1. Tami   •  

    The names of the templates for shaping one’s lady garden had me cracking up. I get Landing Strip and Bermuda Triangle, but can’t quite figure out Heart Breaker and Thunder struck! HAHAHAHAHAH :)

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Lol glad it makes others laugh as well and it’s not just I had a really dodgy sense of humour 😉 x

  2. Dee   •  

    I know Valentines Day has gone but i do like reading all of your posts. That was hilarious and made me really laugh out loud. Glad i wasnt having a cuppa at the time. Lady Garden, whats that all about lol

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Aww thank you :) hehe good job 😉 spurting hot tea from ones mouth is bad for your computers health.

      I started a topic on it in UK Bloggers trying to decide the best way to say it – the unanimous vote was Lady Garden though for some reason I didn’t change it from Girly Garden I think it was the GG lol x

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