Fade Out Brightening Eye Cream: Review and Giveaway

Fade Out Brightening Eye Cream

Fade Out Brightening Eye Cream

Are your eyes looking tired after a long dreary winter? Got some dark circles rolling around under your eyes? Then could Fade Out Brightening Eye Cream could be the one for you. This lightly tinted cream is said to help diminish discolouration, target fine lines and wrinkles, while vitamin A helps hydrate and reduce puffiness.

I’ve been using this cream for the past few weeks, I did at first find it ‘odd’ using a tinted eye cream at night, I got the whole you take make up off at night not put it on heebeegeebees, but actually it’s so slightly tinted you don’t really notice. It’s very light to apply and has a creamy texture – though it spreads more than you would expect meaning a little really does go a long way, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, and leaves it feeling highly moisturised.

So what are the results?

I have to say my usual bags have been kept at bay, and the dark circles seem to have lightened off, which considering I’m having an awful time with my Fibro and fatigue is really quite amazing. I would definitely buy this in future to help give my eyes the pep me up they deserve.

If you fancy trying Fade Out Brightening Eye Cream yourself you can pick it up at Boots, Savers and Independent Pharmacies Nationwide at £8.99 for 15ml.

Stop don’t leave yet

The lovely people at Fade Out are offering 3 of you the chance to try their Brightening Eye cream free of charge in this fantastic competition. To enter all you need to do is let me know:

What’s your best beauty tip?

s normal once you have completed the one mandatory entry a round of optional extras will open, you do not have to complete any of these, they are just if you would like some extra chances.

Please remember to check the full T&C at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK only, any entries left that do not answer the given question or have obviously not taken the time to follow the rules will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question you will open a round of optional extras you do not have to enter any of these, all entrants’ names and emails maybe used by the sponsoring company to send offers and newsletters.
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Good luck all – I hope the winners love Fade Out Brightening Eye Cream as much as I do.

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  1. Dee   •  

    Im a total sucker for anything to do with face, wrinkles, bags etc. I am willing to give anything a go and if i like it then i buy it. I have kept wrinkles at bay by cleansing moisturising and using good quality eye and face creams. Try to get a facial one a month and use face masks as often as you can. Tea bags used are great too to take down puffy eyes. You can also buy eye masks which you put in the fridge that are really good too. When you get to my age (46) your eye lids tend to lose elasticity so using a powder on them will make them look baggy. Try a cream eye shadow. It works for me.

  2. kim plant   •  

    use Vaseline on teeth they give them a lovely shine also use sudocrem on rough hard skin after a week its as smooth as a babys bum x

  3. Helen Davey   •  

    Keep make up minimal!

  4. Sharon Griffin   •  

    never go to bed with make up on as it clogs the pores and always use a night cream

  5. Laura Harris   •  

    Water, water, water! Lots!

  6. Wendy Lam   •  

    Cutting a grape in half and using both wet sides to cleanse the face as grapes have got really good natural antioxidants that minerals beneficial to the face

  7. Heather T   •  

    Wear SPF everyday

  8. Rachel Williams   •  

    Use conditioner instead of shaving foam – its cheaper and means you need fewer products when on holiday!

  9. melanie gregory   •  

    i rub a small bit of vaseline onto my finger tips and then rub it onto my cheekbones, it gives them a subtle sheen which makes me look abit fresher

  10. suan watts   •  

    moisturise moisturise moisturise

  11. Julie Picton   •  

    Make sure you get lots of sleep

  12. Helena Hewett   •  

    moisturise day and night and drink lots of water

  13. Samantha J   •  

    drinking loads of water and green tea. Also getting 8 hours sleep each night

  14. Haley Redshaw   •  

    Drink plenty of water x

  15. Sue Bowden   •  

    Drinks lots of water and use moisturiser every day.

  16. Catty212MSE@hotmail.co.uk   •  

    ALWAYS take off your make up – even if you’re drunk, tired or just lazy

  17. @PaulM74   •  

    sleep more and drink more water.

