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Don’t be Blue have a Cwtch

Today is known as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year – my credit card bill came today so I might have to agree it’s pretty bleak.
To try help have been a on a fact finding mission to see how the UK are faring against the January blues and just how a good old hug fits into our lives – some of the top facts they found out are:

Nine in ten Brits say a cuddle makes them feel happy
The ideal length of a cuddle is 5.89 seconds
A quarter of people don’t get a hug day-to-day
“January Blues” mentioned 148 times in a week by London’s Twitter users
Four in ten men give their mates a man hug

To try and help this Blue Monday has been taking to twitter to try and get users to share a special ‘cwtch’ tweet.

As a Cardiff based brand they have taken this special Welsh Hug ‘cwtch’ pronounced cuch to bring some warm and smiles to the faces of internet goers across the UK (they might just be running a competition to win a holiday for 2 to Tenerife as well as lots of other goodies if you share the cwtch love around as well).

So how do you cwtch?Instructions on creating the perfect cwtch

Brought to you by – Protect your loved ones with life insurance

Brought to you by – Protect your loved ones with life insurance

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*I received nothing for posting this – I just thought it was rather interesting plus who doesn’t love a good cwtch and a competition :).

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  1. Dee

    Hmmm, now thats something i will have to try. Not sure my hubby will think im not all there lol. Will give it a go though. See what it achieves

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