Flowers from Across the Pond


Watch out there’s a nose!
Sometimes something arrives on my doorstep and causes a bit of a stir – I have to admit these flowers did just that. First I should possibly explain it wasn’t my doorstep they landed on but my parents so this story makes just a little more sense.

My Mum had taken them in not long before we turned up for our visit, and through the porch door we could see they were address to me, the first thing that came out of my mouth was oh how beautiful – Ash on the other hand asked who he needed to bop on the nose. (Obviously not from him then!).

Once inside we quickly managed to establish they were in fact from Send Flowers an American on line flower delivery store which can send flowers anywhere across America, with many places eligible for same day delivery to let that person know you are thinking of them.
They had kindly got a local flower shop Entwined Flowers to drop me off this gorgeous bouquet.
Bouquet of Flowers I have to admit I’ve had trouble finding anything quite like it on either site – so I shall pretend it was made especially for me, and no one else in the world has anything like it ;).

I’m not sure if I’m mentioned it before but I have a thing for leaving flowers in my parents porch by no means is this so I don’t see them (as long term readers know I actually have to go to my parents daily) but the main reason is flowers just don’t die in there! Only a week ago at coming on for 3 months after receipt did we have to throw out the last of the roses from my Halloween Rose bouquet.

But out of all the flowers I have kept in there, I have to say this one of the most fragrant the scent of the roses is divine. I might have to move into their porch for a while so I just sit and breath in the aroma.So I have to say a huge thank you to both Send Flowers and the local Florist Entwined Flowers (Lichfield / Walsall Wood) for sending and delivering these beautiful flowers to me.

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  1. Lanaya @ Raising Reagan   •  

    They are sure gorgeous…
    Oh, and I found a swimsuit that I want in the UK and I’m going to have to ship it too and have you ship it to me.
    I’ll totally pay for postage! LOL
    It’s for my Slim by the Summer challenge and I LOVE it! I kind of put you on the hook for it when I did my blog post about the swimsuit and having to get you involved :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
    Lanaya @ Raising Reagan would love you to check out…I LOVE Bread … and it SUCKS!My Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Hehe thank you :)
      Of course!! I don’t mind that at all :) be more than happy to do that for you. I can’t find the post I was going to leave you a silly comment lol..

  2. James Gibson   •  

    Hi, thank you for linking up with the first ever Saturday Bloggy Takeaway (A blog hop) You are now entered in to the giveaway I’m running for everyone who links up for the first four weeks in a row. Once again thank you for linking up, If you have a link list then I’d appreciate a link for the blog hop. Let me know if you have a blog hop you’d like me to add to my list.

  3. Dee   •  

    I would love to get a bouquet of flowers. On Valentines day me and hubby don’t really do anything special. We cook together and tell the kids that the kitchen is out of bounds. Well, the day after Valentines day Chris walks in with what i thought were 2 single red roses and gave them to me. When i opened them they were in fact carnations. Still nice but not the same. To top off the disappointment he told me one of the girls at his work had given them to him to give to me as they didn’t sell enough newspapers for them to have all gone. You got a free carnation with every daily paper sold. Pretty deflated i will tell you but every time i walk in the kitchen they do make me smile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Aww no! What a deflated moment – there is something so cheerful about flowers I do agree – these are still going strong in the porch the lillies have opened now and they are beautiful! x

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