  18. rachel ford   •  

    always exfoliate at least once a week

  19. Fiona Matters   •  

    Drink lots of water!

  20. Andrea MacLeod   •  

    Drink lots of water! And go to bed early!

  21. ashleigh   •  

    to drink lots of water!

  22. Hazel Rea   •  

    Drink lots of water – clears the skin and plumps out wrinkles.

  23. Kathy D   •  

    a little vasaline rubbed on eyelashes at night makes them soft and slinky looking next morning

  24. Jo welsh   •  

    Drink plenty of water and moisturise.

  25. judy kennedy   •  

    olive oil all over face & body

  26. bossladysal@gmail.com   •  

    Have 7+hours sleep and make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise every night.

  27. Miss Tracy Hanson   •  

    Drink plenty of water. I did when I was at school and didn’t have a lot of spots unlike my friends (who didn’t drink as much)

  28. Bridget Anderson   •  

    Sun protection is a must for younger, healthier skin.

  29. anna   •  

    my top tip is healthy eating, exercise and enough sleep. i really think this makes a massive difference, not that i am always able to follow it myself

  30. Laura Pritchard   •  

    Don’t know if I’m best to give advice as I am woeful at looking after myself but I guess I’d say plenty of sleep!

  31. nicola t   •  

    get plenty of sleep

  32. KIERAN WALSH   •  

    No matter how late. or how tired you are, allways remove all make up, last thing at night

  33. jennifer thorpe   •  

    drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated

  34. deborah godbolt   •  

    cold teabags are great for sore of puffy eyes and keep an aloe vera plant at home the juice is great for sunburn and also spots among other things

  35. Lynsey Buchanan   •  

    Get plenty of sleep

  36. Val Swift   •  

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise

  37. EMMA WALTERS   •  

    wear a moisturiser with spf protection all year round

  38. kim neville   •  

    Always moisturise your skin, drink lots of water, take make up off properly before you go to bed and don’t go to bed too late!

  39. melanie stirling   •  

    Moisturise day and night with a specialist night moisturiser.

  40. angela sandhu   •  

    always remove make up before bed

  41. claire curtis   •  

    lots of water and lots of sleep

  42. sarah guy   •  

    Get some used teabags, put them on a saucer in the fridge. When the teabags are cool, put them on your eyes & lie back & relax for a while. Great for sore, tired or itchy eyes.

  43. Heidi Marshall   •  

    Never wear too dark an eyeshadow over 35 (I’m 36) it seeps in to the fine lines and makes me look older, I keep it subtle and smoky. Only use quality brushes (they last years) wash them weekly in antibactrial handwash, and leave in sunlit windowsill last for years. You only get one set of eyes, look after them x

  44. kathcummings@yahoo.co.uk   •  

    cucumber to refresh puffy eyes just the tonicx

  45. Solange   •  

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise

  46. Andy D   •  

    Drink lots of water

  47. Julie Davies   •  

    Always carry a small pot of vaseline lip balm in your handbag

  48. ann scally   •  

    cut down on the caffeine intake and drink water, also remember to moisturise xx

  49. joanne thomas   •  

    i always moisturise my skin well before bed

  50. Eva lorraine Appleby-Gill   •  

    cleanse cleanse and moisturizer

  51. liz denial   •  

    drink lots of cold water to keep your skin hydrated & fresh looking

  52. sarah rees   •  

    lots of sleep, drink plenty of water, wipe all make up off before you go to bed, and vaseline works just as well as lip balms for dry lips :)

  53. Anne Wallwin   •  


  54. Melissa Manning   •  

    Always take make-up off before going to bed x

  55. Vic   •  

    Drink lots of water and always take your make up off before you got to sleep at night

  56. sweir1@talk21.com   •  


  57. tracy   •  

    Drinking water, not only good for you, but stops you snacking inbetween meals.

