Father’s Day at Asda

Father's DayThe days are closing in on the time to get that gift for the special man in your life in fact Father’s Day is this Sunday and just like for Mother’s Day Asda have some great gifts to suit all Dad’s tastes and pocket sizes from the ‘high end’ Super Dad Onesie (£18) to a bottle of Lanson Champagne (on offer at £20 down from £32.48) to £1 or £2 pound sweets and mugs.

If you were following me on twitter last night you might have seen me tweeting calling my Dad – ‘Daddy Pig’ which is now his new name thanks to some super fantastic Peppa Pig Father’s Day goodies!

Peppa PigComing in at just £4 for the Mug and £3 for the key ring you will be sure to warm the heart of any Pappa Pig!

Other gifts include a gorgeous I Love my Dad photo frame and mug to match – if your Dad’s not one for a hot beverage how about a No1 Best Ever Dad Pint Glass (£3) with a bottle of beer to help tickle his taste buds (the one in the first picture – Golden Ale, got the thumbs up from my Dad with it’s lovely nutty flavour).

SweetsOr perhaps your father is more a sweet toothed guy? Then these Chocolate Coins, Chocolate and Ale Fudge (£1) or Flying Saucers could be the perfect prezzy.

So all I can say is if you worrying about what to buy make sure you pop down to your local Asda today, or check out the range online.

What are you getting the special father in your life this year, does anything above tickle your fancy?

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  1. Renae C.

    I love Peppy Pig! It’s too bad we don’t have an Asda here, those look yummy!

  2. Amanda Rodriguez

    Love all of these ideas! Too cute!

  3. Eric Rappe

    Chocolate and ale fudge? Yes please!!!!

  4. Angela

    These are super cute Father’s Day goodies!

  5. Samantha G.

    Oh that chocolate looks great 🙂 I know my dad would love that and use the coffee mug for sure!

  6. Stacey

    Love these ideas, beer and chocolate…what man doesn’t like that. 🙂

  7. Sheila

    What a cute gift.

  8. Kathy Hadley

    Thanks for the ideas. Keep ’em coming.



  9. Heather @OurKidsMom

    Tee hee hee… Daddy Pig. My husband is a police officer, so he’d totally get that one 🙂

  10. Lanie Craig

    those flying saucers looks so good!!! never seen or heard of a lot of this stuff

  11. Katherine

    SO very cute!!!

  12. Athena

    I totally love those flying saucers. There is a candy shoppe in Maine that I go to when I crave all those candy items from long ago. That one is a definite favorite.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It’s such a shame isn’t it that you can’t get things like you used to – I remember going to the shop and you could really get a penny mix where sweets did cost a penny each! x

  13. Recreate and Decorate

    My dad loves See’s candy so he gets his favorite box of candy each year!

  14. Valentina

    cute idea ^-^

  15. Louise Smith

    Great ideas for my 4 year old to get for daddy!

  16. Allison

    We are HUGE Peppa fans here and my girls are always calling their daddy Daddy Pig! I love those!

  17. Krista

    Great ideas – I love the Daddy Pig mug!!

  18. Giveaways 4 Mom

    These are such cute ideas.

  19. sadia

    have a nice day! btw i love chocolate coins tooo

  20. Jessica L

    I love the Daddy Pig mug. Wish I’d read this post prior to Father’s Day now – my son is a big Peppa Pig fan. Never too late to buy though – I could save it for him to give to his daddy on his birthday.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It’s so cute isn’t it – definitely it doesn’t say Father’s Day on it so it’s not holiday specific 🙂 I hope he likes it if you do get him one 🙂 x

  21. Claire Appleton

    Love all the fathers day goodies available at Asda. They are fun for the kids to give as presents. I will deffinetly be having a look there next time 🙂

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