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Friendship the Cara Box Way

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Creating new Friendships.
I’ve watched the goings on over at Wifessionals when it comes to the Cara Box for the past few months and longingly wished I could join in, other commitments have meant I didn’t sign up but this month all that has changed and for the first time I took part in the exchange.

So what is a Cara Box?
cara (car-rah) noun: beloved friend.
Set up by the lovely Kaitlyn of Wifessionals the Cara Box exchange is run monthly, with each swap having a different theme this months was ‘Resolutions’ while others have included Holiday Sparkle, Childhood and The Best of Fall. You are teamed up with 2 partners one to send to and one to receive from. Although it is a mainly American based exchange as long as more than one person from a country signs up it can be participated in across the globe.

January saw 3 of us UK girlies sign up so that meant we all got to know each other. I sent to the lovely Harriet from A Rush of Love, she runs a gorgeous blog documenting her life as a first time mother of a gorgeous little girl. While I received from Beccie from Puddle of Grace she blogs about a mix of all sorts, a musical loving, crafting, English girl. Both are must reads so please check them out.

Cara Box - Friendship

So what did Beccie send?

Honestly this box is AMAZING she got me and my resolutions perfectly, it was so exciting opening it all up felt like it was Christmas all over again.

To help me plan my blog: Beccie made me an amazing blog planner there is so much in it including sheets to keep track of statics, weekly and monthly planning schedules, and lots of other really useful bits. She even popped in a disc of the original files to make sure I could make up more if I needed and some sticky notes.

To get back on track with crafting: A copy of Crafts Beautiful – I can’t wait to get stuck into read it and I’m sure it will help with getting some ideas flowing.

To have some ‘me’ time: Candles, Nail Polish, Facemask, Chocolate and a Book! WOW that’s my me time sorted for a while Friendship - Cara Box
Honestly still can’t believe all she got me.

Even Sal got to have some fun with the box.
I’ve really enjoyed this swap, it’s all about making new friendships and I would really like to think that I have made two lovely new friends in Beccie and Harriet.

Have you taken part in the Cara Box swap; if not is it something you would like to in future?
What other ways of making new Friendships have you come across?

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P.S. Find out how Beccie put together my blog planner in this fantastic post.

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    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      You should join in 🙂 Keep an eye on Wifessionals as she announces when sign up starts and of course the theme. But you only send within your own country and the limit is $15 (around £10) so it’s not overly budget stretching 🙂 Xx

  1. Kooky Girl Blog

    That is just SO sweet ! Lucky you, enjoy !

  2. jen @ grown in southern ground

    love the blog planner and craft book!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      They are fabulous – honestly she got me down to a T!!
      Can’t wait for February to roll around so I can start using the planner just a few more days!! xx

  3. Lindsay @ youaretheroots.com

    I’m loving checking out what everyone got in their Cara Box! I love the blog planner!

  4. Monica

    I just saw this on another one of my favorite blogs to read. What a great idea!

  5. Jessica Marie

    What an awesome gift!! I might have to check out the Cara Box! 🙂

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      You should hehe – honestly it’s just so nice knowing that someone has put time and effort into making something for you – I really hope Harriet loved her’s as much as I do mine. x

  6. Beauty Balm

    I love the blog planner – that is so cute and love that it is personalised! x

  7. Sam R

    really thoughtful items. Hope you enjoy them. Sal is adorable!

  8. Beth in SC

    Wow, a personalized blog planner – lucky you! That’s awesome! I’m checking out everyone’s Cara Boxes and enjoying everyone’s happiness. Love this program! 🙂

  9. Rosey

    What a nice shout out! I’m glad you liked everything in your pkg., and that your dog liked the box (lol). 🙂

  10. Christina Marie

    This sounds AWESOME! i would love to participate in it! <3

  11. Kera

    I’ve heard about the Cara Box before and I always thought it was such a great idea. Who doesn’t love getting fun things in the mail? You sent and received some awesome things!

  12. Rachel Harper

    Wow, this is such a cool idea! Great post!

  13. Heather

    Wow! What a fun idea and a great way to get to know someone you’ve never met, or even a great way to pass on some random acts of kindness. I love this idea.

  14. Jen

    Fun! I love Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals. Great idea

  15. Jesse @ The Empowered Momma

    How fun. I see how it could feel like Christmas again…yippie.

  16. Kenzie @ Life & Lemons

    What a wonderful Cara Box!!

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