  58. Helen jones   •  

    To keep hands smooth – apply hand cream when wearing rubber gloves for household chores.

  59. Isabel O'Brien   •  

    Smile! It transforms your face, and I always feel like if I smile I feel a tiny bit better too, even on my very bad days.


  60. sarah smith   •  

    drink plenty of water

  61. lorraine dunne   •  

    Always remove makeup before going to sleep

  62. Anna Miz   •  

    Drink plenty of water :)

  63. Gillian Holmes   •  

    Stay out of the sun

  64. Debbie Hercock   •  

    Drink lots of water. It helps hydrate the skin from the inside.

  65. Caroline H   •  

    Exfoliate at least a couple of times a week, all year round.

  66. jennifer Toal   •  

    Concealer under the eyes

  67. jessica agyin   •  

    i use lemon juice as a toner on my face
    it helps fade any scars and leaves it squeaky clean

  68. andrea lloyd   •  

    wash off make-up and plenty of hyration cream tomake my skin soft

  69. Suzanne Cooke   •  

    drink plenty water and always wear a smile

  70. Christine Johnson   •  

    A little white eye shadow on the corner of the eyes opens them up

  71. Penny   •  

    Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream on everything!

  72. Rachel R   •  


  73. suzanna gentle   •  

    Always put sunscreen on your face under your makeup all year round every day

  74. denise   •  

    drink lots of water and a clean diet!

  75. karen keywood   •  

    always wesr mascara

  76. foz   •  

    Drink lots of water to keep well hydrated.

  77. Mickie Bull   •  

    Plenty of sleep and water

  78. Helen   •  

    My top beauty tip is not to let soap anywhere near my face but to cleanse, tone and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

  79. Fran Light   •  

    Get lots of fresh air for a healthy, fresh complexion!

  80. Lucy W   •  

    Lots and lots of sleep, regular use of good skin care, and most importantly, not being too stressed out!!

  81. julie baxter   •  

    simple but effective drink lots of water!!

  82. Amy Ripley   •  

    Drink Water

  83. amanda davis   •  

    drink plenty of water

  84. Emma Howard   •  

    Drink plenty of water as good skin starts from the inside

  85. Carly   •  

    Sleep, water, and always cleanse, tone and moisturise :)

  86. amanda@goldston.myzen.co.uk   •  

    drink plenty of water and think lots of happy thoughts

  87. Holly   •  

    Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and make sure your day is full of smiles :-)

  88. kim sellwood   •  

    drink plenty of water and i also wash my face in cold water every day

  89. caroline kelly   •  

    drink lots of water, eat well and get lots of sleep

  90. Liz B   •  

    Drink lots of water (especially after alcohol) and get plenty of sleep!!

  91. michele omalley   •  

    Always moisurise you face it helps it stay youthful looking

  92. Tammy Tudor   •  

    Water, water and more water you can never have enough it’s great for your skin, eyes, everything and if you think it’s not working you’re not drinking enough!

  93. Victoria Leedham   •  

    Don’t forget or be too lazy to take make up off before bed

  94. Vanessa Booles   •  

    Moiturize, drink lots of water, take your make up of before bed

  95. Ali Roberts   •  

    Wash your make-up applicators and sponges regularly – otherwise you’ll just be wiping bacteria over your face!

  96. Carolynn Woodland   •  


  97. Joanne Mapp   •  

    If possible, always sleep on your back with your head facing the ceiling. This helps to avoid wrinkles

  98. emma   •  

    Drink plenty of water to flush out all the bad bits and relax with some refreshing cucumber sliced on your eyes or cold cottol wool pads.

  99. Charlotte Hood   •  

    Drink lots of water, your skin appreciates it!

  100. Lisa Wilkinson   •  

    Drink lots of water and try to keep a regular sleep pattern

  101. Beki Lacy   •  

    I always put spoons from the freezer on my eyes in the morning to get rid of puffiness!

