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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue: But There are Other Flowers Out There for You

FlowersThe late American Botanist Luther Burbank once said, “Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful. They are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

When a man wants to get his P.O.I (person of interest) a meaningful bouquet, traditionally they default to roses because that’s the classic “what you are supposed to do” thing. While roses are expensive and showy, they have become such a clich that they’re nearly outdated.

Although they can be deeply romantic, they aren’t always the most appropriate choice, depending on the message you’re trying to convey. Whether you are making a peace offering after a fight, trying to say I love you or are doing it just because, there are dozens of other flowers and flower arrangements out there that will make your P.O.I just as happy (if not more!).

Find Her Favorites

Most P.O.I’s will hint at this to you at one point or another. If you’re walking in a grocery store or a park and P.O.I points and says, “Oh my goodness!? Sunflowers! These are my favorite! They are so pretty.” Take a mental note, you are being given a classic hint.

Not all people will say, “Hey, just so you know, my favorite color is pink, I hate these and love this,” P.O.I’s want to be surprised, they want to know that you are thinking about them and that you are putting substantial thought into the things you do for them. Be the smart, witty man you are and watch for colors and styles she likes and dislikes. Take what you find to a florist, or if you have a mutual friend consult them for intel first!

Fun and Thoughtful

Let’s face it, you’re not always looking to say I love you. If it’s early in the relationship or you want to get something “just because,” these flowers will send the right message and put a smile on P.O.I’s face.

  • Sunflowers position themselves in the way that absorbs the most sunlight, they are an optimistic flower with a long life.
  • Daisies are a friendly, cheerful flower that comes in many color variations.
  • Wild flowers are spontaneous and perfect for the whimsical P.O.I in your life.
  • Tulips are classics. Match with a big bow around a clear, sleek vase to show your P.O.I you are really into them.

Adoration and Commitment

There comes that moment in a relationship when you go, “Oh boy, I think I am really starting to like this person.”

These flowers send that romantic message. On the contrary they are a great reminder of your affection to someone you are already committed to.

  • Lilies are often simultaneous with devotion and purity, are supper classyand stand beautifully alone.
  • Colorful and striped with varying colors, the Iris is a great way to show someone you adore them.
  • Lilacs are often associated with the bloom of spring and smell incredibly sweet. Although they are simple, they carry an undefinable sense of romance.
  • Orchids have a balance of luxury and Zen about them. Exotic, refined and long-lasting, they are definitely an alternative to a common bouquet that is sure to earn you brownie points.
  • Peonies are pretty, full, lush and an omen of good fortune. This flower only blooms in the spring.

Author: Jude Barry
Jude’s love of decoration and remodeling the interior of houses started when he moved into his first apartment. He is a master of creating a comfortable living space that exudes style, on a shoestring budget.

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  1. Allison

    This is so true. Roses really are outdated. I’m not sure why boys have such a hard time getting this. Papa B has finally learned that I like loooots of flowers, but roses are just eh. Great V-day post =)

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