February Amarya Box.

Amarya Beauty Box
I’m going to apologise for my lack of lengthy blurb on this box, I did think about just leaving it due to the lovely head cold which is blurring my brain and making it hard to complete full sentences. But I love this box I think it’s one of my all time favourite’s so I couldn’t miss it out of the line up but and I hope it stands on it’s own without many words.
I am totally in love with this box – and I have to admit it’s not because it contains anything beauty related (though it does contain some amazing beauty products). It’s because of this first item I am going to talk about *drum roll please*
Neom – Happiness Travel Candle – £13
I am part way through my first Neom candle ever (now how bad is that). So I am simply over joyed to know once it has finished I have another to take it’s place. I have to admit when I received the first one from a good friend, I was quite worried about the overwhelming smell they let off when you take the lid off and give it a sniff, so it was with tentativeness I lit it just a few weeks ago, but this powerful scent when lit became the most amazing scent that where I find I normally quickly get used to the scent, I was still smell wafts of this amazing fragrance hours after having lit it.
Happiness is the new spring / summer scent from Neom. Neom candles are hand poured in the UK and are made using vegetable wax and pure essential oils, they work as holistic treatment so it is best to burn for between 2 – 4 hours at a time to let yourself relax and breath in the fragrance. The Travel range are good for burning in smaller rooms or trying out new scents, they burn for up to 20 hours. Happiness contains the mix of White Neroli, Mimosa, Lemon and fresh grass notes to create a small reminiscent of spring, a lively blend it is said to help make you smile, relieve tension and add a sparkle to your day.
Zoya Nail Varnish in Kennedy – £10 (15ml)
Zoya varnishes do not contain formaldehyde, DBP or toluene. Kennedy is from their Feel Collection which is full of pale, neutral creme colours. Kennedy it’s self is a French Beige Creme.
Essential Care Avocado Replenishing Cream – RRP 50ml £18.00 (15ml sample worth £5.40)

A rich cream that can be used day or night, containing cold-pressed oils of organic avocados and olives, shea butter and a blend of essentials oils such as lavender and frankincense. This cream can help nourish, moisturise and promote skin renewal. 
Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser – RRP 15ml £6.00 (sachet sample) 

A light day cream that can also be used as an eye cream due to it’s toning qualities, it is deeply moisturising, naturally high in antioxidants and contains ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, coconut oil, aloe leaf and the essential oil and hydrolat of damask rose. 
What do you think on the line up in this months Amarya box? Would you have been so taken with it as I am? 

Zoya Nail Varnish in Kennedy

If you fancy signing up to Amarya the link to their website is:

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  1. Cali Clarke

    I love mine too.  The Amarya boxes have all been great, more skincare/bodycar than makeup but that suits me fine.  There’s nothing that I haven’t thought, ooh I look forward to trying that.

  2. John Petter

    Really a nice one
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  3. Sarah Bailey

    I so agree, I think it’s the only box I haven’t if even by a little bit felt disappointed with. It just keeps coming with the amazing things! Love it!  xx

  4. Maya Russell

    Love the ‘nude’ Zoya nail varnish colours.

  5. Holly Green

    I’ve never been much of a candle person, but I was given a Cowshed one and it’s really lovely! Never tried NEOM candles though, sounds like you really liked it so I’ll make a mental note to have a sniff if I see one in a shop!

  6. Sarah Bailey

    Don’t be too put off if it does smell overpowering I love candles and on first sniff I honestly thought oh dear god this is going to be awful, but turned out it was a lovely scent once lit. x

  7. Laura Carroll

    Ooh I didn’t know they did candles in these boxes too! I have always wanted to try a NEOM candle, sigh, maybe one day… <3

  8. Sarah Bailey

    It was the first time I had found a candle in one and my gosh I was over the moon made my month lol – they are well worth trying if you get the chance 🙂 x

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