  102. SW Lee   •  

    Make sure you have a good night’s rest for your skin to rejuvenate.

  103. clair   •  

    drinl lots of water and get lots of sleep

  104. juliette morrison   •  

    Cleanse and moisturise every day – mosturise at night as it works during the night

  105. Anne-Marie Brookes   •  

    try to sleep well and drink plenty of water

  106. Samantha Atherton   •  

    Obviously Staying hydrated is vital, water on the inside & moisturise on the outside but everyones said that already so i’d like to add that highlighting & contouring your cheekbones makes your face look slimmer.

  107. Greig spencer   •  

    drink lots of water!

  108. Tina Holmes   •  

    Always take your make up off :-)

  109. Saran Benjamin   •  

    Moisturise daily

  110. Emma   •  

    Water, water, water

  111. Ruth Davies   •  

    Sleep and plenty of water

  112. katie rutter   •  

    Always Always Cleanse and Tone

  113. Claire Denise York   •  

    I try to not get too stressed about the little things to help keep wrinkles at bay

  114. Kelly Roberts   •  

    make sure to take make up off before bed and moisturise

  115. Diane Carey   •  

    Don’t wear foundation constantly. It clogs the pores and brings on spots. Always remove makeup and a hot flannel on your skin works wonders. Also moisturise daily

  116. Claire Morrison   •  

    A little light coloured eye shadow in the inside corner of your eye brightens up your whole face.

  117. Jo Richards   •  

    Drink plenty of water

  118. Janet   •  

    Moisturise face, body & feet after washing

  119. eva   •  

    smile a lot and be happy,of course and good quality moisturizer for your skin

  120. Deborah Wheeler   •  

    Always take your makeup off at night

  121. Katie K   •  

    Keep out of the sun and don’t smoke. Some of the worst skin/complexions I have ever seen belong to habitual smokers/sunbathers – harsh but true.

  122. Linda   •  

    CTM – cleanse, tone, moisturise

  123. Susan   •  

    Lots of water and a bit of sun.

  124. Kathryn   •  

    drink lots of water!

  125. Katherine Coldicott   •  

    Get enough sleep

  126. moore.wendy@btinternet.com   •  

    Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg – look after your skin from the inside

  127. rebeccawoodroof@yahoo.co.uk   •  

    drink lots of water and less is more.

  128. Jane Middleton   •  

    Remove all make up before going to bed

  129. alicamp8ell@sky.com   •  

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise and drink loads of water

  130. susan.hoggett@yahoo.co.uk   •  

    arnica is good for puffiness

  131. Brenda Wilkes   •  

    Moisturise every morning and night

  132. Gwen Thomas   •  

    My top beauty tip is get plenty of sleep! At least 8 hours a night.

  133. Angie Hoggett   •  

    use highlighter on the inner corners of your eye, always brings me back to the land of the living

  134. Lyndsey Beckford   •  

    Drink lots of water and moisturise your skin properly.

  135. Christina Jarrett   •  

    Drink lots of water to keep your skin looking clear and hydrated! 😀

  136. Rachel Hartwell   •  

    Water, water , water

  137. Laura Hardstaff   •  

    Don’t burn the candle at both ends! Proper sleep is a must!!

  138. Jenny Rogers   •  

    Lots of moisturiser, not just on your face.

  139. Karen Baxter   •  

    Vaseline on eyelashes, backs of hands and heels of feet. Vasaline rubbed into cuticles and also on old scar tissue. Vasaline works wonders.

  140. DEBBIE SKINNER   •  

    Always take your make up off before bed and a nice layer of nivea!!

  141. Natalie White   •  

    Moisturise before you go to sleep but not in the morning as it dries your skin out!

  142. ayesha qasim   •  

    lovely gift

  143. kevinseandooley@gmail.com   •  

    Avoid sugar as much as possible, eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water.

