Weight Loss

Fitness Friday Week 5

Name: Sarah (Selene)

Blog: Life In A Break Down
Twitter: @Life_BreakDown
Starting Weight: To be honest I haven’t looked… Got scared after I saw the Wii Fit tell me I had put on over a stone since I had last been on it.
Target Weight:  10 stone
Amount Lost: 3lb (total) I think :0s I feeling like I’ve probably managed to put this back on.
Amount to Lose: —
Dress Size: 16
Target Dress Size: 12/14
Why I want to lose weight:
I want to feel healthy, be able to feel like hey if I have to run for the bus I can do it no problem! I also want to look in the mirror and not straight away be drawn to looking at my stomach and thinking gosh how BIG! I want to just feel happy with the person I see in the mirror again. And know that I am not doing myself harm by being over weight.

Changes To My Fitness Plan:

Slow and steady… Will hopefully win the race one day.

How I Feel This Week Went:
If I could swear right now I honestly would! I really think I’ve just gone back to being a lazy bum on the sofa eating loads of junk food… I am still trying but to be honest I just find it so easy to pick up the chocolate and have a nibble, or if theres non in the flat jump in the car and go and get some. I’m going to try and make an action plan and just try and do things more slowly rather than just jumping in feet first and hoping for the best, I’m slowly starting to get my energy back again and I don’t want to go blowing it all in one go, as I know that really wont help, so next week slow and steady is my goal!
Tips I Would Like To Share:
If things go wrong try not to panic overly like me!
Remeber to pop on over to BECKICKLESIE and Monkeying Around to find out more information about Fitness Friday and to join in if you want 🙂

This article has 5 comments

  1. Becky

    just don’t give up xx

  2. Sarah

    I wont promise 🙂 I will do this no matter what I’m in a determind mood for once lol 🙂 xx

  3. alana_haukka

    Aww sweetie, know how you feel *hugs* I gave up on the daily walk (just for now) a week ago lol. Instead focusing on getting dishes done daily and that IS (mostly) working! You’ll get there, but be oh so gentle with yourself in the meantime xox

  4. cakeandteablog

    Keep going, lovely. Walking is great exercise, and small changes to your diet work wonders. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and best of luck for next week!

  5. Etali

    I bet the week hasn’t gone as badly as you think! Keep going and don’t let yourself get disheartened! It’s a long term change you’re making. Good luck for next week.

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