Frontcover Cosmetics: Lipsticks for your Valentine

Frontcover Cosmetics Who are you set to be kissing this Valentines? Want to leave the perfect kiss on your loved ones cheek? Then look no further than Frontcover Cosmetics who have a whole range of mini lipsticks which just happen to be half price at the moment at just £2 each.

I’ve been having a play with the two of them.

In the pink to make the guys wink corner we have Popcicle and in the Red corner we have Firelight Рnow we just need Harry Hill to give us the kick off shout of FIGHT!!!

Both lipsticks have a slightly glossy finish matched with a creamy texture as for the colours; as you can see they really are vibrant, the pink even has the added depth of a hint of sparkle to it as well. One thing about Frontcover lipsticks is just how moisturising they are they have to be one of the best I have come across when added to the fact they really do have amazing colour pay of that lasts.

The simplistic approach to packaging with these lipsticks from Frontcover means ok they might not have that that jump out at you look some do, but really do you need it? What matters is what is under that packaging, how well they work for you and these, in that department they are most definitely some of the best.

Have you tried Frontcover, what do you think of them?

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