  144. Janine Atkin   •  

    exfoliate and moisturise

  145. gina sudron   •  

    splashing your face with water after cleansing is just as good as a toner also tightens the pores

  146. Nicola Holland   •  

    Lots of sleep :)

  147. judy2357@hotmail.com   •  


  148. wanda   •  

    Always moisturise

  149. Vanessa   •  

    Condition your eyelashes with a light smear of Vaseline every night and wash off in the morning

  150. scarlett brannan   •  

    Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

  151. Heather   •  

    Moisturise and drink lots of water

  152. fern   •  

    toothbrush on dry lips x

  153. Rishona Taylor   •  

    Know what colours compliment your complexion before applying 😉

  154. Janet Rumley   •  

    Moisturise – even if you think you are too young, you are not !!!

  155. sheridarby@aol.com   •  

    Get plenty of sleep

  156. Rosalind Blight   •  

    Plenty of fruit and veg in your diet and more importantly lots of water

  157. Emily Fraser   •  

    Drink lots of water & use an spf moisturiser : )

  158. Rachel Blackburn   •  

    cleanse tone and moisturise twice a day and never go to bed without removing your make up!

  159. Joanna Sawka   •  

    moisturise twice a day

  160. sj wesley   •  

    Eat healthily and drink at least 2 litres of water a day 😀

  161. adele.hill2@ntlworld.com   •  

    Drinks lots of water and use moisturiser every day

  162. Megan Davies   •  

    drink water

  163. VICTORIA SALTER   •  

    put cold teabags on eyes

  164. nicola aldridge   •  

    moisturise :)

  165. Margaret Jones   •  

    Got to be lots of water

  166. Maggie Osborn   •  

    Mine’s boring, but it has to be getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. At least it’s cheap!

  167. tracey gibbons   •  

    plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and avoid fatty greasy foods

  168. Sophie grayling   •  

    Moisurise plenty!

  169. Sally Poole   •  

    Drink lots of water

  170. Lesley Bain   •  

    Exfoliate once a week and only clean your face with a gentle cleanser, never soap as it is too harsh and drying on delicate skin….especially around the eyes x

  171. Alisa Moore   •  

    drink lots of water

  172. Adrian Clarke   •  

    E45 cream everywhere every day!

  173. Nataliejane   •  

    Always remove all traces of make up before going to bed.

  174. ClairejB   •  

    Use the back of a cold teaspoon to help tired puffy eyes – it works wonders. :)

  175. kiran parry   •  

    moisturise atleast twice a day to have smooth skin and to make sure that the skin doesn’t go dry.

  176. Cheryl Lovell   •  

    Drink lots of water :)

  177. carol phile   •  

    get lots of fresh air – get out there and walk (with sunscreen of course)

  178. sue willshee   •  

    Use suncream as moisturiser even when at home in the UK and in winter. Even on cloudy days the sun’s rays can damage skin so it’s always worth using a moisturiser with built in SPF

  179. Avvie Cunnington   •  

    I agree with Suncream, its amazing moisturizer!

  180. Kathryn Kendall   •  

    Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep!

  181. Michelle Weston   •  

    Never go to sleep with your make-up on

  182. Becky Downey   •  

    sleep well and drink water

  183. Erin Satterly   •  

    Simply drink as much water as you can

  184. Donna Sadler   •  

    No matter how drunk or tired you are REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP!! lol x

  185. Hannah Whitling   •  

    Its all about keeping really well hydrated, lots of water. Even by brother comments on how much better he feels and looks when hes been drinking plenty of water.

  186. Ruth Dunkin   •  

    give your face time off from make up and enjoy the feeling of fresh air on your skin!

  187. LORAINE DAY   •  

    vaseline – great as a moisturiser, lip gloss or calm frizz

  188. md kennedy   •  

    Four things actually work: peels/exfoliation, Retinoids, injectables and sunblock. Other stuff may give you a few hours of “relief.”

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